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(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 22/01/20(Wed)06:52:37 id:1579693957 No. 1 [See All]

Like can I just give up my dignity as a human being? Whenever I try to talk could someone shove their dick in my mouth? Half the time I open my mouth to talk it's just to whine about the lack of cocks in it anyway

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(@0x00@social.panthermodern.net) 22/01/20(Wed)06:57:43 id:1579694263 No. 3

@cantinto I have a few ideas regarding stripping you out of your dignity :3

(@mrjunge@outerheaven.club) 22/01/20(Wed)08:10:15 id:1579698615 No. 4

We'll make sure your face is just absolutely plastered with creamy cum hanging off your nose and dripping down your chin.

(@feld@bikeshed.party) 22/01/20(Wed)08:14:04 id:1579698844 No. 5

move your account to kinky.business and it will work out fine for you

(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 22/01/20(Wed)06:46:22 id:1579693582 No. 1 [See All]

*head smack*
>You can do pigtails with scrunchies
>I've been missing out on my favorite hairstyle even when I'm alone at home now that I finally have the tools at my disposal

(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 22/01/20(Wed)06:43:20 id:1579693400 No. 1 [See All]

I am not being pumped full of yummy cum in every orifice by veiny cocks and I am quite grumpy about this

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(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 22/01/20(Wed)07:00:23 id:1579694423 No. 14 >>15

bfbfbsjmfmnt mom kyofifhbtjrkrn

(@0x00@social.panthermodern.net) 22/01/20(Wed)07:08:04 id:1579694884 No. 15


@cantinto Heh, only a slut like you would be sexually aroused at the idea of an alpha male making them choke and gag on dick. And even then you cannot express it in words because you're just too horny to think.

(@mrjunge@outerheaven.club) 22/01/20(Wed)08:05:40 id:1579698340 No. 16

NICE. This is exactly what I want to do with cantinto's throat.. Make some quick short pumps while my ballsack expands up and squeezes back down against the ride of her lips and nose.

(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 22/01/20(Wed)06:22:04 id:1579692124 No. 1 [See All]

Anal sex is weird because it is not kinky but you can have an anal sex kink

(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 22/01/20(Wed)06:14:11 id:1579691651 No. 1 [See All]

A police force can be used to enforce just laws in a just way

(@RehnSturm256@pl.smuglo.li) 22/01/20(Wed)06:23:06 id:1579692186 No. 2 >>3

I can't believe it tho
>( ._.) I'm definitely in the "ACAB" boat...

(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 22/01/20(Wed)06:26:24 id:1579692384 No. 3

I can
>I think there are little boys that spent all their time growing up wanting to be a police officer and didn't when they became men because they see the way we as a society view them, as well as all the injustices our current police forces have comitted
>And I think we need more of them to do what they have always wanted to
>And I can't see a world without a police force being any better than what we have now

(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 22/01/20(Wed)04:23:37 id:1579685017 No. 1 [See All]

The more and I hear it the more I think intuitive is a four letter word

(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 22/01/20(Wed)04:16:52 id:1579684612 No. 1 [See All]

Does anyone make actually affordable chorded keyboards?

(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 22/01/20(Wed)04:26:44 id:1579685204 No. 2

Tangent: had no idea stenographers had their own special keyboards

(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 22/01/20(Wed)04:51:48 id:1579686708 No. 3

And I know I might be asking for a lot here but affordable handheld ones at that

(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 22/01/20(Wed)03:42:12 id:1579682532 No. 1 [See All]

Waking up in the night to use the bathroom but finding a pack of raccoons running an Akutsuki Blitzkampf tournament

(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 22/01/20(Wed)03:39:40 id:1579682380 No. 1 [See All]

Boneless Pizza for the Soul

(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 22/01/20(Wed)03:16:29 id:1579680989 No. 1 [See All]

The quickest way to make me dislike you is for you to not only assume things about me but assume them *wrongly*.
>Don't tell me who I am. That's my job.

(@cccam@radical.town) 22/01/20(Wed)03:21:36 id:1579681296 No. 2 >>3

>I assumed you were cute. I was most definitely correct.

(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 22/01/20(Wed)03:24:43 id:1579681483 No. 3

correct assumptions may occasionally leave me in a state of awe.
>This one does not.

(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 22/01/20(Wed)02:53:43 id:1579679623 No. 1 [See All]

How do you decide on where to drill a hole if what you're going to drill into has to be load-bearing?

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(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 22/01/20(Wed)03:03:35 id:1579680215 No. 3 >>4

I'm just drilling a hole through a keyboard lol
>I'm gonna be hanging it off the cord I run through it through so I don't want it to just break off

(@MisterRogersSnapped@kiwifarms.cc) 22/01/20(Wed)03:07:18 id:1579680438 No. 4 >>5

The plastic will be stronger and more rigid toward the short edges. Just my opinion, I will admit that I have never modified my keyboard. I would not drill toward the middle as I feel that it would have more "bounce" and eventually strip the cord from the hole.

(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 22/01/20(Wed)03:21:14 id:1579681274 No. 5

noted, thank you

(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 22/01/20(Wed)02:39:43 id:1579678783 No. 1 [See All]

>If any of you get to design mass produced hardware and you place a screw under a non-replaceable part? Get fucked

(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 22/01/20(Wed)02:39:07 id:1579678747 No. 1 [See All]

Turns out logitech has been using some of the same keyboard models rebadged for like 10 years now, that's cool

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(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 22/01/20(Wed)02:42:08 id:1579678928 No. 4 >>5

well that's because the 7506 are studio reference, that's different
>Also how do you like yours? I've had mine for 5 years and I think they're pretty good

(@tempo@social.generallyrubbish.net.au) 22/01/20(Wed)02:50:04 id:1579679404 No. 5 >>6


@cantinto daily drivers

tried to replace them with some nice noise cancellers but i always keep coming back to them

(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 22/01/20(Wed)02:52:58 id:1579679578 No. 6

I use monoprice djs on the go because I can't have nice things lol
>I know if I used them out and about I'd break them in 5 months
>Whenever I want to sit down and do some listening they're my go tos though

(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 22/01/20(Wed)01:28:16 id:1579674496 No. 1 [See All]

To clarify- I do actually like mech boards but they're the absolute first thing I'm willing to compromise on
>I grew up on membrane boards and if the travel is decent I don't mind

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(@igeljaeger@jpop.club) 22/01/20(Wed)01:43:53 id:1579675433 No. 21

alps are great. Especially in switzerland

(@1iceloops123@shitposter.club) 22/01/20(Wed)01:48:22 id:1579675702 No. 22

i need to buy a test kit one day. like by the sound of things i would like blues

(@ihavebigtits@kawen.space) 22/01/20(Wed)02:01:09 id:1579676469 No. 23

I’m just trynna get a good starcraft keyboard~ Membranes are underrated cuz clicky clacks are fun

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