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(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 03/07/20(Fri)18:49:48 id:1593816588 No. 1 [See All]

Me: (Is smiling, is happy)
Mitsu: "Are you ok? You look sad!"

(@Mitsu@shitposter.club) 04/07/20(Sat)04:02:59 id:1593849779 No. 2


(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 03/07/20(Fri)18:38:49 id:1593815929 No. 1 [See All]

Mitsu doesn't agree with me that Ben Laden is cute :(

(@Ox@dickkickextremist.xyz) 03/07/20(Fri)18:39:57 id:1593815997 No. 2

bin Laden is cute mitsu practically exploding with cuteness

(@lain@lain.com) 03/07/20(Fri)18:40:50 id:1593816050 No. 3 >>4

like... osama?

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 03/07/20(Fri)18:45:41 id:1593816341 No. 4


This one

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 03/07/20(Fri)15:01:30 id:1593802890 No. 1 [See All]

I always pronounce GOG as "gaugue"

(@orekix@anime.website) 03/07/20(Fri)15:01:58 id:1593802918 No. 2

gee oh gee

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 03/07/20(Fri)13:53:02 id:1593798782 No. 1 [See All]

Pa am oli, one with 18 month aged prociutto (it was half the price of the serrano ham), 14 Arpents cheese (Lac-St-Jean represent!), chorizo stuffed olives. The other with orange and brandy bison terrine.

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 03/07/20(Fri)13:53:24 id:1593798804 No. 2

And ginger kombucha

(@phildobangnz) 03/07/20(Fri)13:59:07 id:1593799147 No. 3


(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 02/07/20(Thu)19:46:24 id:1593733584 No. 1 [See All]

The most vulnerable part of the propaganda apparatus is Hollywood. Harvey Weinstein showed that they are prone to eating their own, the public isn't that enamored with their movies anymore and the means of replacing them are already all over the place. You can film a feature film on a smartphone, to say nothing of the fancy 4k cameras Youtubers are able to buy and use. And those youtubers and other "content creators" are also proving that editing and all of the other technical skills that relate to movie production are being democratized as well. Remove all grants from movies employing SAG actors, give grants exclusively to movies not produced in Hollywood; watch it implode as they start going on strikes and no one cares.

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(@1iceloops123@shitposter.club) 02/07/20(Thu)21:31:12 id:1593739872 No. 7


(@succucirno) 02/07/20(Thu)21:56:56 id:1593741416 No. 8

Give noone grants. Otherwise our side will collapse when a Democrat happens to cheat their way in and they pull the grants. We cannot be reliant on state grants.

(@PorkCow@freespeechextremist.com) 02/07/20(Thu)23:35:54 id:1593747354 No. 9

Yup. Maxwell Atoms' crowdfunded show actually collapsed in part because union voice actors aren't allowed to work with non-union actors or below a set price range, and none of them even knew that up to that point. Unions have been cancer since about 1920.

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 02/07/20(Thu)16:20:33 id:1593721233 No. 1 [See All]


And people act indignant about defunding the WHO.

They were openly lying in service to the West's political adversaries.

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 02/07/20(Thu)16:32:46 id:1593721966 No. 2

Correction; comparing the two timelines, they were trying to hide the truth without directly lying. The original statement is a beauty when it comes to obfuscation:

> Wuhan Municipal Health Commission, China, reported a cluster of cases of pneumonia in Wuhan, Hubei Province. A novel coronavirus was eventually identified.

It's written to make people infer the Health Commission reported it to them, without stating it. The revised timeline:

>WHO’s Country Office in the People’s Republic of China picked up a media statement by the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission from their website on cases of ‘viral pneumonia’ in Wuhan, People’s Republic of China.

Funny. Somehow I know I would have never phrased that like they phrased it on the original timeline.

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 02/07/20(Thu)15:26:09 id:1593717969 No. 1 [See All]

Those M-Audio AV32 monitors were the cheapest studio monitors I could find, but I'm seriously impressed at the sound quality. I've never really given them much of a chance before, tbh.

