S01e03 - SciFi

I created this mixtape with the intention of allowing the music to tell a story, so they are arranged 
in a very cinematic way. The theme of the mixtape is arranging some songs in a way that could be possibly 
used in a Sci Fi movie.

(The names in brackets are made up names for this project.)

[The Sign of a Story]
Kai Engel - Between Nothing and Everything

[A Decent Way of Life]
Hammock - What Heaven Allows

[Alpha and Omega]

[Beyond My Dreams...]
Clinton Affair - M i s s i n g

[They Knew My Name]
Thi-Tachyon - The Warbird

[Quiet Fleet]
Hecq - Aback

[Nowhere to Step]
Aphex Twin - At The Heart of It All

[I Got a Call]
Venetian Snares - Senki Dala

[You Belong Here]
Tri-Tachyon - Tannhauser Gate

[One Minute Late]
Kai Engel - Imminence

[I'm Going In]
Hyper - Clockwork

[I Know Your Name]
Jon Hopkins - Vessel

[Never Left Home]
Shining Dawn - Kai Engel

[Unwritten Struggle]
Audiomachine - Tree of Life

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