S01e11 - Synthwave

This is a mixtape that i was in part looking forward to do, and in other part i didn't wanted to do it right away, 
because being one of my favorites genres i have SO MANY MUSIC of this, and selecting something for a mixtape could 
be an enormous task.

Instead of dropping all my personal favorites, i chose to select songs that showcase all the spectrum of sub-styles
that this genre is capable of, and depending on the reception of this one i can do another mixtape other week 
focusing on one of the sub-styles or one of the artists.


1.- Fury Weekend - Oblivion City
2.- VHS Dreams - Vice Point
3.- Duett - Atlas
4.- Inexedra - Orion
5.- The Midnight - Collateral
6.- Com Truise - Brokendate
7.- Mitch Murder - Heading South
8.- Carpenter Brut - L.A. Venice Bitch 80s
9.- Timecop 1983 - To The Summit
10.- FM-84 - Everything
11.- VHS Glitch - Iron Pumper
12.- Miami Nights 1984 - On The Run
13.- Betamaxx - Guided by Moonlight
14.- Meteor - Hunter of Lost Souls
15.- Mitch Murder Ft Satellite Young - Time Paradox
16.- Duett - Compilance
17.- Trevor Does not Exist - Enjoy The Silence
18.- Scandroid - Thriller

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