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(@pganssle@qoto.org) 20/09/20(Sun)09:55:08 id:1600610108 No. 1 [See All]

Just got a pair of nice 8x42 binoculars (Athlon Midas ED) and #protip: they make #birding so much better.

I don't know why no one thought to use these to look at birds before I came up with this wholly original idea.

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 20/09/20(Sun)09:57:00 id:1600610220 No. 2 >>3

Now I need to get a telephoto lens for my phone or camera, because I keep wanting to take pictures of the stuff I see in the binoculars.

(@shit) 20/09/20(Sun)09:58:00 id:1600610280 No. 3 >>4

protip u can take pictures thru binoculars

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 20/09/20(Sun)09:59:18 id:1600610358 No. 4


@shit I tried, it's a very different experience and the pictures don't come out great. 😥

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 16/09/20(Wed)10:16:52 id:1600265812 No. 1 [See All]

Tip: On Cinnamon (and probably other Window managers and OSes), Alt + ~ is the same as Alt + Tab, but restricted to the currently active application (e.g. tab between Firefox windows).

Learned this from last year and I've probably used it every day.

(@ted@social.gould.cx) 16/09/20(Wed)10:58:56 id:1600268336 No. 2

@pganssle cool to see they adopted this, I believe it was a feature first on Unity as we adopted per-application switcher grouping.

Not sure about others, but on Unity we looked at the keyboard map and it is actually "the key above tab" which may not be ` for some folks.

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 15/09/20(Tue)15:21:34 id:1600197694 No. 1 [See All]

Having a pulse oximeter is kinda fun, though it's disconcerting that the pulse number starts blinking when it falls under 60 bpm, considering my normal HR is usually something around 50 bpm.

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 15/09/20(Tue)14:14:40 id:1600193680 No. 1 [See All]

If you wanted to write a conditional to check whether both a and b are None or neither are None, would you use comparison chaining for either condition, both conditions, or neither?


if a is b is None:

if a is not None is not b:


if a is None and b is None:

if a is not None and b is not None:

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(@pganssle@qoto.org) 15/09/20(Tue)15:16:35 id:1600197395 No. 4 >>5


@meejah Yeah, that seems a bit of premature optimization for variable literals, though. I'm pretty sure it will always be faster and more compact to use chaining on the "is" case even if the number of elements grows:

if a is b is c is d:

This doesn't need to construct a tuple, a generator, or invoke a function.

For the `is not` case you need N - 1 "None"s to compare N variables, so:

if a is not None is not b is not None is not c:

So there's a stronger case for `all(x is not None for x in (a, b, c, d))`.

(@meejah@mastodon.social) 15/09/20(Tue)15:32:42 id:1600198362 No. 5


@pganssle Yeah .. I guess I should remember that a lot of these "style" type questions don't have a right answer ;)
Sometimes I find it makes things more-clear to assign to a variable too, like:
required = (a, b, c, d)
if any(x is None for x in required):
raise ValueError(...)

(@pschwede@qoto.org) 16/09/20(Wed)18:10:57 id:1600294257 No. 6

@pganssle if a==b and None in [a, b]

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 15/09/20(Tue)11:16:39 id:1600182999 No. 1 [See All]

Been using an exercise ball for a chair for the past 3-4 business days and I can't tell if my back is sore because it's being exercised or because I have terrible posture.

Quite possibly both.

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(@whirli@qoto.org) 15/09/20(Tue)13:16:18 id:1600190178 No. 3 >>4

@pganssle do be sure to check your ball is big/high enough. Usually theyre a bit too small to be used with regular tables.

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 15/09/20(Tue)13:50:18 id:1600192218 No. 4


@whirli I got a big one (appropriate according to the size chart). It certainly feels as tall or taller than my chair, and my sitting position feels closer to the right height for this desk I have.

