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I like the IOSYS portrayal of Alice being a perpetually butthurt being who lusts after the male-voiced Marisa. Every now and then people ask her about it and find her weird. It's very amusing.

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Happy Tuesday!

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Happy NiHi!

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There was a small shop in little tokyo I used to visit as a kid (my dad worked downtown and he took me along sometimes) that was just like a convenience store in japan. This is bringing back memories. I still have a love for 90s japanese songs because of the ones I heard there. One that sticks out the most from back then:
>I blame my dad for making me a weeb.

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How to identify a normalfag:
>They unironically use the word "normie"

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For all the kvetching about mental illness, I've never heard anyone really talk about Oshimi Shuuzou, whose manga often feature characters with genuine mental illness. They're treated mostly realistically and he really portrays just how fucking aggravatingly tedious and difficult it is to deal with particularly mentally ill people, especially since the "they're mentally ill" twist happens later in the manga when everything comes together.

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Flowers of Evil and Inside Mari were pretty popular imo

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Yeah but for reasons other than their exploration of mental illness. All I remember about Aku no Hana was that the shitty rotoscoped animu came out before the end of the manga and didn't cover the ending chapters, so was irrelevant past the meme content from the greater internet. And all I remember about people's reactions to Boku wa Mari no Naka was the bit where it was better-written and drawn than the usual genderbender manga of the time (since that seemed to be a trend circa 4 years ago) but again petered out before the twist chapters came along.
>In both cases nobody really talked about the mental illness aspect, which were always the underlying lynchpin to both of the stories and plotlines and character development. For example, it wasn't until these pages in the last fucking chapter of an 11-volume manga that everything suddenly clicked for me. It had previously been talked about in the previous chapters but only in a vague way that didn't really cover the character's first-hand experiences.

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Today's question: Just how drunk is right now?

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(@nerthos@shitposter.club) 15/01/20(Wed)18:22:31 id:1579130551 No. 4 >>5

>8 beers

(@roka@pl.smuglo.li) 15/01/20(Wed)18:23:34 id:1579130614 No. 5

six, one for each million

(@nepfag@pl.smuglo.li) 15/01/20(Wed)18:24:58 id:1579130698 No. 6

Good idea.
>tfw no Kaiser

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>It's too cold to fly, -40 with windchill of -50, shit is unsafe
>>Plane's brake hydraulic fluid lines explode due to the rubber sealing freezing solid from being left outside an hour or two

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(@kfist@pl.smuglo.li) 15/01/20(Wed)10:05:05 id:1579100705 No. 3

look just snag it in the logbook and get going

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Didn't something like this happen in one of the Space Shuttle disasters?

(@kfist@pl.smuglo.li) 15/01/20(Wed)10:05:49 id:1579100749 No. 5

yeah except it wasn't brakes but rather a tube of explosives the size of a skyscraper

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> u
>  y
>   a
>    .
>     .

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Yeah, I need to go to bed.

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Time for suya!

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2hus die if you remove their headgear

(@noyoushutthefuckupdad@shitposter.club) 13/01/20(Mon)18:17:20 id:1578957440 No. 2

it would be extremely painful

(@hakui@tuusin.misono-ya.info) 13/01/20(Mon)19:03:47 id:1578960227 No. 3

2hus are the headgear
>they possess whoever wears them

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Finally finished the chapter on my second day in Hakodate. Learning about obscure Japanese history is fun, especially when the only sources in existence are either in Japanese texts or in poorly-translated roadside interpretive signs. 34,000 words across two days!

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tag urself I'm china

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There is a big difference between "amazingly mundane" and "mundanely amazing"

(@kro@carrot.army) 12/01/20(Sun)22:59:10 id:1578887950 No. 2

Ulillillia for example, is mundanely amazing.

(@kfist@pl.smuglo.li) 12/01/20(Sun)13:42:58 id:1578854578 No. 1 [See All]

When you give her the humuhumu but she still suyas

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Oh nice, Hakodate has 3D views now on Google Maps. Very cool.

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Today, my brain decided to spontaneously remind me of caramelldansen every half-hour or so.

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oh my god JC a pomf!
>a pomf!

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Everyone is talking about Iran, which is a small-brain geopolitical issue. Real big-brains are focusing on the rapid hyperindustrialization and modernization of India, who has already surpassed all Western nations combined and become a superpower in the past 10 days.

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Last week Sir Pajeet (the 78th) took a dump on the street where my families hovel lies. Land prices rose by 1337%.

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Holy shit it's going to be -30 this week
>Winter-chan has truly embraced me in her loving arms.

