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(@shampoobottle@gleasonator.com) 27/03/20(Fri)21:16:34 id:1585358194 No. 6 >>7


@Lumeinshin I don't know the game can't you... Like, do it again?

(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 27/03/20(Fri)21:17:13 id:1585358233 No. 7 >>8


>uuuuuh, not that i know of
>i can bully the villagers when they get here so they leave, but thats about it

(@shampoobottle@gleasonator.com) 27/03/20(Fri)21:18:32 id:1585358312 No. 8


@Lumeinshin Well I don't really comprehend the issue but good luck m8

(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 27/03/20(Fri)09:40:52 id:1585316452 No. 1 [See All]

wayland, more like gayland

(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 25/03/20(Wed)09:16:39 id:1585142199 No. 1 [See All]

There's an old lady with a dog on a walk in front of me
>I have slowed down a lot to make sure I don't catch up to her
>So far I have seen 21 people outside, but I am only about halfway, I expect to see at least another 15, make that 22 people
>It does appear to be people on walks almost exclusively and the buses that have gone past have had few to zero people
>25 now and I'm catching up to the lady despite walking soooooo slowly

(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 25/03/20(Wed)10:03:29 id:1585145009 No. 2

Ended the walk seeing 85ish people, number jumped quite a lot

(@Ox@dickkickextremist.xyz) 25/03/20(Wed)10:04:49 id:1585145089 No. 3 >>4

on our all yesterday I think we saw eleven people total. including three builders working on a house and 7 or so in the big park we were in. but everyon avoided everyone else

(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 25/03/20(Wed)11:14:28 id:1585149268 No. 4


>yeah it was pretty quiet, aside from a few people walking their dogs/kids, it got quite busy towards the shop tho, about the same amount of cars in the car park so i think theres a good chunk of people where i live that arent taking it that seriously but i dont live in a super busy city, so i think it'll be another week before everyone here gets the message and streets clear more

(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 25/03/20(Wed)09:02:50 id:1585141370 No. 1 [See All]

1st post lockdown walk, very exciting
>Will post if I see anything interesting or just how many people there are, so far seen a fair few cars, no people yet

(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 25/03/20(Wed)08:31:41 id:1585139501 No. 1 [See All]

i dont think brave cuckbux actually works, i havent been given my cummies in 2 months

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(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 23/03/20(Mon)20:43:12 id:1585010592 No. 1 [See All]

work is closed now
>glad i bought animal crossing and toad today, that plus WoW should give me plenty of stuff to do
>oh and ive still got seasons 5-7 of star trek tng and the movies to watch
>hope you all have stuff to do over the coming weeks and my britfag gnibbas have their daily exercise loicenses with them
>i guess i'll be more active here too

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(@shampoobottle@gleasonator.com) 23/03/20(Mon)20:50:37 id:1585011037 No. 4 >>5


@Lumeinshin Very cool 😎

Start DS9 concurrently with Season 6 of TNG, cause the continuity between the two is kinda important ish, but not that important so you don't actually have to. You'll just feel a little disjointed going into DS9 if you finish TNG first.

(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 23/03/20(Mon)20:52:08 id:1585011128 No. 5 >>6


>alrighty, i dont mind the continuity stuff too much since i skipped going thru ToS but i'll keep it in mind ty

(@shampoobottle@gleasonator.com) 23/03/20(Mon)20:53:53 id:1585011233 No. 6


@Lumeinshin DS9 is the first time continuity actually matters cause BAJOR FOR THE BAJORANS and fuck the NAZI Card scum so I highly recommend it but ye not too important.

(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 23/03/20(Mon)14:48:25 id:1584989305 No. 1 [See All]

I caved and bought animal crossing and captain toad
>My poor wallet

(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 22/03/20(Sun)14:05:12 id:1584900312 No. 1 [See All]

This episode of 'fediverse' features Whoopi Goldberg as 'Guinan'

(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 22/03/20(Sun)07:59:14 id:1584878354 No. 1 [See All]

Pre work bords
>I wish people would use their eyes and give em room

(@thatbrickster@shitposter.club) 22/03/20(Sun)08:00:36 id:1584878436 No. 2

Contagion is for normies. Make Room, Make Room! is for the based and redpilled.

