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(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)18:57:08 id:1601506628 No. 1 [See All]

someone told me go out on other days than friday/saturday and you'll meet the interesting people.

*goes out, bar completely empry*

rigth, so norway doesn't have interesting people apparently....

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)18:54:28 id:1601506468 No. 1 [See All]

so i went to a bar and it was completely empty. it was just me and the bartender. not awkward at all...

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)18:46:29 id:1601505989 No. 1 [See All]

like, two fedi users responded to my going out thing

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)16:53:44 id:1601499224 No. 1 [See All]

ah, yes, go out on wednesday night to meet more interesting people.... as is typical of norway...

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(@encarsia@octodon.social) 30/09/20(Wed)18:01:54 id:1601503314 No. 11 >>12


@thor Sorry to hear that. Your first picture looked nice and I became a bit wistful, I haven't been to a bar since February(?).
It was just announced the measures in Berlin to be tightened again due to massive increase of infections (no surprise, nobody seems to care about restrictions for months now...).

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)18:42:12 id:1601505732 No. 12

in the rest of the country, restrictions on bars have been lifted, but Oslo municipality controls its own restrictions, and they haven't changed their limitations yet... and since Oslo is the worst affected by COVID-19 in Norway, i doubt they're going to be lifting much if anything...

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)16:02:29 id:1601496149 No. 1 [See All]

if fedi was cool, it would encourage me to go out on a wednesday, because boring people don't go to a bar on wednesday.

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(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)16:37:37 id:1601498257 No. 5 >>6

on my way there

(@encarsia@octodon.social) 30/09/20(Wed)16:43:12 id:1601498592 No. 6 >>7


@thor Thinking about it...why do you take the train? Aren't there any pubs in walking distance or does it have to be a certain favourite location? And what's your poison tonight?

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)16:46:58 id:1601498818 No. 7

no pubs in walking distance. i'm basically between all central locations in this area. Sandvika? no. Oslo? no. i'm between them, so i have to take the bus or the train to get anywhere. kinda miss living in the city but current landlord is least problematic i've had... i mean, he's still problematic, but he doesn't complain about how i keep my place....

currently here:

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)15:29:57 id:1601494197 No. 1 [See All]

i'll wear my fucking hat too...

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)15:23:04 id:1601493784 No. 1 [See All]

fedi is not entertaining me.

decision: i will walk down to the train station, take the train to central Oslo, and enter a bar.

i have nothing better to do tonight.

i'm broke, but i drank at home, so i'll go out.

maybe i'll sneak a bottle of rum in my coat.

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)15:24:12 id:1601493852 No. 2

good. captain morgan fits in the coat. ok.

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)15:19:39 id:1601493579 No. 1 [See All]

i recall my second ex...

i let it slip, hypocritically, that "you should lose weight"

later, she said "you can be an asshole too" when i discussed assholes.

i'm not a good boy.

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)15:13:15 id:1601493195 No. 1 [See All]

so, i could go out tonight.

granted, the buses don't run because of the strike, but i could walk to the train station and go to Oslo.

...and most likely sit there bored in the bar.

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)15:07:45 id:1601492865 No. 1 [See All]

Level 0: Penis wants vagina.

Level 1: Women are so picky.

Level 2: Men are picky too.

Level 3: Humans are humans.

Level 4: We are ants.

(@Johann150@fosstodon.org) 30/09/20(Wed)15:53:27 id:1601495607 No. 2 >>3

The hierarchy of reproduction and gender by
Adapted from Maslow, A.H. (1943). "A theory of human motivation". Psychological Review. 50 (4): 370–96.

I guess you are now giving lessons in gender studies 😏.

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)16:00:22 id:1601496022 No. 3

science doesn't impress me unless it goes beyond common sense

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)15:00:37 id:1601492437 No. 1 [See All]

Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Murder on the Dancefloor

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)14:52:18 id:1601491938 No. 1 [See All]

testing one two three

(@dym@dym.sh) 30/09/20(Wed)15:10:21 id:1601493021 No. 2


(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)14:50:31 id:1601491831 No. 1 [See All]

even autistic people are indirect

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)14:47:29 id:1601491649 No. 1 [See All]

benefit of alcohol: i no longer feel crap.

drawback of alcohol: fuzzy thinking.

