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I’m going to see a ghost on this one day I just know it!!!

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I'll be disappointed if I don't!

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@sjw looks legit to me

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@jojo ok jojo

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Okay, done testing. Schedule will now be every three hours.

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This didn't work for Bourne, I don't think it'll work for very many people. Surprisingly, offering other people money will magically make them willing to study any cruel and unusual code.

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(The first IOCCC literally happened because some guys were really upset over having to fix a bug in Bourne's preprocessed dialect of C (called unlovingly by its enemies, Bournegol) for work and posted a rant on Usenet with a joke about having a contest to try and beat him at obfuscating C.)

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> You say C the language, but do you mean pre-ANSI C (which was how it was designed by the language authors) or ANSI C (which is the C in the book you recommended, and bad)?

I don't mean either; C the language, in the abstract. The Tao of C, the bundle of concepts. Think about the hero's journey as an abstract story (the C I'm talking about), then think about the old folk tale of Pinocchio (the concept of C in the minds of the people writing the standards, C half-reified), then a specific story, a telling of Pinocchio (a C standard), then the Disney movie "Pinocchio" (a compiler implementing C).

Like, what I'm thinking of with this five-branch thing is what you actually experience when thinking of C, if that makes any sense. When you are writing a C program, you reason in C, that's an abstract substrate for computation. The concepts you have in your head for reasoning about a C program, that's what I'm talking about, that's what I meant when I said C is a way to reason about the memory in a computer, it's the experience of C. You can't explain it without hopping down a level, making it a little less abstract, but if you write C, when someone says "function pointer", you will both be thinking of the same thing.

> Good luck with your mail server backup.

I'm eager to see how much of it actually *worked*. I'd only recently started shoving all my mail into venti, and lucky thing because the first thing that happened when I brought the server back up with everything empty was my offlineimap cron job deleted all the local copies of my email.

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