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Most raptors are cheaters, they're like, 90% skinny bone legs with claws at the end. Owls are double cheaters, since they're essentially spooky skeletons wrapped up in enough feathers to choke a small child. Pluck an owl of its feathers and you'll have a skinnyfat hipster with freakishly thin long legs underneath.

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dont worry, we can just spray ddt everywhere n take care of the problem

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Happy new year to the yuropoors!
>Your existence is horrifying but you made it through another year without having to report to the forced tolerance-reeducation camps.

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This Year's Moment of the Year:
>Watching like six or seven eagles and hawks just walking around the airport grass next to one of the runways, pecking around like a bunch of magpies or shitgulls, uncaring that a jet was currently landing about a hundred feet away from them. They were just happy to enjoy the cool morning full of dew and glistening grass.
>Honorable mention: That one day when no fewer than five shitgulls caused three separate temporary closures of a main runway because they kept dying on the tarmac instead of having the decency of falling onto the grass.

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Only a few hours before India becomes a superpower!

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The worst thing about Japan is how much the Japanese don't realize what a complete fucking miracle their nation really is.

(@zemichi@pl.smuglo.li) 28/12/19(Sat)23:37:04 id:1577594224 No. 2 >>3

is Japan the most successful of the former axis powers?

(@kfist@pl.smuglo.li) 28/12/19(Sat)23:38:23 id:1577594303 No. 3

Germany got subverted by commies and Italy is being dragged down into the depth by the Two Sicilies so that's basically not a real measure of success at all. Hungary is doing well but it wasn't a "power" but rather a "puppet"

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Celebrating 4 days off by spending them super drunk
>I now inaugurate this extended session of drinking by opening up a can of 11%ABV imperial stout.

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Today the taxiways were so icy that I can now confidently say that I drifted an airplane.

(@hakui@tuusin.misono-ya.info) 27/12/19(Fri)21:59:10 id:1577501950 No. 2

sideslip into the ground

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Merry Christmas!
>I hope you were all good this year. If you were naughty you may just find that your socks got stuffed with natto.

(@shpuld@shpposter.club) 25/12/19(Wed)11:52:24 id:1577292744 No. 2

mery xmas

(@hakui@tuusin.misono-ya.info) 25/12/19(Wed)20:03:47 id:1577322227 No. 3

no that's for good kids

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The Tsugaru Strait between Hokkaidō and Honshū is actually almost twice as wide at its narrowest point than the Gibraltar Strait between Europe and Africa but you don't see millions of filthy migrants try to cross it.
>I wonder why that is.

(@hakui@tuusin.misono-ya.info) 24/12/19(Tue)21:19:09 id:1577240349 No. 2 >>3

because ezo got conquered

(@kfist@pl.smuglo.li) 24/12/19(Tue)22:00:30 id:1577242830 No. 3

That and Japan capitulated before any filthy commie set foot on Honshū.
>RIP Etorofu though.

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My favorite part about owls is that they are as beautiful as they are retarded. They are such dreadfully stupid birds.

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"prey is often swallowed whole"

(@VD15@fedi.valkyrie.world) 31/12/19(Tue)15:24:37 id:1577823877 No. 6 >>7


@zemichi Zemichi is into vore. Noted.

(@zemichi@pl.smuglo.li) 31/12/19(Tue)16:02:55 id:1577826175 No. 7


>Have you seen the owl pellets?
>Pretty metal. Nothing left but bones.

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>Similar to many other farmers in the world, Aboriginal peoples used slash and burn techniques to enrich the nutrients of their soil. However, sheep and cattle later brought over by Europeans would ruin this soil by trampling on it. To add on the complexity of Aboriginal farming techniques, natives deliberately exchanged seeds to begin growing plants where they did not naturally occur.
>Read: Abbos burned most of Australia's flora in massive bushfires in order to flush out wild game and other edible fauna. Once they ran out of fauna due to the massive wildfires attestable in soil records, they began basic neolithic farming practices. Australia's entire ecosystem was destroyed at this point and it went from a diverse and lush land to a barren desert because they burned all the fucking trees that held the arable soil down onto the ground. Australia became a dustbowl. Soil records also attest this. Then Europeans came and tried farming on the wrecked soil, found it was too shitty save for at the coasts where the ambient humidity prevented complete destruction of the biome, and then tried ranching on the poorer lands. Abbos then blamed the ranching for what they did for the past 50,000 years and went on to beg, borrow, or steal gasoline to huff.