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)14:46:25 id:1601491585 No. 1 [See All]


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(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)15:05:07 id:1601492707 No. 13 >>14

skirt skirt skirt...

(@absturztaube@fedi.absturztau.be) 30/09/20(Wed)15:09:23 id:1601492963 No. 14 >>15


(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)15:10:52 id:1601493052 No. 15

it's about sex.

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)14:02:38 id:1601488958 No. 1 [See All]

some lady from eastern europe said you need onion for lamb and cabbage stew...

... no, let it boil for 2.5 hours...

eat it...

then let it sit in the fridge for a week...

reheat in microwave, and it's even better than before.

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)14:00:56 id:1601488856 No. 1 [See All]

likes, a.k.a. are like...

"good try"

boosts? "this is actually good"

(@calculsoberic@mstdn.social) 30/09/20(Wed)14:02:09 id:1601488929 No. 2 >>3

@thor well that's good to know, I get both sometimes

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)14:03:21 id:1601489001 No. 3

like + boost = jackpot

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)14:00:10 id:1601488810 No. 1 [See All]

i still wish i could like boosts...

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)13:34:45 id:1601487285 No. 1 [See All]

ethanol doesn't taste good. no matter what alcohol i try... BITTERNESS OF ETHANOL broadcasts itself.

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)13:28:05 id:1601486885 No. 1 [See All]

actually kind of frustrated that the relaxedness of being drunk does not offer you a zen drawing ability. instead, you're just bad. so, i'll stop drawig now.

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)13:27:01 id:1601486821 No. 1 [See All]

yeah, sadly, you can't draw well while drunk. i wish you could, since you feel so relaxed, but nope...

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)13:22:16 id:1601486536 No. 1 [See All]

drew one part of this sober, another part of it drunk, unfinished work... will probably never finish it tho...

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)13:04:31 id:1601485471 No. 1 [See All]

for the lulz i will try to draw while drunk.

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)13:07:26 id:1601485646 No. 2

okay... i tried drawing while drunk, and so far, it looks like shit. will not post unless it looks like non-shit, but will keep on trying.

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)12:46:07 id:1601484367 No. 1 [See All]

i feel i'm...

full of contradictions...

on the one hand, i'm the shit.

on the other hand, i'm a useless loser.

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(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)12:54:20 id:1601484860 No. 5 >>6

i married a girl pro-forma so she could stay in norway and i'd do it again... albeit i'd be more picky about who i'd do it for... i'm 37 so i'm probably not gonna change, and who i pick will have to be an endurable person. one woman i met here on fedi, i cybered with her, but she turned out to be crazy so i blocked her. i am not a fucking simp. i have standards, damn it.

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)12:57:41 id:1601485061 No. 6 >>7

i'm not skinny or buff, but you know, if you actually do the work, go to the gym with me, drag me out of my laziness, then yes, i will be buff for you, but you gotta earn it.

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)12:58:40 id:1601485120 No. 7

i've been wanting to be buff for as long as i can remember, but you know, i don't give enough of a shit unless she's worth it.

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)12:44:48 id:1601484288 No. 1 [See All]

for no clear reason at all, i will say this:

fucking hell

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)12:24:52 id:1601483092 No. 1 [See All]

i find that when your average women talk about "how men are", they are mainly discussing the men they've been interested in.

on average, a woman will get her panties wet when they encounter what many of us dudes would consider douches or assholes, not because they're douches or assholes, but because, on average, such guys will be confident, because they lack the self-insight and reflection to maybe doubt themselves a little.

now, as it happens, such people are likely to end up having more money, influence and general success in life than guys who are actually reasonable. for an extreme example, look at Donald Trump, who, despite being the most narcissistic person known to man, is now the President of the United States, the most powerful country on the planet.

