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(@rice@shitposter.club) 20/01/20(Mon)14:06:19 id:1579547179 No. 1 [See All]

I don't understand how some people live off/diet at 1200 kcal per day. That's scary.
>When I don't move *at all*, I burn 1400 kcal. When I exercise and move around, I burn 2300 kcal per day.

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(@matrix@gameliberty.club) 20/01/20(Mon)14:10:08 id:1579547408 No. 3

@rice Sit and do nothing, have 30kg.

(@lebronjames75@shitposter.club) 20/01/20(Mon)14:37:45 id:1579549065 No. 4 >>5

pfft watch this
>*eats snickers and ONLY snickers for 5 days in the outdoors*

(@rice@shitposter.club) 20/01/20(Mon)14:45:32 id:1579549532 No. 5

bad dog

(@rice@shitposter.club) 18/01/20(Sat)06:21:35 id:1579346495 No. 1 [See All]

Heya all! I have a question to analog photography nerds. I'm thinking of a gift for my friend who has a Zenit 11, Smena, and Lyubitel. I have a FED-4 and Zenit-E as well as two lenses for the Zenit. Both are in perfect condition. I'm trying to decide which one to gift. Thank you.

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(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 18/01/20(Sat)19:03:39 id:1579392219 No. 15 >>16

Antti Niemi

(@lain@lain.com) 18/01/20(Sat)19:05:48 id:1579392348 No. 16 >>17

is this some hockey guy

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 18/01/20(Sat)19:06:24 id:1579392384 No. 17


(@rice@shitposter.club) 16/01/20(Thu)10:42:52 id:1579189372 No. 1 [See All]

Fuck. I forgot I didn't have auto-play for GIFs turned on and someone tagged me with a rapidly blinking image which triggered really awful nausea.

(@rice@shitposter.club) 16/01/20(Thu)10:43:08 id:1579189388 No. 2

turned off*

(@rice@shitposter.club) 16/01/20(Thu)05:28:41 id:1579170521 No. 1 [See All]

hey this is for u

(@Mitsu@shitposter.club) 16/01/20(Thu)05:56:12 id:1579172172 No. 2

Omg so cute, thank you!

(@rice@shitposter.club) 15/01/20(Wed)11:17:59 id:1579105079 No. 1 [See All]

Thinking that jogging in the mornings and resistance training in the evenings is a good split

(@rice@shitposter.club) 15/01/20(Wed)08:49:35 id:1579096175 No. 1 [See All]

this corner of the internet is so wild

(@rice@shitposter.club) 15/01/20(Wed)08:21:07 id:1579094467 No. 1 [See All]

rly annoying how I can hear the neighbor's crying baby all the time, it's driving me nuts,

(@p_@niu.moe) 15/01/20(Wed)08:21:58 id:1579094518 No. 2

@rice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TShE6UWnxEg

(@rice@shitposter.club) 15/01/20(Wed)06:57:52 id:1579089472 No. 1 [See All]

I really love how Stanford bunnies, teapots, angels and dragons are the main objects to test some rendering algorithms with. It's so cute

(@rice@shitposter.club) 15/01/20(Wed)05:40:46 id:1579084846 No. 1 [See All]

Extremely sad how seal pups, bears and hedgehogs will die this year because there's no proper winter. It's actually very depressing.

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(@rice@shitposter.club) 15/01/20(Wed)08:28:28 id:1579094908 No. 3 >>4

maybe in the future but the fact is that a whole lot of animals will die this year in my country (seals, brown bears and hedgehogs) and that saddens me.

(@Dave@shitposter.club) 15/01/20(Wed)08:29:25 id:1579094965 No. 4 >>5

bring them inside

(@rice@shitposter.club) 15/01/20(Wed)08:30:26 id:1579095026 No. 5

no lol. they need snow and ice. we don't have proper winters anymore, animal rescue can't do anything.

(@rice@shitposter.club) 14/01/20(Tue)17:04:46 id:1579039486 No. 1 [See All]

Really want to participate tbh

(@rice@shitposter.club) 14/01/20(Tue)16:33:18 id:1579037598 No. 1 [See All]

what do you guys use to keep track of stock prices and financial news
>sometimes i forget to sell my shares and re-invest when they go over a 20% increase

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(@mono@shitposter.club) 14/01/20(Tue)21:10:53 id:1579054253 No. 31 >>32

you can speculate when you're rich.