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 15/09/20(Tue)13:51:30 id:1600192290 No. 5


@brainwane I'm sure it'll be fine. A little back stiffness isn't going to do me in. 🙂

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 13/09/20(Sun)13:18:00 id:1600017480 No. 1 [See All]

My brother apparently has a kidney stone, so of course I had to send him this: http://www.thomas-morris.uk/the-self-inflicted-lithotomy/

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 12/09/20(Sat)10:09:59 id:1599919799 No. 1 [See All]

I should write a bot that cross-posts my tweets from my Twitter account, but also translates them into British English first.

A futuristic version of going to a new school where no one knows you and affecting an accent.

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 10/09/20(Thu)13:08:22 id:1599757702 No. 1 [See All]

It's weird to me that in all the reporting about how a gender reveal party kicked off the CA wildfires, no one mentions what the gender of the baby was.

(@Feddylain@shitposter.club) 10/09/20(Thu)13:15:53 id:1599758153 No. 2

they never found out because the forest caught on fire.

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 09/09/20(Wed)10:11:41 id:1599660701 No. 1 [See All]

#python #pep615 #timezones

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 09/09/20(Wed)09:26:34 id:1599657994 No. 1 [See All]

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 09/09/20(Wed)09:27:43 id:1599658063 No. 2 >>3

Generated using Ye Olde Yorker: https://yeoldeyorker.hashbase.io/

It's pretty fun to generate New Yorker cartoons.

(@brainwane@mastodon.social) 09/09/20(Wed)10:13:47 id:1599660827 No. 3



(@pganssle@qoto.org) 08/09/20(Tue)15:50:27 id:1599594627 No. 1 [See All]

Oops., time to stop using pep517.build!

Instead, you should start using a brand new library that doesn't have a release yet!

Sorry if you took me seriously when I recommended this tool for the past few years because there was nothing else...

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 08/09/20(Tue)12:30:05 id:1599582605 No. 1 [See All]

Do you hate the feeling of being a useless spectator while your mate is laboring to bring your child into the world? Consider hiring "prowling sorcerers" who you can fend off with a spear!

(Note: This will likely not be covered by insurance.)

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 08/09/20(Tue)12:30:17 id:1599582617 No. 2

"Now, I see your birth plan involves Mike standing guard at the door with a spear because of... prowling sorcerers?"
"Yes, they can be very tricky."

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 26/08/20(Wed)17:24:34 id:1598477074 No. 1 [See All]

Apparently the OSI approved the Unlicense as a "Special Purpose" license a few months ago, but I do not see what the special purpose is anywhere on their main site. There's some more background in this mailing list post:


I'm still not clear what the "special purpose" is that they're suggesting, though. Seems like they don't want to be seen recommending it because it's somewhat weirdly drafted and is partially a public domain dedication.

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(@toast@toast.cafe) 26/08/20(Wed)17:47:54 id:1598478474 No. 4 >>5

yeah, 0BSD is alright.
It's the third license I recommend (alongside Unlicense and CC0).
The reason I don't use it is because the Unlicense opens with regular English that (for a lot of people) will be enough for them to get going and stop worrying.

Also, the fallback aspects of Unlicense help a bit in those legal terms, I think.

(@newt@stereophonic.space) 26/08/20(Wed)17:49:07 id:1598478547 No. 5 >>6

WTFPL is better. Same level of freedom, but extra classy!

(@toast@toast.cafe) 26/08/20(Wed)17:50:06 id:1598478606 No. 6

having a copyright line is counter to my goals, so I cannot actually accept it.
I classify it the same as MIT.

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 26/08/20(Wed)15:10:47 id:1598469047 No. 1 [See All]

Interesting, #GNU `date` seems to support dates with ambiguous three-letter offsets, though it's unclear how it decides to disambiguate them. Looks like "IST" defaults to "India Standard Time":

$ TZ=UTC date --iso=m --date="Thu Aug 27 12:34:56 AM IST 2020"

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(@pganssle@qoto.org) 27/08/20(Thu)17:00:05 id:1598562005 No. 7 >>8


@pschwede Yeah, what part of that determines how to map three-letter abbreviations to offsets?

