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(@Garrison@octodon.social) 25/03/20(Wed)07:35:35 id:1585136135 No. 1 [See All]

me, finally figuring out i need a 5/16" ratchet to remove this 3d printer nozzle: THIS MOTHERFUCKER IS *STANDARD*, NOT METRIC? WTFFFFFFFFFF

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(@Garrison@octodon.social) 25/03/20(Wed)07:37:50 id:1585136270 No. 3

i'm gonna be muttering "five sixteenths, what the fuck" to myself randomly for days

(@Garrison@octodon.social) 25/03/20(Wed)07:46:52 id:1585136812 No. 4 >>5


@steph i can't remember where got this one, i think the other ones i've used have all been 7mm

(@steph@iscute.moe) 25/03/20(Wed)07:48:52 id:1585136932 No. 5

well, I've only ever used e3d extruders thank fuck

(@Garrison@octodon.social) 23/03/20(Mon)13:54:24 id:1584986064 No. 1 [See All]

Went out to get food and pick up medicine and seeing several people just going around wearing latex gloves.

Gloves are not magic.

If you touch something with gloves on, you potentially contaminate the gloves.

If you touch something with contaminated gloves, you potentially contaminate it.

If you're not very careful removing gloves, you potentially contaminate your hands anyway.

Gloves are not a not a replacement for handwashing or even hand sanitizer.

(@Garrison@octodon.social) 23/03/20(Mon)14:00:00 id:1584986400 No. 2


(@Garrison@octodon.social) 21/03/20(Sat)14:48:19 id:1584816499 No. 1 [See All]

If you liked Drunk History

You'll love

History on Pure Uncut Cocaine

(@Garrison@octodon.social) 18/03/20(Wed)12:13:01 id:1584547981 No. 1 [See All]

"Nugget ice seems like the way to go"

"that's the rolls royce of ice"

"Fuck yeah"

(@Garrison@octodon.social) 13/03/20(Fri)08:34:38 id:1584102878 No. 1 [See All]

"Dallas County declared a statement of emergency after reporting five additional presumptive positive cases of the new coronavirus, the Dallas Morning News reported.

"One of the people who tested positive had no travel history, making it a possible case of community spread, the Morning News reported.

"Public gatherings larger than 500 people will be prohibited in the county from 11 a.m. Friday to March 20.


(@Garrison@octodon.social) 13/03/20(Fri)08:35:18 id:1584102918 No. 2 >>3

there is a lot of daily traffic between houston and dallas so... this is getting a little close for comfort

(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 13/03/20(Fri)09:00:04 id:1584104404 No. 3


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