(@hakui@tuusin.misono-ya.info) 14/01/20(Tue)21:17:41 id:1579054661 No. 32

good Advice

(@besserwisser@kawen.space) 15/01/20(Wed)09:14:42 id:1579097682 No. 33

You'd be surprised by how many mess that up.

(@rice@shitposter.club) 14/01/20(Tue)10:55:23 id:1579017323 No. 1 [See All]

Most of my anxiety comes from going to different places every day, not doing a lot of things per se
>It's hard to explain
>And also working out in a gym, but it's almost impossible to work out outdoors properly in the winter

(@rice@shitposter.club) 14/01/20(Tue)10:09:18 id:1579014558 No. 1 [See All]

I'm really stressed out how I haven't had a single day so far when I didn't have to do like 10 different things an outings in a day, like
>Go to the gym/exercise
>Cook for myself
>Other household chores
>Meet up with someone
>Set up meetings with someone
>Go to an appointment

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(@nik@letsalllovela.in) 14/01/20(Tue)10:14:48 id:1579014888 No. 8


(@lebronjames75@shitposter.club) 14/01/20(Tue)10:20:19 id:1579015219 No. 9 >>10

start taking it easy before you burn out
>Plan a rest for when you reach some milestone
>If you really burn out then you'll take a rest and feel really bad

(@rice@shitposter.club) 14/01/20(Tue)10:21:56 id:1579015316 No. 10

thanx boyo
>I'll try to do that :) maybe I should rest this weekend

(@rice@shitposter.club) 13/01/20(Mon)08:10:36 id:1578921036 No. 1 [See All]

I really hate going to the gym. I almost have a panic attack every time before going there, but I'm trying to stay consistent and hoping it'll start going away. I won't give up. It really bums me out how I'm basically the only non-super-fit girl there and I just feel hyperaware of my extra weight then. It's also such a sensory hell

(@piggo@piggo.space) 13/01/20(Mon)08:12:37 id:1578921157 No. 2 >>3

what about group classes? i find it much more enjoyable than going there just to spend an hour on the treadmill or lifting weights

(@rice@shitposter.club) 13/01/20(Mon)08:14:57 id:1578921297 No. 3 >>4

that's even worse, I signed up for a hiit class rn and it's making my panic worse :( but I'm still going there, trying to battle the anxiety

(@rice@shitposter.club) 13/01/20(Mon)08:21:19 id:1578921679 No. 4

feeling a bit better now. I also started meditating each morning and it helps with the overall awareness imo
>And my gym clothes are cute so that helps a bit

(@rice@shitposter.club) 13/01/20(Mon)06:58:08 id:1578916688 No. 1 [See All]

I can really recommend this meal prep method. Put a ton of vegetables in the oven, meanwhile, cook other stuff on the stove top. Or, put vegetables and meat or fish in the oven, cook starches and soup on the stove top. It takes me 2h total with clean up to prepare lunch and dinner for the week this way, and just quick fresh salads every day.

(@rice@shitposter.club) 12/01/20(Sun)05:03:15 id:1578823395 No. 1 [See All]

I’m planning on buying a waffle maker. Anything I should know beforehand? Like which ones are tge best, easiest to clean etc

(@p_@niu.moe) 12/01/20(Sun)05:05:09 id:1578823509 No. 2

@rice any belgians around? :P

(@rice@shitposter.club) 11/01/20(Sat)17:37:35 id:1578782255 No. 1 [See All]

nini fedi

(@daughter) 11/01/20(Sat)17:38:40 id:1578782320 No. 2

right nice

(@terryenglish@social.librem.one) 11/01/20(Sat)17:39:55 id:1578782395 No. 3

@rice Good night 💤

(@siina@siina.wtf) 11/01/20(Sat)17:58:34 id:1578783514 No. 4

nini rice

(@rice@shitposter.club) 11/01/20(Sat)17:26:16 id:1578781576 No. 1 [See All]

prove it

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(@lain@lain.com) 11/01/20(Sat)17:39:25 id:1578782365 No. 7 >>8

you know these manga girls with the ahegao? That's you.