(@pschwede@qoto.org) 28/08/20(Fri)10:33:10 id:1598625190 No. 8 >>9


@pganssle well, it refers to https://github.com/coreutils/gnulib/blob/master/lib/parse-datetime.y which again defines time_zone_table at :1097 and lookup_zone at :1284 for example. I think I made my point: there's code you can look at.

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 28/08/20(Fri)14:19:03 id:1598638743 No. 9


@pschwede Unclear doesn't mean the information doesn't exist or isn't accessible, it just means that it requires extra effort to figure out.

In any case, thanks for pointing me at that. I'm kinda shocked to find that it's just hard-coded, not even locale-dependent. Seems to me like if you live in China or Ireland or Israel `date` will just be silently wrong in some cases.

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 26/08/20(Wed)11:56:51 id:1598457411 No. 1 [See All]

Oh man, I just found out that many TVs have a built-in setting (called CEC) for controlling devices and that you can control your OSMC Raspberry Pi with your TV remote by just enabling it. I could have had a single unified remote for YEARS!


Warning from though:

"On paper, it's great, but due to different implementations by AV equipment manufacturers, it can also cause a lot of problems."

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 23/08/20(Sun)09:37:43 id:1598189863 No. 1 [See All]

I had been delaying getting back into electronics and wearables until after the boy is a bit older (he's 2.5 now), but I think for the right project he might be ready to take some pride in helping me build something already.

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 23/08/20(Sun)09:35:46 id:1598189746 No. 1 [See All]

Very disappointed that my workbench didn't come when they said it would (Friday). My son was excited to put it together with me.

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 22/08/20(Sat)10:52:23 id:1598107943 No. 1 [See All]

Anyone have recommendations for a TV where it's relatively easy to physically disable the wifi (and where doing so won't degrade the user experience for a normal user who doesn't care about the "smart" features)?

We need a new TV and apparently you can't just get normal TVs anymore.

(@Tanuki@mastodon.social) 23/08/20(Sun)16:06:48 id:1598213208 No. 2

@pganssle if leaving all network features unused is acceptable, then Sony’s A8H OLED doesn’t force that part of the experience. If even knowing those features are present is too distasteful, then yea you have to buy a computer monitor or “digital signage” display.

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 19/08/20(Wed)10:40:51 id:1597848051 No. 1 [See All]

Interesting question from here: https://kenta.blogspot.com/2020/08/kpmswzpc-unlimited-bat.html

"What would baseball bats look like if rules regarding their shape, weight, and composition were lifted?"

(I find this blog mildly frustrating in that it poses many interesting questions but with little discussion.)

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 18/08/20(Tue)13:05:20 id:1597770320 No. 1 [See All]

Word of the Day:

syr·up·ti·tious, adj. secretly adding or attempting to add syrup to something.

"to avoid judgmental looks, I'm always very syruptitious when flavoring my waffles"

(@brainwane@mastodon.social) 18/08/20(Tue)14:29:34 id:1597775374 No. 2

@pganssle :D

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 01/08/20(Sat)09:48:26 id:1596289706 No. 1 [See All]

Big exciting day coming up: It's almost the randomly chosen day that Google thinks is my birthday! I think I'll be 47 (so hard to keep track once you hit 40).

(@brainwane@mastodon.social) 01/08/20(Sat)14:15:57 id:1596305757 No. 2

@pganssle :-) You mean you don't use 12/31/1969?

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 30/07/20(Thu)21:30:51 id:1596159051 No. 1 [See All]

"Doctor, it hurts when I invoke setup.py install."
"Stop doing that then!"

(Seriously, always use pip install, never setup.py install)

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 22/07/20(Wed)11:00:51 id:1595430051 No. 1 [See All]

A very annoying auto-antonym: westerly (or easterly, or other direction + erly words).

It means either "moving towards the west" or "coming from the west". The westerly winds take you east.


(@pganssle@qoto.org) 14/07/20(Tue)06:47:15 id:1594723635 No. 1 [See All]

That awkward moment when you get to your desk and your co-worker has borrowed your chair, WFH edition.