...and, like it or not, this means he's likely to offer his offspring more success, status-wise and reproduction-wise, than other people.

Djengis Khan, a guy who essentially spent his entire life raiding other nations, has more descendants than most people alive, because women, on average, want to fuck people like that.

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(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)12:43:27 id:1601484207 No. 19

i mean you'll find conventionally attractive women in bars, yes, but where are the chonky nerd chicks at... you never see'em, i suspect because they're like me, they don't fucking go out, lol

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)12:43:52 id:1601484232 No. 20 >>21

so what you're saying is go to a bar in the middle of the week?

(@fluffy@social.handholding.io) 30/09/20(Wed)12:44:54 id:1601484294 No. 21


@thor yes go out on a grand adventure and tell us what you find in the wild on third monday

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)12:20:11 id:1601482811 No. 1 [See All]

norway, being on the outskirts of... well, most of everything, has its advantages.

most any terrible thing will not affect us as much as it will affect, say, Germany or the United States.

we are generally removed from the troubles of the world and observe them ironically from the outside.

COVID-19 is a semi-exception. we've had to change our lives because of it, and this is a huge anomaly for us, since we're rarely directly affected by world issues.

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)12:12:25 id:1601482345 No. 1 [See All]

the secret to understanding almost all macho behaviour:

a guy's self worth is rooted in what women think of him.

"Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them."
— Margaret Atwood

a man would rather die than be unanimously laughed at by women.

women underestimate the tremendous power they have over men in this respect.

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(@a7@pleroma.mouse.services) 30/09/20(Wed)12:19:45 id:1601482785 No. 7


@thor but small penii are cute and make me bust loads

(@fuck@lord.sh) 30/09/20(Wed)12:21:08 id:1601482868 No. 8 >>9

your brother with the smaller penis is better in bed

(@Jack@kiwifarms.cc) 30/09/20(Wed)12:23:57 id:1601483037 No. 9


Why you gotta do me like that?

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)11:44:49 id:1601480689 No. 1 [See All]

i'm still convinced it's us nerds who gave google their monopoly.


well, when normies don't have a clue, and they wanna know stuff about digital tech, who do they ask?


they ask us nerds.

and we absolutely loved google search and google chrome... and we near unanimously recommended these products to normies.

i think we were influencers during the 90s and 00s, but we just didn't know it.

we initially recommended firefox because chrome didn't exist yet, but chrome was really fast, so when it came out, we loved it, and google was a "cool" company that didn't dominate the world yet, so hey cool, they're making a browser, and it's good, so let's recommend it, because google is doing good for the world.

cue backfire, google is evil, worse than microsoft even.

i mean frankly, these days, i'd argue microsoft is less evil than google. i know this is like swearing in church, but they have less influence than google and facebook, and they're actually doing interesting stuff like hololens, linux support in windows and vs code.

i don't *love* them, but... frankly, most of the stuff they've done for the past 10 years has been fairly harmless. windows 10 has turned into a cloud train wreck... BUT... who the fuck isn't creating cloud train wrecks these days?

windows is mostly relevant for business and education these days. normies don't use general purpose computers unless they have to.

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(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)13:31:38 id:1601487098 No. 11 >>12

let me give you what i perveived:

foofaa is amazing, it has blorgs for a lot of websites, for example add asdf to your query to search directly on wikipedia, or laslddlsjgflkdfjg for youblorg, lalala for google translate, and million overwhelming options more

also deilwtufoeiarsd still has the wikipedia article parplexed, it has image search where you can still fonnkigly access the images, it has a calculator (or use PAPAPAweljtjkgwld to search on doxxxxxx)

it also has a dark theme

it just feels much more zooplixac than google, on the other hand i haven’t used google in quite a while

(@hardbass2k8@pleroma.soykaf.com) 30/09/20(Wed)16:27:58 id:1601497678 No. 12 >>13


@thor well i’m not the duckduckgo ad department, it’s your choice to use google or not.