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 02/07/20(Thu)15:08:09 id:1593716889 No. 1 [See All]

This is comfy afternoon music


(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 02/07/20(Thu)15:35:50 id:1593718550 No. 2

Sometimes I wish I had kept my electro acoustic bass guitar. But I had too many instruments I was never going to really learn to play.

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 02/07/20(Thu)14:56:14 id:1593716174 No. 1 [See All]


Oh this is very cruel!

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 02/07/20(Thu)14:58:11 id:1593716291 No. 2 >>3


That one is cheeky though

(@mangeurdenuage@loadaverage.org) 02/07/20(Thu)16:15:44 id:1593720944 No. 3

> https://loadaverage.org/attachment/5958675

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 02/07/20(Thu)14:50:19 id:1593715819 No. 1 [See All]

Somehow I have Yoshi's Island's "Flower Garden" theme stuck in my brain right now.

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 02/07/20(Thu)14:51:49 id:1593715909 No. 2

That bend in the main melody is just so catchy. Twiiiiouuuuuuiiiiiiii

(@Moon@shitposter.club) 02/07/20(Thu)14:51:51 id:1593715911 No. 3

thanks now I do too

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 02/07/20(Thu)13:55:25 id:1593712525 No. 1 [See All]

Cute beer! I fully admit I bought them because of the cans

(@why@shitposter.club) 02/07/20(Thu)14:01:01 id:1593712861 No. 2 >>3

I prefer fish beer

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 02/07/20(Thu)14:01:21 id:1593712881 No. 3

Cute dog!

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 02/07/20(Thu)10:55:24 id:1593701724 No. 1 [See All]

Dear Fedi: Serious question, is federation valuable for a social link aggregator / commenting community?

Bonus question: Should such a site aim to allow an unlimited amount of subcommunities (reddit, 8chan), an arbitrarily defined group of communities (4chan) or a single feed (HackerNews), potentially filtrable by topic (lobste.rs)?

(@lnxw48a1@nu.federati.net) 02/07/20(Thu)14:18:27 id:1593713907 No. 2

I'm not the best person to answer this, seeing that I don't like those kind of sites in general. But with that caveat, I keep hearing two things about the existing sites:
(1) their communities seem to be full of negativity and anger (and whatever social / political point of view someone dislikes)
(2) their moderation seems to lack transparency and to tilt in one direction or another.

I'd like to think that federation can help, but at this point, I'd probably recommend finding something that works mostly peer-to-peer (lightly-moderated federation hubs would be okay, as long as the individual user could still block unwanted posters and obtain "fediblocked" posts via p2p if desired).

I'll skip the bonus question, for obvious reasons.

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 02/07/20(Thu)14:32:45 id:1593714765 No. 3

The reason I'm wondering if federation is useful is because the main goal for me is decentralization; allowing people to have echo chambers if they want is not that much of a problem if no site is big enough to have a de-facto monopoly like Reddit does.

In comparison, federation implies an attitute of openess by default, although it doesn't mean one cannot turn a federated instance into an echo chamber if they so choose (as Gab and some Mastodon instances have proven).

While I think federation valuable for a Twitter-style social media, like the fediverse mostly is right now, it is a different beast altogether. The "Twitter" model means your timeline will be filled only with the people you want to see. A "Reddit" model means you mostly see posts from strangers. There's a lot more potential friction between people with completely different ideas being forced to share a space.

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 02/07/20(Thu)01:14:17 id:1593666857 No. 1 [See All]

Sometimes murder is just too damn convenient.

There was a moth flying in my apartment, that I was thinking was going to be hard to get rid of without messing around a bunch. So I hadn't yet even tried to and was gonna go to bed in hope that it would find it's way outdoors overnight, or otherwise stop being a problem. But as I was closing my stereo the moth suddenly 2 inches from my foot in its slipper.


Didn't even give it the dignity of giving it a proper fight.

