S01e02 - Uwe Schmidt

Uwe Schmidt is a German musician who has dabbled in several genres of electronic music. 

Beginning in the techno / idm genre, his arrival to Santiago de Chile caused his musical perspective 
to expand and has now ventured into other subgenres such as acid jazz, ambient, electrolatino, lounge, 
glitch, among many others.

This mixtape collects a personal selection of some of its tracks.

1.- Fonosandwich - BBQ Bonanza
2.- Lisa Carbon - Magic Sofa
3.- Señor Coconut - Suavito
4.- Lisa Carbon - Live in Sao Paulo
5.- Señor Coconut - Smooth Operator
6.- Midisport - The Man with the Broken Leg
7.- Erik Satin - Baroque
8.- Flanger - Down the River
9.- Erik Satin - Follow me to San Jose
10.- Lisa Carbon - Dry Clean America
11.- Flanger - Endless Summer
12.- CMYK - Tarzan Boy

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