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(@jaye@goblin.camp) 01/08/20(Sat)17:24:40 id:1596317080 No. 1 [See All]

bubsy 1D

(@jaye@goblin.camp) 01/08/20(Sat)13:29:40 id:1596302980 No. 1 [See All]

who needs a vpn when u could just send ur ass pics directly to the government

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(@jaye@goblin.camp) 01/08/20(Sat)13:31:32 id:1596303092 No. 4 >>5


@pantransautie oh woah what !!

(@pantransautie@mastodon.social) 01/08/20(Sat)15:38:11 id:1596310691 No. 5 >>6


@jaye yeah; a vpn is basically really good security for your computer; you can use it to bypass region lock on streaming services so you can watch content that would otherwise be blocked in your country; you can also download media from websites like the pirate bay without being detected

(@pantransautie@mastodon.social) 01/08/20(Sat)15:40:37 id:1596310837 No. 6


@jaye i know trust.zone is a good vpn; it’s based in the seychelles which doesn’t exchange computer info with the u.s.

(@jaye@goblin.camp) 27/07/20(Mon)19:12:06 id:1595891526 No. 1 [See All]

what do u think!!? #mastoart

(@jaye@goblin.camp) 19/05/20(Tue)19:21:53 id:1589930513 No. 1 [See All]

very cooool.

(@jaye@goblin.camp) 03/07/20(Fri)23:27:06 id:1593833226 No. 1 [See All]

nonbinary boys. demi boys. trans boys. that shits cool.

(@jaye@goblin.camp) 24/06/20(Wed)15:09:19 id:1593025759 No. 1 [See All]

i love gay shit

(@jaye@goblin.camp) 11/06/20(Thu)13:39:27 id:1591897167 No. 1 [See All]

matrix bullet time scene but instead of bullets its gender

(@jaye@goblin.camp) 05/06/20(Fri)22:02:12 id:1591408932 No. 1 [See All]


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