since you don’t really associate the things i mentioned with anything useful (or anything at all) duckduckgo might not be a good fit for you after all…

(@thatbrickster@shitposter.club) 30/09/20(Wed)16:33:34 id:1601498014 No. 13

well i'm from the ecosia marketing dept and i'm here to tell you that your searches help plant trees

pls ;;


(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)11:37:38 id:1601480258 No. 1 [See All]

i decided to buy a bit of wine and liquor.

i tried to make my afternoon better, but just couldn't find anything that would put me in a better mood. i tried drawing, having coffee, browsing fedi, taking a walk, talking to my housemate, nothing worked...

so, i'm drinking on a wednesday. shoot me.

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(@icedquinn@blob.cat) 30/09/20(Wed)17:28:47 id:1601501327 No. 66 >>67


> AI teachers
just, no. they outsourced some of our algebra to computer software. if you got a question wrong it penalized you with extra math questions. if you asked for help it penalized you with even more math questions than getting it wrong.

what we need, what we genuinely need, is basically

the hypertext systems from comp-sci's dreams (NLS/Augment, MaxThink, ...)

the ability to ask questions and actually get a response

the ability to fail and have an expert answer questions as to why this happened (which is what college is promised to be, but never is)

to eject common core and everyone responsibile and complicit with it from the planet

and to actually integrate fucking knowledge research. you know, like the fact homework is not effective which we've known since 1812 NYT articles but they keep insisting burying people with busywork while they have no access to educators is "good practice." it's not.

mneumonics need to be returned to the education program. fuck catholics who had it removed.

fuck attendance tests and "clickers."

actual life skills. i will never use "blacks was slaves. dixie bad. civil war good" in my life. i could have maybe used knowing how to cook simple foods.

everything about schools is completely wrong. they are there to make you useless. then the elites complain that you are useless after they made you that way.

(@icedquinn@blob.cat) 30/09/20(Wed)17:32:12 id:1601501532 No. 67 >>68

for example they just had us do sheets a day of math tables. this just makes everyone hate math. it's very common for people to hate math coming out of school (family said i used to love math as a child, before school.)

it turns out there exist people good at math who are bad at arithmetic. but if you listen to academia, math is primarily arithmetic and nothing else. and they do stupid shit like tell you to "guess and check." well the whole purpose of math is to do LESS work. but math would actually empower you so of course they butcher it.

whereas if you just take the roman room system you can assemble a couple math tables in a few months. it just becomes, "ah, the 7's room, now which side of the sevens room is what i'm multiplying by, ah i see there is a tree there, that must mean its 14." simple

(@icedquinn@blob.cat) 30/09/20(Wed)17:36:13 id:1601501773 No. 68


@PussySlayer i suspect they are also part responsible for killing literacy in the USA.

again, i used to read. i like to read classical books (not the schools idea of "classic" meaning some stupid list of "where the red fern grows" or whatever) but like, Aristotle. shit where people were genuinely trying to figure out how to live.

but the schools try to force people to read by giving them uninteresting books, and saddling them with book reports. and as literacy goes down they double down on book reports. but it turns out book reports delete the intrinsic reward of reading with the extrinsic reward of "getting a good grade." so reading becomes a precursor to writing reports, all of which is done to get a headpat, not because you made a conscious decision to do it.

this is a repeating pattern everywhere. schools delete your free will, you only do anything to get "good grades."

as opposed to what they used to do for the rich, which is teach them how to actually assess and navigate on their own (cf. http://www.triviumeducation.com/ which is arduous to get through but actually covers the old systems of splitting things to grammar->logic->rhetoric)

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)11:35:54 id:1601480154 No. 1 [See All]

i would go out and warmly recommend the
Huion Inspiroy Q11K V2 if you're looking for great value for the money, but...