(@Ox@dickkickextremist.xyz) 22/03/20(Sun)08:02:12 id:1584878532 No. 3

so beautiful. thank u... i cant go out and see them myself but this is nice

(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 21/03/20(Sat)11:32:34 id:1584804754 No. 1 [See All]

First walk of my own free will for a while, nice to be able to mooch about at my own pace, no buses to catch or any places to be
>Got double exp on wow for a month which will be nice to lvl some characters as well
>Feeling pretty good
>Hope you're all having a nice day too in these strange times

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(@LoliKing@baraag.net) 19/03/20(Thu)09:51:24 id:1584625884 No. 3

@Lumeinshin this wholesome meme has been stolen, good morning and good day

(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 18/03/20(Wed)16:09:19 id:1584562159 No. 1 [See All]

oc pls no steel
>v funny

(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 18/03/20(Wed)07:13:26 id:1584530006 No. 1 [See All]

The old people don't give a FUCK, they're out in a show of force

(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 13/03/20(Fri)19:58:20 id:1584143900 No. 1 [See All]

its about that time again
>hope you're all having a nice night
>~stolen from honkposter on twitter (who prolly stole it from elsewhere lol)

(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 13/03/20(Fri)14:12:48 id:1584123168 No. 1 [See All]

>we're alive!

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(@sjw@neckbeard.xyz) 12/03/20(Thu)15:56:14 id:1584042974 No. 2


(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 11/03/20(Wed)07:15:36 id:1583925336 No. 1 [See All]

I'm not feeling too positive about today, I think my patience is already wearing thin, and I haven't got to work yet
>Heres hoping that changes

(@igel@jaeger.website) 11/03/20(Wed)07:15:53 id:1583925353 No. 2

@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz simp lol

(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 10/03/20(Tue)21:38:18 id:1583890698 No. 1 [See All]

i am feeling pretty crummy, hoping i stop being ill in the morning
>took some paracetamol a couple hours ago, doesnt seem to have done anything lol
>goodniight frens, may your dreams be pleasant
>(im still gonna watch videos for like another 20 mins lol)

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(@Coomer@coom.club) 10/03/20(Tue)21:41:06 id:1583890866 No. 4 >>5


@Lumeinshin I import my Acid from the UK y'know, small country, it's probably a few blocks away max.

(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 10/03/20(Tue)21:41:44 id:1583890904 No. 5

i hope your next package gets confiscated and the dealers arrested

(@Elfie@neckbeard.xyz) 10/03/20(Tue)23:01:09 id:1583895669 No. 6

>I imagine lumeinshin being literally crumpled like paper walking Around

(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 07/03/20(Sat)17:26:29 id:1583619989 No. 1 [See All]

>tfw never interacted with this person
>shame, from a brief scroll they seemed pretty alright

(@a7@pleroma.mouse.services) 07/03/20(Sat)17:27:53 id:1583620073 No. 2

@Lumeinshin iktf

(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 06/03/20(Fri)17:16:00 id:1583532960 No. 1 [See All]

bought some music and a physical copy of project diva f for vita
>band maid - conqueror
>jimmy eat world - surviving
>my wallet weeps

(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 06/03/20(Fri)07:11:28 id:1583496688 No. 1 [See All]

Some people are so disrespectful to the pigeons, just slow down and let em pass

(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 06/03/20(Fri)05:08:27 id:1583489307 No. 1 [See All]

I remember seeing airpods mocked relentlessly when they were first released
>Now it's more common to see people with them than wired earbuds
>I can't wait till I'm an old man still using wired earphones and an mp3 player

(@alyx@jaeger.website) 06/03/20(Fri)07:17:02 id:1583497022 No. 2 >>3

>Since my last pair of wired earphones lasted only half a year, I gave wireless earphones a try. But I didn't get the earbuds kind, but the classic tethered kind. I've got about 3 times the battery life. Earbuds still suck imo.