(@rice@shitposter.club) 11/01/20(Sat)17:40:37 id:1578782437 No. 8 >>9

you have this fun energy when you've been drinking a bit 😜

(@lain@lain.com) 11/01/20(Sat)17:41:44 id:1578782504 No. 9

gotta visit eesti some day

(@rice@shitposter.club) 11/01/20(Sat)17:22:49 id:1578781369 No. 1 [See All]

very proud of myself for going to bed around midnight, falling asleep around 1-2am and waking up at 9.30am for the past week, consistently, after months of falling asleep around 4am and waking up at noon

(@rice@shitposter.club) 11/01/20(Sat)17:23:54 id:1578781434 No. 2 >>3

aiming to actually start falling asleep at midnight and waking up at 8 am consistently

(@rice@shitposter.club) 11/01/20(Sat)17:25:23 id:1578781523 No. 3

then working out in the mornings, working, and having a small nap/bath around the mid day or at the end of the work day, taking a walk, going to sleep. It'll optimize everything

(@rice@shitposter.club) 11/01/20(Sat)12:52:54 id:1578765174 No. 1 [See All]


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(@lebronjames75@shitposter.club) 11/01/20(Sat)13:37:01 id:1578767821 No. 8 >>9

i will never become a weeb you hear me?
>YOU HEAR ME ?!?!!??!

(@rice@shitposter.club) 11/01/20(Sat)13:48:36 id:1578768516 No. 9

i respect that

(@coolboymew@shitposter.club) 11/01/20(Sat)13:54:54 id:1578768894 No. 10

I'd buy it

(@rice@shitposter.club) 11/01/20(Sat)10:08:15 id:1578755295 No. 1 [See All]

Im not really a traditional gamedev, I’ve just been purely an engine dev now for a couple of months, with about two weeks of gameplay programming

(@rice@shitposter.club) 11/01/20(Sat)08:12:34 id:1578748354 No. 1 [See All]

I do this weird thing where I sort of plan the perfect birthday present for all of my friends and might buy/package it in advance

(@rice@shitposter.club) 11/01/20(Sat)08:13:48 id:1578748428 No. 2

One of my friends bday is coming up and he loves analog photography. I'm getting him a Zenit that I have but don't use, and thinking something else but don't know yet

(@lain@lain.com) 11/01/20(Sat)17:59:38 id:1578783578 No. 3

I do the same

(@rice@shitposter.club) 10/01/20(Fri)17:18:07 id:1578694687 No. 1 [See All]

tag urself I'm chaotic evil
>by: https://mobile.twitter.com/robhollywood/status/1215314974026813442

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(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 11/01/20(Sat)00:04:40 id:1578719080 No. 17 >>18

Not all of them *glares menacingly*

(@hakui@tuusin.misono-ya.info) 11/01/20(Sat)02:07:59 id:1578726479 No. 18


(@nik@letsalllovela.in) 11/01/20(Sat)13:34:26 id:1578767666 No. 19

neutral good or chaotic good

(@rice@shitposter.club) 10/01/20(Fri)09:48:58 id:1578667738 No. 1 [See All]

is it stockholm syndrome if I miss working with C++ as a Rust developer

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(@rice@shitposter.club) 10/01/20(Fri)13:41:58 id:1578681718 No. 5 >>6

nah C++ is easier

(@caseyp@letsalllovela.in) 10/01/20(Fri)13:43:03 id:1578681783 No. 6 >>7

yes, and its the smarter choice over rust. hence needing a brain to not buy into the rust meme. that was the joke

(@rice@shitposter.club) 10/01/20(Fri)13:55:00 id:1578682500 No. 7

>I disagree rly, Rust saves a lot of time
>It has a steeper learning curve, but it's more rewarding in terms of design and usage

(@rice@shitposter.club) 10/01/20(Fri)09:44:55 id:1578667495 No. 1 [See All]

today, I saw
>#if 0
>for the first time today and I just thought
>why would someone do that instead of commenting out the code

(@rice@shitposter.club) 10/01/20(Fri)09:45:40 id:1578667540 No. 2

but it's actually kind of comfy tbh, maybe I'll use it

(@rice@shitposter.club) 10/01/20(Fri)09:05:06 id:1578665106 No. 1 [See All]

have you ever eaten a sushi roll like a burrito

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(@polychrome@cybre.space) 10/01/20(Fri)18:53:47 id:1578700427 No. 15


@guizzy I should be annoyed by this bit I'm actually finding it interesting.