(@kaikatsu@blob.cat) 02/07/20(Thu)01:18:03 id:1593667083 No. 2

I am vegan when possible. Flying irritants often break this possibility. Crunch.

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 02/07/20(Thu)00:14:29 id:1593663269 No. 1 [See All]

I might be slightly high, but I'm finding slow motion videos of a still running slightly arousing right now.

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 01/07/20(Wed)22:46:19 id:1593657979 No. 1 [See All]


In 2020, he'd probably be cancelled by the woke mob for being friends with white supremacists.

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(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 01/07/20(Wed)22:47:49 id:1593658069 No. 3 >>4

lol, figures

(@NeikoCat@blob.cat) 01/07/20(Wed)22:54:21 id:1593658461 No. 4

antifa has made threats against him as well, sad

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 02/07/20(Thu)12:09:29 id:1593706169 No. 5

Trying to get rid of wrong/bad ideology by attacking, isolating, deplatforming people is like trying to get rid of a knot in a rope by pulling on both ends. All you're doing is tightening the knot. To get rid of a knot you have to get close and start untangling. Outside of sociopaths, and even in very wrong ideologies those are still rare, people usually have a reason they believe what they believe.

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 01/07/20(Wed)22:29:03 id:1593656943 No. 1 [See All]

A big moth flew in from my bedroom window. Makes me yearn for another of those big electric zapper things I used to have.

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 01/07/20(Wed)20:12:38 id:1593648758 No. 1 [See All]

I have, from the inside and from the sidelines. About 10 years ago Montreal got quite funky with them for a couple of months. I've seen a group of cops try to body block the view of what they were doing to a confused man who wasn't part of any riot after they tackled him violently to the ground. I've also seen group of aimless assholes setting things on fire just for shit and giggles, with no thought to the possible consequences of their actions.

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 01/07/20(Wed)20:17:56 id:1593649076 No. 2 >>3

But my thinking on them has changed as I got older. I see that sometimes, the greatest kindness is a firm hand. It's unfortunate, but riots cannot be allowed to fester, ever, and shutting them down quickly with as much force as necessary causes less pain in the long run. The deaths in CHAZ are recent proof of that.

(@rok0@shitposter.club) 01/07/20(Wed)20:20:59 id:1593649259 No. 3 >>4

crazy how people getting cranked up thinking they're about to die can inadvertently murder people, right?

Leadership is the problem.

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 01/07/20(Wed)20:31:18 id:1593649878 No. 4

If there were real leadership on a larger scale, would the people be allowed to recognize it? The media, the channels that relay information from outside of their personal bubble to the public are broken.

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 01/07/20(Wed)14:44:00 id:1593629040 No. 1 [See All]


It's not the first time Terry Crews goes off the script he's expected to parrot.

(@kaikatsu@blob.cat) 01/07/20(Wed)14:51:13 id:1593629473 No. 2

Terry Crews is based.

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 01/07/20(Wed)09:54:39 id:1593611679 No. 1 [See All]

Trying out SINoALICE, which has just had its global launch.

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 30/06/20(Tue)16:40:34 id:1593549634 No. 1 [See All]

"Fact checking" media in an environment where the media has no credibility was disingenuous from the start, but as to when they became actively evil I'm not sure. It's probably whenever they stopped just debunking email chain letters facebook posts and started arguing against politicians and public personalities.

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 30/06/20(Tue)16:23:45 id:1593548625 No. 1 [See All]

I have to keep myself from just posting everything that makes me laugh from the Babylon Bee, because I would eventually make my followers feed look pretty much exactly like their front page.

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 30/06/20(Tue)16:21:12 id:1593548472 No. 1 [See All]


(@hj@shigusegubu.club) 30/06/20(Tue)16:21:37 id:1593548497 No. 2

by actual plush one

(@Mitsu@shitposter.club) 30/06/20(Tue)16:24:13 id:1593548653 No. 3 >>4

By Guizzly bear *

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 30/06/20(Tue)16:24:47 id:1593548687 No. 4

Finally, my voice acting career is taking off!

