Season 1

- Test - (mirror)
The first mixtape, some lo-fi hiphop songs.

- Uwe Schmidt - (mirror)
A selection of tracks by german electronic musician Uwe Schmidt.

- Sci-Fi: The Mixtape - (mirror)
Tracks that could make a good soundtrack for a hypotetic SciFi movie.

- Electroswing - (mirror)
A selection of electroswing tracks.

- Otaku Music - (mirror)
A mix of otaku music remixed.

- Meme Music - (mirror)
Remixed versions of songs that were a meme at some point in the history of the internet.

- Touhou Music - (mirror)
EDM/Trance remixes of Touhou songs

- ElectroMetal Remixes - (mirror)
EDM/Trance remixes of Nu-Metal and Heavy Metal songs.

- Dub Reggae - (mirror)
Old and new Dub reggae songs.

- Lo-Fi Hiphop - (mirror)
Selection of Chill lo-fi hiphop beats to relax/shitpost to.

- Synthwave - (mirror)
A mixtape showcasing the variety of styles of the synthwave/outrun/retrowave genre.

Season 2

- Aphex Twin
A mix of selected music from the english electronic musician Aphex Twin

- Orchestral Videogames
A mix created to celebrate the birthday of @karolat with orchestral and cinematic renditions of videogame music.

- Acid Jazz
A selection of Acid Jazz, Nu-Jazz and Contemporary sounding chill jazzy sounds.

- Chiptune
Selection of chiptune themes, some are versions of popular songs.

- Cinco de Mayo
Mariachi versions of popular rock-pop songs (plus a couple of traditional mexican songs).

- Acoustic Anime
Acoustic Guitar renditions of popular anime openings and endings.

- Deep Houuse
Soulful and chill deep house tracks mixed live.

- Pop/Vocal Synthwave - (mp3)
Selection of synthwave tracks that aren't as sci-fi oriented but are more vocal and emotional.

- Creative Commons - (mp3)
A live mix of electronic creative commons tracks.

- Chillhop Spring - (mp3)
A selection of comfy chillhop tracks

- Rember Happy Day - (mp3)
Groovy and upbeat futurefunk tracks

- Dance Like It's 1920 - (mp3)
A selection of upbeat electroswing tracks to end this season.

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