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(@flip@merveilles.town) 14/01/20(Tue)16:13:30 id:1579036410 No. 1 [See All]

Merveilles, what are your plans for retirement? Have you saved money? Did someone give you money? How do you plan to ever stop working in this hell world?

(@neauoire@merveilles.town) 14/01/20(Tue)16:31:44 id:1579037504 No. 2

@flip retirement? I hope I never get tired of doing the things I do. I can't see myself doing anything else than my daily musings, when I do, I will die.

(@xj9@social.sunshinegardens.org) 14/01/20(Tue)16:36:48 id:1579037808 No. 3

>bitcoin and silver 😉
>more seriously I'd like to build a solarpunk eco-village and i'll probably be working on that until I die.

(@flip@merveilles.town) 13/12/19(Fri)20:58:33 id:1576288713 No. 1 [See All]

I typically have three good hours of productive time each day

The internet suggests that the same is true of most people

Many of us work 40 hour workweeks, but we’re only productive for 15 of those hours

The other 25 hours are for meetings

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(@flip@merveilles.town) 13/12/19(Fri)21:16:38 id:1576289798 No. 6 >>7


@neauoire I feel like this is all crucial data to know about yourself. I won’t even retain much information from reading if I’ve already had hours of productivity in a day. And so I need to do unproductive things. But the culture I was raised in has labeled unproductive things as forbidden knowledge... so I’m working on figuring out what to do with the rest of that time

(@neauoire@merveilles.town) 13/12/19(Fri)21:17:36 id:1576289856 No. 7 >>8


@flip Do you know the origins of the sentence "8 hours for what we will"?

(@flip@merveilles.town) 13/12/19(Fri)21:19:37 id:1576289977 No. 8


@neauoire eight hours for work, eight hours for sleep, eight hours for what we will

Which must have sounded bold at one point

(@flip@merveilles.town) 11/12/19(Wed)20:41:24 id:1576114884 No. 1 [See All]

One of my coworkers keeps telling me that I’m smart and I don’t know what type of tactic it is but it is unsettling. Any ideas?

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(@neauoire@merveilles.town) 11/12/19(Wed)21:49:31 id:1576118971 No. 3 >>4


@liaizon and I always correct them saying "it's YOU'RE, and not YOUR".

(@liaizon@social.wake.st) 11/12/19(Wed)21:57:39 id:1576119459 No. 4


@neauoire and I respond with "english is an ever evolving language we create through usage" and continue with "improper" ur and yall

(@flip@merveilles.town) 11/12/19(Wed)22:05:31 id:1576119931 No. 5


@liaizon I want to leave a little space for it just being a cultural difference somehow, but yeah... It feels either disingenuous or outright insulting

I’m just going to say “good job!” repeatedly and see if it changes anything

(@flip@merveilles.town) 25/11/19(Mon)10:56:00 id:1574697360 No. 1 [See All]

I don't want to be a celebrity (not even a microcelebrity)

I don't want to be immortal

I just want to pet as many cats as I can in my lifetime

(@flip@merveilles.town) 25/11/19(Mon)11:01:07 id:1574697667 No. 2 >>3

Seriously, what is this obsession with spreading a self through various dimensions, just pet a cat

(@npisanti@merveilles.town) 25/11/19(Mon)11:17:36 id:1574698656 No. 3


@flip amen

(@flip@merveilles.town) 07/11/19(Thu)09:25:38 id:1573136738 No. 1 [See All]

No millennial needed to hear the advice “live each day as though it were your last”

The world we were born into screamed that this was our only option, that there was no future

(@flip@merveilles.town) 17/10/19(Thu)16:33:11 id:1571344391 No. 1 [See All]

I think I'm going to have to rice a little thanks to all the linux talk

(@flip@merveilles.town) 17/10/19(Thu)16:40:04 id:1571344804 No. 2 >>3

Got some inspiration pulled up... I'm going to back up everything for once because this is going to be a doozy

(@flip@merveilles.town) 17/10/19(Thu)18:30:38 id:1571351438 No. 3


I made everything flat and easy on my eyes and that's all I have time for today

(@flip@merveilles.town) 17/09/19(Tue)14:31:07 id:1568745067 No. 1 [See All]

What's a good term for when someone thinks they have a hot take but the take is in fact very old and cold and by now tedious?

(@big_chip@boardgames.social) 17/09/19(Tue)15:39:22 id:1568749162 No. 2

@flip cold take = cake?

(@flip@merveilles.town) 28/06/19(Fri)18:57:29 id:1561762649 No. 1 [See All]

I’m like really good at print making

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