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 04/07/20(Sat)17:08:13 id:1593896893 No. 1 [See All]

Looking for a podcast to listen to while grilling (US), pining for past glory (UK), or going about your normal business (everyone else)?

This 4th of July, I'm on talking about #Python datetimes and time zones! Check it out:


(@pganssle@qoto.org) 04/07/20(Sat)08:24:45 id:1593865485 No. 1 [See All]

New to the suburbs: How long until I stop feeling like Batman entering the bat cave every time I open the garage on approach, park, then close the garage door behind me?

(@finity@qoto.org) 04/07/20(Sat)08:33:26 id:1593866006 No. 2

@pganssle you can preserve that feeling by playing the 60s Batman theme each time.

(@finity@qoto.org) 04/07/20(Sat)08:34:19 id:1593866059 No. 3

@pganssle it gets strained the first time you find some other dog's poop left in your yard, though.

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 02/07/20(Thu)10:22:38 id:1593699758 No. 1 [See All]

It's weird when I occasionally get an upvote on an old SO answer that reminds me that at some point in the distant past, I knew enough Java to usefully answer StackOverflow questions about it.

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 25/06/20(Thu)13:50:55 id:1593107455 No. 1 [See All]

A bunch of people are positing that NYT wanted to take down Scott Alexander because of some culture war reasons, which is just what they want you to think! They were really more afraid that he would hit them where it hurts: https://web.archive.org/web/20200617172710/https://slatestarcodex.com/2020/06/04/problems-with-paywalls/

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 25/06/20(Thu)13:54:23 id:1593107663 No. 2

If New York Times black helicopters disappear me in the next week, you'll know why.

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 23/06/20(Tue)18:17:43 id:1592950663 No. 1 [See All]

Wow, huge proposal for Python 3.10 (both in potential impact and length of the proposal 😅):

PEP 622: Structural Pattern Matching



(@pbx@mastodon.social) 23/06/20(Tue)21:16:33 id:1592961393 No. 2

@pganssle Stealing from Rust (and Haskell) -- I like it!

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 21/06/20(Sun)23:47:31 id:1592797651 No. 1 [See All]

Klaxon™ was once a brand name so popular that it became the word for the type of thing the company sold.

Now they don't even have their own Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vehicle_horn#Klaxon

Something something Ozymandias...

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 15/06/20(Mon)19:22:45 id:1592263365 No. 1 [See All]

I really like the idea that King Friday XIII from Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood is the culmination of a pun 13 generations in the making.

At a conservative 20 years per generation, that's 260 years, so that pun was conceived before the founding of the USA.

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 09/06/20(Tue)08:12:00 id:1591704720 No. 1 [See All]

It has been 0 days since I thought about the fact that the word "lord" originally meant "loaf guardian": https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/lord#Etymology

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 09/06/20(Tue)08:14:15 id:1591704855 No. 2

Lady has a similar origin, it meant "loaf kneader": https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/lady#Etymology

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 08/06/20(Mon)07:45:30 id:1591616730 No. 1 [See All]

One of these days one of the networks producing children's television is going to finally respond to my numerous inquiries about their sub-standard world-building and then my new career writing show bibles for kids' shows will be off like a shot.

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 08/06/20(Mon)07:42:59 id:1591616579 No. 1 [See All]

Are dogs the only non-human animals that can talk in Paw Patrol?

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 07/06/20(Sun)13:55:27 id:1591552527 No. 1 [See All]

backports.zoneinfo only has 1300 downloads in the last week: https://pypistats.org/packages/backports-zoneinfo

Not bad, but we're going to really have to get the word out if we're going to finally replace pytz! Get out there and migrate today!

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 04/06/20(Thu)21:02:48 id:1591318968 No. 1 [See All]

Protip: If your 2 year old just wants to do "1 hide [and seek]" before going to sleep, make sure you are the one doing the seeking, not the hiding.

(@pganssle@qoto.org) 31/05/20(Sun)19:48:28 id:1590968908 No. 1 [See All]

Is soylent guacamole made of lawyers? #thinkaboutit

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