...unlike your average youtube tech reviewer, i'm careful about recommending stuff i don't know the longevity of.

now, if i had been a Huion user for years and knew how durable their products were, or at least knew how good the build quality of a particular product series was, then i'd be comfortable recommending a product.

since this is the first Huion product i have ever purchased, and i don't know if it'll break in 3 months, all i can say is that my *initial* impression is that i love it. more drawing real estate (active area nearly the size of an A4 or Letter sheet) than a Wacom Intuos at the same price point.

with the large high-res monitors everyone owns these days, a tablet with an active area that big should be the minimum. less hand strain because you don't have to move the pen with insane precision.

(@icedquinn@blob.cat) 30/09/20(Wed)16:41:10 id:1601498470 No. 2

Huions are extremely popular with the "i cannot afford a wacom" crowd. They have gotten pretty good.

I have an XP-PEN though. It hasn't broken yet but I haven't used it six hours a day for months.

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)11:27:23 id:1601479643 No. 1 [See All]

grammatical gender is mostly useless, but there are edge cases where it can help.

for example, in norwegian:

> det satt et pinnsvin og en katt i bakken. den spiste det.

in english:

> there sat a hedgehog and a cat on the hill. it ate it.

in english, it's unclear what ate what, but add grammatical gender and:

> there sat a hedgehog [neuter] and a cat [masculine] on the hill. it [masculine] ate it [neuter].

from the grammatical gender, it's clear that the cat ate the hedgehog.

again, edge case. in most cases, it's useless and only makes the language more difficult to learn for beginners. as a native speaker, though, i do feel it adds a bit of variation to the language.

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)11:29:31 id:1601479771 No. 2

okay, finally, on the third try, i got my post right.

people say i shouldn't delete and redraft, and should do like


now, the problem is that this only really works if you are mainly replying to posts.

my main activity is to write original posts, and if you make a mistake, it's very likely that no one will see your extra post with the correction, since activitypub implementations generally don't group posts from the same thread together in the home timeline.

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)11:21:12 id:1601479272 No. 1 [See All]

question for a dutch person:

does dutch have grammatical gender, such as masculine, feminine or neuter, or is it genderless like english?

as far as i can tell, everything in dutch is "het" no matter what.

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(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)13:39:04 id:1601487544 No. 6

in swedish they have collapsed male/female into one "common" gender, but not so in norwegian and icelandic.

(@lusse@fikaverse.club) 30/09/20(Wed)13:45:48 id:1601487948 No. 7 >>8


@thor Yes, i see. As a foreigner you are mostly exposed to conservative bokmål in textbooks unless you search out for Nynorsk textbooks. And in conservative bokmål there are no feminine nouns. In any case, thanks for detailed answer. In some Belgian dialects of Dutch there are also 3 genders maintained, but they are very local.

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)13:50:53 id:1601488253 No. 8

foreigner? bitch, i am born in norway

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)11:04:19 id:1601478259 No. 1 [See All]

you know, what i want is machine learning driven file categorisation and search. i want to dump random shit into my Stuff folder and have the computer figure out roughly which subfolder to put it in, and do stuff like make images, audio and video searchable by keyword, and also, a means of training it to rank results based on what files in the result i access, and also, boxes i can tick to mark results as relevant/irrelevant.

i think most of this could be accomplished through a combination of statistics, machine learning and an RDBMS.

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(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)11:10:02 id:1601478602 No. 4 >>5

know how, if your spam filter miscategorises email, you teach it? do that for file search.

for images, use one of the many image categorisation datasets as the default, and as you search for images and access files in the results, now use that file and the keywords you searched for to teach the categoriser new kinds of images.

file extensions can offer clues as to what's relevant or not, so can dates, paths, RIFF metadata, ASCII/UTF-8 strings in binary files. these days, your file system *is* big data, so why not use it to train algorithms?

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)11:14:24 id:1601478864 No. 5

audio? there are clues even there. various musical properties can be taught to machine learning algorithms for sure. the soundscape of classical music is vastly different from house music or bird singing, for example. i mean, the space of applying machine learning to audio seems vastly underutilised to me. it's a 1D data stream, can be transformed with FFT to reveal musical information, it is, in my opinion, far easier for a machine learning algorithm to work with than images. i mean, do you remember those YT videos where a machine learning algo attempts to continue a song? they do a surprisingly good job at it, at least for the first few seconds.

