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(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 09/08/20(Sun)01:07:12 id:1596949632 No. 1 [See All]

time to nini

(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 08/08/20(Sat)23:48:02 id:1596944882 No. 1 [See All]

Fedi has been one of the biggest motivators for me to want to learn another language tbh

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(@vanillabean@outerheaven.club) 09/08/20(Sun)00:28:49 id:1596947329 No. 29 >>30

putang ina mo

(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 09/08/20(Sun)00:30:26 id:1596947426 No. 30 >>31

wow, thanks google, that really helps

(@vanillabean@outerheaven.club) 09/08/20(Sun)00:31:27 id:1596947487 No. 31

best reason to learn tagalog (or any other language in the philippines) bc taglish will be impossible to translate

(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 08/08/20(Sat)23:22:05 id:1596943325 No. 1 [See All]

I am feeling needy

(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 08/08/20(Sat)19:14:26 id:1596928466 No. 1 [See All]

why is everyone on raru.re now

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(@Sheepy@toast.cafe) 08/08/20(Sat)19:23:45 id:1596929025 No. 15 >>16

also I think he wants to underline this is not "a new season of your favourite show" but a thing of its own, with different rules and attitude

(@icedquinn@blob.cat) 08/08/20(Sat)19:24:54 id:1596929094 No. 16

oh well miaourt doesn't like me anyway

(@jeffcliff@shitposter.club) 08/08/20(Sat)19:46:24 id:1596930384 No. 17

because this alllows him to censor people the people who peer pressured him to shutting down niu don't agree with.

(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 08/08/20(Sat)09:18:21 id:1596892701 No. 1 [See All]

The morning of the Great Yeeting has arrived

(@steph@iscute.moe) 08/08/20(Sat)09:46:06 id:1596894366 No. 2

the 1 frame of splash at the end makes it

(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 08/08/20(Sat)19:11:49 id:1596928309 No. 3

the evening of the Great Yeeting has arrived
not dead but I am quite exhausted

(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 08/08/20(Sat)06:07:29 id:1596881249 No. 1 [See All]

horrible nightmares ;_;

(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 08/08/20(Sat)06:09:43 id:1596881383 No. 2

I did suck horribles things
there was hole in my foot

(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 08/08/20(Sat)02:05:37 id:1596866737 No. 1 [See All]

If I can't fall asleep by four o'clock I'm packing and leaving early

(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 08/08/20(Sat)01:16:09 id:1596863769 No. 1 [See All]

the one night I *need* to get a good night's sleep and I can't even close my eyes

(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 07/08/20(Fri)23:33:03 id:1596857583 No. 1 [See All]

gonna log off, finish packing for tomorrow
swinging the bat in tulsa one last time

(@siina@cute.science) 07/08/20(Fri)23:38:04 id:1596857884 No. 2

gonna finish you off

(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 07/08/20(Fri)23:18:28 id:1596856708 No. 1 [See All]

FLCL is a magical boy anime

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(@discojimmy@anime.website) 07/08/20(Fri)23:31:19 id:1596857479 No. 4 >>5

You can honestly argue both directions with Haruko in the bunny suit

(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 07/08/20(Fri)23:31:55 id:1596857515 No. 5 >>6

the show was never about haruko

(@discojimmy@anime.website) 07/08/20(Fri)23:33:24 id:1596857604 No. 6

I getcha, but it really doesn't lean strongly towards any genre imo, ie. you could argue that Canti + the irons make the show a mecha anime to some degree

(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 07/08/20(Fri)21:38:18 id:1596850698 No. 1 [See All]

hot take: stancing your car makes it uglier *and* less functional

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(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 07/08/20(Fri)21:43:39 id:1596851019 No. 5

I'm not even really mad about stancing, I'm mad this hentai artists keeps posting the same four arts he's done of these ugly ass cars nonstop for the past like 4 months

(@6a62@nulled.red) 07/08/20(Fri)21:42:48 id:1596850968 No. 6 >>7

@cantinto I get the whole "its their car, let them have fun" or whatever, but Im still gonna judge them as a moron with terrible taste

(@6a62@nulled.red) 07/08/20(Fri)21:48:10 id:1596851290 No. 7


@cantinto im not rant too much, but also static slammed cars??? thats even worse, because you could've put it on bags and had it look the same *and* be functional

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