(@polychrome@cybre.space) 10/01/20(Fri)18:55:03 id:1578700503 No. 16

@rice have you ever eaten a burrito roll like sushi

​ 🌯 ↔️ 🍣

(@lanodan@queer.hacktivis.me) 11/01/20(Sat)06:24:52 id:1578741892 No. 17

And I guess they weren't doing yakisoba bread?

(@rice@shitposter.club) 10/01/20(Fri)08:16:00 id:1578662160 No. 1 [See All]

huh mutualism makes sense actually

(@rice@shitposter.club) 10/01/20(Fri)08:10:29 id:1578661829 No. 1 [See All]


(@fluffy@freespeechextremist.com) 10/01/20(Fri)08:10:56 id:1578661856 No. 2

(@rice@shitposter.club) 09/01/20(Thu)04:18:00 id:1578561480 No. 1 [See All]


(@rice@shitposter.club) 09/01/20(Thu)02:54:42 id:1578556482 No. 1 [See All]

woke up with a stomachache so I’m making oatmeal with coconut milk, some berries, choc and almond flakes uwu

(@rice@shitposter.club) 09/01/20(Thu)02:07:56 id:1578553676 No. 1 [See All]


(@newt@niu.moe) 09/01/20(Thu)02:25:45 id:1578554745 No. 2

@rice cofe

(@rice@shitposter.club) 08/01/20(Wed)19:02:15 id:1578528135 No. 1 [See All]

it all okay, I'll just try to be better at small talk and so on. thanks guys :)

(@guizzy@pleroma.guizzyordi.info) 09/01/20(Thu)12:05:07 id:1578589507 No. 2 >>3

It sounds like something that's too stupid to matter, but as I integrate better with society I came to realize just how much small things like that matter to normies; it colors every interaction they have with you.

(@rice@shitposter.club) 09/01/20(Thu)12:23:25 id:1578590605 No. 3

thanks I hate it :(

(@rice@shitposter.club) 07/01/20(Tue)14:20:55 id:1578424855 No. 1 [See All]

toffee is my fav soft boi mwah mwaj

(@toffee@nulled.red) 07/01/20(Tue)14:33:21 id:1578425601 No. 2 >>3

@rice bruh ily

(@rice@shitposter.club) 07/01/20(Tue)14:34:26 id:1578425666 No. 3

I luv u too bruh

(@rice@shitposter.club) 07/01/20(Tue)10:37:47 id:1578411467 No. 1 [See All]

I'm really happy if I can just have something interesting and stimulating to talk about with someone. It's basically my most important criteria for friendship, alongside developing trust. That's all

(@rice@shitposter.club) 07/01/20(Tue)10:17:56 id:1578410276 No. 1 [See All]

haha I used Apply Magic Sauce on my professional profile to check how it sounds like and I got that
>- I'm probably 48 y-o
>- 100% male
>- share ~60% of qualities with leaders
>i guess it means that it sounds good

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(@rice@shitposter.club) 07/01/20(Tue)10:19:03 id:1578410343 No. 3

my twitter profile got me
>- 77% male
>- 28 y-o
>- 50% of leader qualities

(@rice@shitposter.club) 07/01/20(Tue)10:19:34 id:1578410374 No. 4 >>5

I wonder how they calculated that tbh

(@rice@shitposter.club) 07/01/20(Tue)10:24:26 id:1578410666 No. 5

good thing that I'm half that age

(@rice@shitposter.club) 07/01/20(Tue)08:30:43 id:1578403843 No. 1 [See All]

registering at a library to get this because it cannot be pirated yet

(@rice@shitposter.club) 07/01/20(Tue)08:34:25 id:1578404065 No. 2

I am really happy that I spent studying and testing out various things yesterday, but for all of that I just needed some good material that answered most of the questions I had. Looking at index, it seems that it contains the topics I was looking for next. His first book in the series was pretty great too but I didn’t learn anything new from that