(@icedquinn@blob.cat) 30/09/20(Wed)16:28:41 id:1601497721 No. 6

I assume you have already tried things like Hazel?

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)09:53:42 id:1601474022 No. 1 [See All]

this is my filename systems for drawings

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(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)11:17:51 id:1601479071 No. 9 >>10

i was never super obsessive about what to names files or where to put them, but i know what being obsessive about neatness is like. i've come to have a more zen attitude to it.

for example, i used to use proper capitalisation here on fedi, but i dropped it because i just give less of a fuck now, and also, i want to come across as less formal.

they didn't even have caps back in the day. you either chiseled things in roman capitals or write on parchment in minuscule, and the two were never mixed, so it's not like that's unprecedented.

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)11:18:18 id:1601479098 No. 10 >>11


(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)11:19:08 id:1601479148 No. 11

or, they had "capitals" as such but they didn't use them as we do, by putting them at the beginning of a sentence or at the beginning of a noun.

i mean, if you think about it, what is even the point of that? it's like gendered nouns in languages. they serve no purpose.

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)09:46:39 id:1601473599 No. 1 [See All]

ah, yes, the Noun Project, and its arch nemesis, the Verb Project

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(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)09:54:43 id:1601474083 No. 4

the chaotic neutrals, yes

(@sev@ap.sevvie.ltd) 30/09/20(Wed)09:54:52 id:1601474092 No. 5 >>6


@icedquinn Operation Gerund is looking for allies.

(@icedquinn@blob.cat) 30/09/20(Wed)09:55:33 id:1601474133 No. 6

how long can you remain in a prose position

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)09:41:54 id:1601473314 No. 1 [See All]

it would be funny if i freelanced as a hentai artist lol. dates and dinner table conversations would get pretty awkward...

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)09:39:14 id:1601473154 No. 1 [See All]

on new year's eve, i'm going to extend a toast for a better year. i think that's the most important think one could toast for in these times.

(@pela0yakuza@mastodon.la) 30/09/20(Wed)09:44:46 id:1601473486 No. 2

@thor Most important: Don't hug strangers! 😂 😐 😭

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)08:54:35 id:1601470475 No. 1 [See All]

it's so weird how drawing with this pencil-style brush i made basically brings me back to my old way of drawing, because that type of grainy brush is what always went for before. i was using it now because i wanted to sketch things out a bit, and to be honest, the results were worse, and i hadn't expected that. scratching out the shapes is apparently not the best way of drawing for me, which is a bit of a surprise to learn after 18 years...

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(@icedquinn@blob.cat) 30/09/20(Wed)09:29:38 id:1601472578 No. 3

always did like the pencil and charcoal (when shrunk to small sizes) tools

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)09:32:12 id:1601472732 No. 4 >>5

another way of putting it is that it forces you to be decisive and to commit to your decisions, since they're harder to correct later without making a mess.

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)09:36:00 id:1601472960 No. 5

now i wonder if this "artistic decisiveness" method might help me be more decisive in general. my initial guess is "maybe", because non-verbal skills like these are often about situational conditioning. you may be confident in one area but insecure in another. still, it doesn't hurt to go outside your comfort zone to confront your fears; in this case, the fear of making a mistake.

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)08:38:28 id:1601469508 No. 1 [See All]

feeling vaguely like crap today. temptation is to buy a bottle of liquor, but i'm going to try coffee instead. ☕

(@Ted@landofkittens.social) 30/09/20(Wed)08:48:45 id:1601470125 No. 2 >>3

give me cofy

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)08:51:42 id:1601470302 No. 3

getting a coffee must be the easiest thing in the world for you though, i mean, the liquor seems like it would be the hard thing to get, lol

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)05:50:32 id:1601459432 No. 1 [See All]

neither of the old men who had a shouting match
on TV seem particularly presidential... biden is the more typical politician, but under normal circumstances, with decent candidates, he he'd have
been out of the race a long time ago, i suspect. imagine him competing against Kennedy or Clinton for the nomination.