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(@hj@shigusegubu.club) 24/12/19(Tue)10:44:18 id:1577202258 No. 2


(@kfist@pl.smuglo.li) 24/12/19(Tue)10:24:10 id:1577201050 No. 1 [See All]

Here we go, good to go, nepputyunu~

(@kfist@pl.smuglo.li) 23/12/19(Mon)21:56:51 id:1577156211 No. 1 [See All]

The Lucky Star manga is still going, what the fuck

(@kro@carrot.army) 23/12/19(Mon)21:57:55 id:1577156275 No. 2

What fucking chapter is it on? Is it like Yotsubato where we get one every few months?

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I've seen 14 out of the 100 Landscapes of Japan (Heisei) and 8 of the 133 Landscapes of Japan (Shōwa). There's surprisingly little overlap between the two lists though, at least the things I saw. That's real neato.

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Sometimes I stumble into some great walls of text within my many teeming reams of internet images.

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Digging into failed or failing Youtubers is really fascinating. I remember this once channel that used to output really good videos that people liked. Just no-nonsense straight-to-the-point videos featuring reviews of regular shit using the channel owner's fucking bizarre sense of humor and good writing skills.
>Great! A lot of those early videos, for the first 2 years, have up to a million views now. Most are hovering around 500k, some go down to 200k for the more boring/obscure shit. Throughout, the focus of the video is on what's being talked about, not him, not his friends, just the topic at hand. He religiously hides his face and identity.
>Okay, so the guy gets into the "oh shit I'm past 100k subscribers" phase and starts upping the production quality from donations and money tie-ins like cheap shirts and merch or whatever. He does a few side-videos every now and then, just little one-offs that are as popular as the main content.
>Cool. He settles into a comfy medium of making the usual videos, 500k views on average by now, and at one point it slips. He sees this youtube money just rolling in, and he does something he always wants to do. He gets into a megaproject for a few months, documenting the project, talking about it, lots of interesting shit, but this is where the facade slips. He stops caring about hiding his identity, or the identity of his editor friend, and realizes he now has enough money to have disposable income, from youtube. Amazing!
>So he starts getting into tangential shit. He lets his editor friend make videos of his own without any writing input, on the channel. They get maybe a quarter of the views of the main content. They start a lazily-made podcast where they essentially talk on mangy couches in a basement with poor audio quality. They get a tenth of the views of the main content. They get into random videos that serve no purpose except to stroke their own egos. They get maybe half the views of the main content.
>But the main content is going strong. Strong enough to still hold viewer numbers.
>And they start diversifying. More and more videos by the editor. More and more videos meant to show off their useless university degrees in literature, more and more videos NOT about the subject at hand. But now they have lots of crossover contacts and a healthy audience, so it seems sustainable! Their videos are still getting 500k views. They're at 200k subscribes.
>Then a year later, most are getting 400k views. 300k subscribers.
>A year later, 300k views, 400k subscribers.
>A year later, 200k views, 500k subscribers.
>Fast forward to today. The average video is only getting a fraction of what they were getting years ago, and their subscriber growth is linear and declining. In the last 2 months, only a third of the videos are about the topic at hand (getting 150k views), and the rest are meandering podcasts, shitty song covers, two videos about drinking shitty beers in a basement for two hours, and a video shilling an album whose main selling point seems to be that it was literally written while shitting. Most of the ancillary videos are hovering around 10000 views. On a channel with almost 700000 subscribers.
>And I guarantee you it's because in the past few years they've spent their time just insulating themselves from criticism in their own little bubble of stagnation on Reddit and so they didn't realize that they got popular for the videos they now don't focus on.
>It's hilarious to watch.

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>reminded about the tradition of eating twelve grapes on New Year's Eve during midnight
>>huh, I wonder where that came from, since my family has always done it every year since I could form memories
>>apparently it's universal across the entire Spanish-speaking world but nobody knows who started the tradition
>>some say it was the French but the French have no clue about this
>>various other theories but everyone agrees that it was definitely documented as a widespread tradition in Spain by the early 1900s

(@hakui@tuusin.misono-ya.info) 21/12/19(Sat)09:16:11 id:1576937771 No. 2 >>3

twelve grapes each or does your family share the grapes

(@kfist@pl.smuglo.li) 21/12/19(Sat)09:17:07 id:1576937827 No. 3 >>4

It's each

(@hakui@tuusin.misono-ya.info) 21/12/19(Sat)09:17:52 id:1576937872 No. 4

one for each month of the next year
>have a grape year ahead

(@kfist@pl.smuglo.li) 20/12/19(Fri)19:11:52 id:1576887112 No. 1 [See All]

Nostalgic opinion:
>The Smash TV style Starcraft UMS maps were better than the actual Smash TV games.

(@shpuld@shpposter.club) 21/12/19(Sat)03:11:05 id:1576915865 No. 2

actual smash tv is pretty boring compared to games that were inspired by it

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