(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 06/03/20(Fri)07:24:11 id:1583497451 No. 3 >>4

my only issue with wired earbuds is that the cable ends up doing the 'have to be in a certain position otherwise only one side comes out,
>I can't stand the Bluetooth headphone shit tho, the POWER ON, DEVICE CONNECTED stuff annoys me, and I hear a low hum I can't ignore

(@alyx@jaeger.website) 06/03/20(Fri)07:36:23 id:1583498183 No. 4


>Regarding the wired earbuds, that's exactly how I lose pretty much every pair. Haven't had a pair that lasted several years at least for a long time.
>Regarding bluetooth, the audio notifications don't bug me as much, but I know what you're talking about with the hum. Whenever the sound goes silent, it's noticeable. But I'll tolerate it for now, cause these days I listen to audio podcasts more than music, so it doesn't hurt quality enough to be a deal breaker.

(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 06/03/20(Fri)05:03:50 id:1583489030 No. 1 [See All]

I just wanted and it smells like death itself, luckily nobody is nearby

(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 05/03/20(Thu)19:39:39 id:1583455179 No. 1 [See All]

today in hnnnnnnnnnng
>that is all

(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 05/03/20(Thu)19:07:00 id:1583453220 No. 1 [See All]

tech wizards, i am but a humble apprentice and i seek knowledge!
>i use my laptop power supply to warm my bed sheets, is this a good idea?

(@Ox@dickkickextremist.xyz) 05/03/20(Thu)19:07:53 id:1583453273 No. 2

sounds great

(@a7@pleroma.mouse.services) 05/03/20(Thu)19:08:46 id:1583453326 No. 3 >>4

@Lumeinshin I dont think that’s safe but I’m not smart enough to fully explain why

(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 05/03/20(Thu)19:12:49 id:1583453569 No. 4

i have a few different ones ranging from 65 - 95w
>the 95w one gets waaaaaaaaay too hot for my liking so i dont actually use it, it gets so hot i cant hold onto it
>i use the 65w one and have it where i put my feet, its warm but i dont think it'll explode or anything 😨

(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 05/03/20(Thu)11:21:36 id:1583425296 No. 1 [See All]

>UK went from just hitting 20 to over 85 cases of super special china virus in a week
>>now moving from 'contain' to 'delay'
>>NHS warned they wont have enough beds by CMO
>haha.... its a nothingburger... right guys?

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(@alyx@jpop.club) 05/03/20(Thu)11:34:31 id:1583426071 No. 3 >>4 >>5


>Yeah, it really started to spread in Europe now. Containment seems to have failed.

(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 05/03/20(Thu)11:35:38 id:1583426138 No. 4

yeah everyone has done a fucking terrible job

(@galena@blob.cat) 05/03/20(Thu)11:47:14 id:1583426834 No. 5

containment is racist, we may all get wiped out by corona but at least we're on the #RightSideOfHistory

(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 05/03/20(Thu)11:13:23 id:1583424803 No. 1 [See All]

bought some utsu-p mp3s
>v e r y
>n i c e
>>inb4 u buy mp3s lel

(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 04/03/20(Wed)22:59:34 id:1583380774 No. 1 [See All]

why is man made to suffer after the distribution of the nut?

(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 04/03/20(Wed)18:35:00 id:1583364900 No. 1 [See All]

hey guys i have had much deliberation and come to the conclusion that i should share my #blocklist :
>Oxford Blue
>Pilgrims Choice
>Hereford Hop

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(@coldacid@noagendasocial.com) 04/03/20(Wed)18:39:36 id:1583365176 No. 4


@Lumeinshin Mozzarella is fucking super, too, even when not on a pizza

(@endlessmike@kiwifarms.cc) 04/03/20(Wed)18:39:48 id:1583365188 No. 5 >>6

Chedder is dumb because it is dyed.

(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 04/03/20(Wed)18:41:42 id:1583365302 No. 6

i did not know that
>tastes nice tho

(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 04/03/20(Wed)15:17:32 id:1583353052 No. 1 [See All]

tired and horny today
>what about you lot, yay or nay?

(@overflow@pl.smuglo.li) 04/03/20(Wed)15:21:28 id:1583353288 No. 2


(@Lainyboy@neckbeard.xyz) 04/03/20(Wed)15:26:41 id:1583353601 No. 3

>Make me horny

(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 04/03/20(Wed)11:06:23 id:1583337983 No. 1 [See All]

ur gey

(@sjw@neckbeard.xyz) 04/03/20(Wed)13:14:20 id:1583345660 No. 2


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