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)04:43:23 id:1601455403 No. 1 [See All]

ho boy, someone took the effort to make an ugly drawing of me, and i'm not even participating in that thread anymore, nor did i at any point say anything inflammatory. just pure unadulterated trolling by pathetic people who have nothing better to use their time on. reminds me of some of the more reptile-like bullies from my school days, you could just sense that they weren't equipped with empathy.

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)03:09:44 id:1601449784 No. 1 [See All]

the myers-briggs type indicator isn't scientific. it was originally devised to figure out how to assign suitable jobs to women who hadn't been in the workforce before.

it *is* onto something, though, because there's an indicator called OCEAN, used by psychology researches, that measures at least some of the same traits.

MBTI has the following axes:
- E[xtroverted]/I[ntroverted]
- S[ensing]/[I]ntuitive
- T[hinking]/[F]eeling
- J[udging]/[P]erceiving

OCEAN has these:
- O[pen-mindedness]
- C[onscientiousness]
- [E]xtroversion
- [A]greeableness
- [N]euroticism

the last item, neuroticism, has later been found to indicate emotional stability, if flipped upside down, and that's what they call it these days.

there is no neat overlap, but they both attempt to produce a rough outline of your personality type.

MBTI as originally devised is binary on every axis, but these days, they add a percentage to show how far you lean to one side or the other.

OCEAN uses percentiles, so your score is always relative to other people who took the test. in studies, the OCEAN traits have been found to be stable over time in a given individual.

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(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)05:12:52 id:1601457172 No. 4 >>5

*them have

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)05:26:42 id:1601458002 No. 5 >>6

then again, there is this... if you rewrite them a little. you get these opposite pairs:

imaginative - sensible
orderly - laidback
extroverted - introverted
friendly - objective
sensitive - levelheaded

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)05:29:13 id:1601458153 No. 6

could be refined further with a few more iterations, but you get the idea...

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)02:49:03 id:1601448543 No. 1 [See All]

oh, the irony. i make a post lamenting people who make snap judgements...

...and then a judgemental person decides to judge what i just said, and further claim that i don't know what the word "judgement" means because i'm norwegian, so i don't know english.

i mean, this is exactly what i mean. people of the judging type will NOT mull things over or question their own decisions and conclusions.

in the case of the guy i just blocked for this, he was christian and his bio said "jesus is the son of god"... yeah, i can see why you'd be cook sure about that, because you never had a critical thought in your life.

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)02:06:17 id:1601445977 No. 1 [See All]

you know what i never give people on fedi, but fedi gives me all the time?


people are all too keen to judge you based on the parts of your life story that you chose to share on fedi and they happened to come across fragments of on the timeline.

if you're that quick to draw conclusions about people, you're on my block list in no time.

these are not trolls i'm talking about. they're otherwise reasonable people who make snap judgements.

unfortunately, they're often the same sort of people who become decision makers. if you're quick to judge, you're also quick to decide.

in my experience, your typical general manager falls into this category. if anyone tries to nuance things, in a conversation or meeting, they'll cut through and conclude quickly, because they don't like to mull things over.

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(@colonelj@kiwifarms.cc) 30/09/20(Wed)04:38:06 id:1601455086 No. 32

it's britbong for anus

(@space_cadet@aus.social) 30/09/20(Wed)03:48:51 id:1601452131 No. 33 >>34


Have you ever read Frank Herbert's Dune? They had a type of person called a Mentat who were trained in a special school, and only the richest people could afford to have one working for them - they were a bit like the court Wise Men in ancient monarchs' courtrooms. They were critically valuable because computers had been outlawed. In the books, the Mentats kept complaining about needing more data.

(@thor@pl.thj.no) 30/09/20(Wed)04:45:31 id:1601455531 No. 34

the rest of this thread is just flying straight into retard territory. i've blocked two people so far, have you seen what they're posting? it's fucking ridiculous.

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