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ah this one's fun ^^

(@0x00@social.panthermodern.net) 29/03/20(Sun)09:50:55 id:1585489855 No. 3

@matrix nice, post more traps

For scientific research.

(@thatbrickster@shitposter.club) 29/03/20(Sun)09:53:49 id:1585490029 No. 4

artist clearly uses fedi

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(@VD15@fedi.valkyrie.world) 29/03/20(Sun)09:09:01 id:1585487341 No. 2

@matrix Sometimes I wonder why I’m incapable of forming meaningful relationships.

Then I look at the shit I post here and I’m not at all suprised.

(@sampo@pleroma.soykaf.com) 29/03/20(Sun)09:12:15 id:1585487535 No. 3 >>4

am I just being salty because this hits too close to home or is it really necessary to have over 9000 variations of this same meme

(@matrix@gameliberty.club) 29/03/20(Sun)09:13:05 id:1585487585 No. 4


@sampo Yes, it is really necessary

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(@VD15@fedi.valkyrie.world) 29/03/20(Sun)08:58:33 id:1585486713 No. 2

@matrix Sorry. ‘Chink Virus’ it is.

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Do we even have a president? I haven't seen him in months. Did he die?

(@alyx@jpop.club) 29/03/20(Sun)07:12:08 id:1585480328 No. 2

>Maybe he's hiding in the same place Biden is.

(@matrix@gameliberty.club) 29/03/20(Sun)06:32:51 id:1585477971 No. 1 [See All]

So it begins

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(@matrix@gameliberty.club) 29/03/20(Sun)06:45:47 id:1585478747 No. 8 >>10


>Don't forget to always aim for the head

(@shouko@fedi.absturztau.be) 29/03/20(Sun)06:46:13 id:1585478773 No. 9

Indian zombies, asking bobs and vagana instead of brains

(@alyx@jpop.club) 29/03/20(Sun)06:46:49 id:1585478809 No. 10


>Except if it turns out to be a Dead Space situation. In that case take out the legs and then the arms.

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Fucking footfags

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(@matrix@gameliberty.club) 29/03/20(Sun)06:30:18 id:1585477818 No. 4


>It's just the old ones from the iCloud hack

(@nosleep@neckbeard.xyz) 29/03/20(Sun)06:29:33 id:1585477773 No. 5 >>6

you gotta check if she's 18 before nutting to a picture of her feet, duh

(@0x00@social.panthermodern.net) 29/03/20(Sun)06:32:01 id:1585477921 No. 6


@nosleep I do this many times a day.

Checking whether or not they are over 18 years of age, of course.

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@matrix I mean google images exists, so…

(@matrix@gameliberty.club) 29/03/20(Sun)06:24:23 id:1585477463 No. 3


>That boobjob though

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(@0x00@social.panthermodern.net) 29/03/20(Sun)05:57:44 id:1585475864 No. 2


> European

More like Swedish or something lmao

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@LukeAlmighty https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQLzOuwDu_8

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(@LukeAlmighty@gameliberty.club) 29/03/20(Sun)10:23:41 id:1585491821 No. 16



Did he just say that his GF is absolutelly average to him?

Wow... I know that is not what he ment, but is DEFINITELLY is what she's going to hear.

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(@holot@freespeechextremist.com) 28/03/20(Sat)19:20:55 id:1585437655 No. 4

Sometimes when I read a hentai manga I have to stop and think "Is this what this person thought was hot?".

(@TheMadPirate@freespeechextremist.com) 28/03/20(Sat)20:05:32 id:1585440332 No. 5


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Literal fan fiction

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(@rasterman@freespeechextremist.com) 28/03/20(Sat)20:39:47 id:1585442387 No. 10 >>11

OK, so, the video has a buffer that won't let it load beyond a certain amount of seconds; but, at the same time, it will play way faster than the buffer can load. Now I'm pissed off at the video contents.
>I got throught it at last. So, my question is: why is this?

(@matrix@gameliberty.club) 29/03/20(Sun)04:56:38 id:1585472198 No. 11


>God loves you and doesn't want you to suffer while watching the video

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(@ArdanianRight@freespeechextremist.com) 28/03/20(Sat)18:56:41 id:1585436201 No. 2

Healthcare workers still deserve credit. Public School Teachers and Politicians sure as hell don't.

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(@ChristiJunior@freespeechextremist.com) 28/03/20(Sat)18:14:08 id:1585433648 No. 2

Also a big-time anti-Semite, lmao.

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