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 30/06/20(Tue)16:15:49 id:1593548149 No. 1 [See All]

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(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 30/06/20(Tue)16:32:35 id:1593549155 No. 4 >>5

It's quite strange, I don't think we have bald eagles over here.

(@Galena@gameliberty.club) 30/06/20(Tue)16:36:04 id:1593549364 No. 5 >>6


@guizzy Bald Eagles live anywhere and everywhere, so long as Freedom is in the hearts of men. When you say the name of America, the Land of The Free, a little seed of the Tree of Liberty takes root within your heart, and your soul resonates with the unified American consciousness.

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 30/06/20(Tue)16:37:29 id:1593549449 No. 6


(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 30/06/20(Tue)13:37:43 id:1593538663 No. 1 [See All]

It's funny how all those "lol the US is faililng at stopping coronavirus" articles seem to be ignoring that death rate curve is still way down and roughly following the same path as most other countries, and not at all following the "new cases" charts. You just dramatically increased testing, which is the main driving factor behind "new cases", not actual infections.

Inb4 "lol look it's higher than other coutnries" which disregards that the US has a much bigger population than any of these countries.

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(@besserwisser@kawen.space) 01/07/20(Wed)12:33:56 id:1593621236 No. 29 >>30

I never even disagreed on that front. My entire argument was about your graph being too simplified.

(@loweel@boseburo.ddns.net) 01/07/20(Wed)12:38:06 id:1593621486 No. 30 >>31



and the locusts. Never forget the locusts.

(@besserwisser@kawen.space) 01/07/20(Wed)12:38:52 id:1593621532 No. 31

Stop eating my corn you damn locusts!

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 30/06/20(Tue)12:03:39 id:1593533019 No. 1 [See All]

I remember listening to this song so much when I was a teen around the turn of the millenium. I mostly listenend to alternative rock back then, and that era of alt-rock is still very comfy to me. Clumsy and Happiness era Our Lady Peace, The Tea Party, Live, even Creed...


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(@why@shitposter.club) 30/06/20(Tue)12:24:35 id:1593534275 No. 4

its called mumble rap and its real music dad

(@Mitsu@shitposter.club) 30/06/20(Tue)13:12:43 id:1593537163 No. 5 >>6

Hey, I like kpop 😡

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 30/06/20(Tue)13:14:31 id:1593537271 No. 6

Hey, I like you

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 30/06/20(Tue)11:04:28 id:1593529468 No. 1 [See All]

The Pioneer, despite being very old (or probably because of it; people took radio seriously back in the 70s), has the best sound of all of them. The stereo separation is gigantic. It doesn't sound very natural as a result, but it sounds impressive.

The Tangent Uno has the most natural sound of the bunch. It's a great unit to sing along to while doing the dishes.

The Grundig is more obviously tuned to distinguish voice on weak signals; it sounds like what people expect radio to sound like; somewhat tinny. Listening to music on it is not very pleasant.

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 30/06/20(Tue)10:49:33 id:1593528573 No. 1 [See All]

I think I have as many radio recievers as has scented candles...

(@hakui@tuusin.misono-ya.info) 30/06/20(Tue)10:50:01 id:1593528601 No. 2 >>3

how do you know how many scented candles i have

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 30/06/20(Tue)10:50:15 id:1593528615 No. 3 >>4

humu humu

(@hakui@tuusin.misono-ya.info) 30/06/20(Tue)10:50:30 id:1593528630 No. 4

*draws the blinds*

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 30/06/20(Tue)09:29:38 id:1593523778 No. 1 [See All]

Deleted my 7 year old reddit account this morning. Explicitely allowing hate against "majorities" by policy is disgusting beyond what I can tolerate.

(@rw@shitposter.club) 30/06/20(Tue)09:33:12 id:1593523992 No. 2

where does karma go when we die. Will a man be judged by his karma at the pearly gates?

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