(@rice@shitposter.club) 07/01/20(Tue)05:36:03 id:1578393363 No. 1 [See All]

extreme comfort food:
>mix tuna with rice
>add, depending on taste & other ingredients, either/or:
>high quality evoo or a bit of sesame oil
>soy sauce
>add several:
>sesame seeds
>green onion
>julienned/thinly sliced cucumber
>thinly sliced radish
>It's what I eat sometimes when I don't have time to cook or just want comfort food

(@rice@shitposter.club) 07/01/20(Tue)05:38:29 id:1578393509 No. 2 >>4

I eat a lot of rice

(@oxbowcoda@freespeechextremist.com) 07/01/20(Tue)05:40:24 id:1578393624 No. 3

This sounds amazing, I'm gonna give it a try for lunch some day soon.

(@hj@shigusegubu.club) 07/01/20(Tue)05:52:13 id:1578394333 No. 4

so do i

(@rice@shitposter.club) 06/01/20(Mon)10:07:44 id:1578323264 No. 1 [See All]

not sleeping for one day turned out to be beneficial I think, because I fell asleep yesterday at midnight
>I hope this continues, I'm going to take melatonin around midnight for a while and stop using anything with a screen a couple or hours before to reset my sleep schedule

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(@mono@shitposter.club) 06/01/20(Mon)19:52:47 id:1578358367 No. 3 >>5

they didn't have lightbulbs

(@rice@shitposter.club) 07/01/20(Tue)03:35:34 id:1578386134 No. 4

no light at night expect candles/fire or whatever and more physical activity tired you out
>also apparently when the sun didn't set in the summer, people didn't sleep much at night but slept for a few hours in the evening, worked a bit, then slept for a few hours again after tending to the animals or whatever

(@sim@shitposter.club) 07/01/20(Tue)04:24:54 id:1578389094 No. 5

True. They didn't have a ton of artificial lighting like we do now which screws with our sleep cycle. Nor as many distractions. They had different priorities and workload. Plus for a time, there was a lot of holidays to celebrate... so why wouldn't they want to get up for those? :^)

(@rice@shitposter.club) 05/01/20(Sun)14:05:00 id:1578251100 No. 1 [See All]

I really don't like dark souls tbh I'm awful at it and it's so gloomy

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(@rice@shitposter.club) 05/01/20(Sun)14:11:34 id:1578251494 No. 6 >>8

lots of my friends play it so I decided to give it a go

(@nerthos@shitposter.club) 05/01/20(Sun)14:13:05 id:1578251585 No. 7

I like some parts and hate others. The burgs/anor londo, archives, the lake and so on are great, but blight town and some of the catacombs and decay-themed parts are ugly and annoying. 2 and 3 also have some really nice areas, super fond of the untouched-since-time-immemorial feel of some areas like the remains of firelink shrine, that time conflux part and the dragon temple in 3. The nameless king fight is the absolute peak of combat-aesthetic balance.

(@shpuld@shpposter.club) 05/01/20(Sun)14:13:13 id:1578251593 No. 8

I played it like halfway through, past anor londo and expansion content, but I can't say I actually enjoyed most of it, redoing same areas over and over again is not fun or rewarding, it makes me think that I could be doing something else

(@rice@shitposter.club) 05/01/20(Sun)12:03:30 id:1578243810 No. 1 [See All]

the older I get, the happier I become tbh, I care more about high quality time rather than what people think of me. getting old is actually great

(@nik@letsalllovela.in) 05/01/20(Sun)12:03:50 id:1578243830 No. 2

thank god

(@rice@shitposter.club) 05/01/20(Sun)09:29:43 id:1578234583 No. 1 [See All]

you know I realized something. I'm proud of myself how far I've come regarding mental strength and how I handle my emotions. I'm more aware of things happening in the moment now and calmer

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(@amiloradovsky@functional.cafe) 05/01/20(Sun)09:58:01 id:1578236281 No. 8


@rice I'd like to handle time & energy better. Be able to make more value in less time and energy.

(@nerthos@shitposter.club) 05/01/20(Sun)11:27:37 id:1578241657 No. 9

I try my best

(@nik@letsalllovela.in) 05/01/20(Sun)11:39:51 id:1578242391 No. 10

these are good...

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