S01e09 - Dub Reggae

Unfortunately, it seems that despite being one of my favorites, noone liked the electrometal mixtape. I had another
mixtape on the same style planned for this release but seing the very dead reception of the previous one decided
then to do a 180° flip in style and release some music that had the least to do with EDM music. 

Then this time i put together a mixtape of Dub songs, which is reggae minus the vocals which makes it more chill IMO...

The background visualizations are starting to look like crap because they have so much movement, maybe i will
scrape them on future releases...


1. Zeb - Nafas
2. Scientist - Dance of the Vampires
3. Foshan Roots - Double Sword Dub
4. Panda Dub - Bamboo Roots Rastamachine
5. Kanka - Croon It!
6. Foshan Roots - Snake Attack Dub
7. Zeb - Rude Boy Style
8. Scientist - The Mummy's Shroud
9. Ticklah - Pork Eater (Dub Version)
10. Kanka - Military Dub (Version)
11. Tiken Jah Fakoly - Africa (Dub Version)
12. Foshan Roots - Shaolin Dub
13. Ticklah - Nature Loving Dub
14. Michael G - Cool Down Dub
15. High Tone - Replay
16. Ticklah - Si Echo Palante

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