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Once upon life was a part of my childhood. Do you know what else was in it besides cells with a old man sitting in their command centers, red blood cells? Space aliens, Genetically engineered mutants, O'neill space stations, People uploading their minds to a computer, A war against that computers and Musk's brain implant. In other words: This was the most fucked up final of a educational show I have ever seen. Oh, you also find out what happens inside the body when somebody dies and that Psi and Pierre fucked.



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Mike Bloomberg Loves China’s Approach to Deadly Coronavirus

Michael Bloomberg is criticizing President Trump for not knowing enough about the Chinese coronavirus. But you know who does? Michael Bloomberg! A campaign ad for his 2020 presidential campaign practically praises the Chinese Communist Party's authoritarian crackdown to combat the coronavirus.

#coronavirus #bloomberg world health organization sars wuhan


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you probably can in Japan

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>A modern day classic.

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Only time will tell how severely the games industry is impacted by the virus, but the Chinese government has extended the Lunar New Year holiday to February 10, closing down all business and factories.

As reported by Reuters, the virus has already caused a delay with Nintendo Switch production which CEO Shuntaro Furukawa described as an "unavoidable.".

Nintendo relocated some of its console production to Vietnam last year amid the brewing Sino-US trade war, but still relies heavily on its locations in China.

Game development is also being affected, with large swathes of the games industry relying on Chinese subsidiaries or work-for-hire studios for asset production.

Ken Rumph, an analyst for investment banking group Jefferies, estimated the disruption caused will see development schedules fall behind if it extends much further.

"If shutdowns exceed a month or so, game schedules will be delayed," Rumph said in a research note (via South China Morning Post).

"New consoles may likewise suffer supply issues from a prolonged disruption, ahead of their Fall 2020 planned launches."

Games industry faces major disruption across all sectors as coronavirus spreads

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Add Oculus Quest to the growing list of gaming properties to be hit by the coronavirus outbreak. UploadVR reports that, per a Facebook spokesperson, there will be a further impact to an existing shortage of Oculus Quest units brought about by high demand.


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Russian games firm My.Games has pushed back its upcoming event The Big Deal Conference "in connection with the coronavirus outbreak," a spokesperson told us.

The conference was originally due to take place in Moscow from April 10 to 11, but will now be rescheduled for later in the year.

"The safety of our guests and staff is a primary concern for us," the spokesperson said.


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Good, let this trash industry die.

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>A early working version of my new tool is ready to download your stuff.

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>The wget vs the curl

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I mean, you could get everything available with one command and then chose what you want to download with another. Ir just download everything and delete what you don't want. However, it's not a gui.
>Regex is a good skill.

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GNU wget can do this really well using --spider

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Is just love using my creation.

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your creation is great and the way you use it makes you a true hero of the modern world

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This is a alleged mass grave of Corona virus victims in China.

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lotta sick oinkers. Or knowing China, they probably put them down before they were even sick.

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The its swine flu victims. Emergency slaughter is a typical measure against spread of animal pandemics like the also now ongoing swine flu outbreak in china.

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@maxmustermann i bet if you cook it enough you can eat it

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Despite the growing adoption of implicit bias training, some in the field of human resources have raised doubts about its effectiveness in improving diversity and inclusion within organizations.

But what if a smart device, similar to the Amazon Alexa, could tell when your boss inadvertently left a female colleague out of an important decision, or made her feel that her perspective wasn't valued?

This device doesn't yet exist, but Northeastern associate professors Christoph Riedl and Brooke Foucault Welles are preparing to embark on a three-year project that could yield such a gadget. The researchers will be studying from a social science perspective how teams communicate with each other as well as with smart devices while solving problems together.

"The vision that we have [for this project] is that you would have a device, maybe something like Amazon Alexa, that sits on the table and observes the human team members while they are working on a problem, and supports them in various ways," says Riedl, an associate professor who studies crowdsourcing, open innovation, and network science. "One of the ways in which we think we can support that team is by ensuring equal inclusion of all team members."

Tax money well spent

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This sounds like my nightmare. They really want to spy on us in the workplace.

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How China Is Secretly Changing Everyone’s Maps

Check out MOVA Globes: http://bit.ly/cuMOVAGlobes
Pick your favorite design, and support China Uncensored!

The Chinese Communist Party is trying to acquire territory claimed by other countries. And one way they're doing it is by quietly taking over the global map printing industry, and inserting their own "official" version of the map...and most people are totally unaware.

© All Rights Reserved.

#southchinasea economy foreign policy


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Professor Lieber

Lieber was reportedly paid $50,000 a month by Wuhan University of Technology for participating in its "Thousand Talents" program, and was given more than $1.5 million to establish a lab and do research at Wuhan University of Technology, according to federal prosecutors in Boston, according to WSJ.

According to prosecutors, Lieber deliberately lied to defense department officials about his "foreign research collaborations."

Harvard Chemistry Chair & Two Chinese Nationals Arrested For Lying About China Ties, Smuggling "Biological Material"

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Deltron 3030-Virus

Virus from album Deltron 3030.


I wanna devise a virus
To bring dire straits to your environment
Crush your corporations with a mild touch
Trash your whole computer system and revert you to papyrus
I want to make a super virus
Strong enough to cause blackouts in every single metropolis
Cuz they dont wanna unify us
So f**k it total anarchy
Can't nobody stop us

You see late in the evening
f**ked up on my computer and my mind starts roaming
I create like a heathen
The first cycles of this virus I can send through a modem
Infiltration hits your station
No microsoft or enhanced dos will impede
Society thinks thier safe when
Bingo! harddrive crashes from the rendering
Alot of hackers tryed virus's before
Vaporize your text like so much white out
I want it where a file replication is a chore
Lights out shut down the entire whitehouse
I dont want just a bug that could be corrected
Im erecting immaculate design
Break the nation down section by section
Even to the greatest minds its impossible to find

I wanna devise a virus
to bring dire straits to your environment
crush your corporations with a mild touch
trash your whole computer system and revert you to papyrus

I want to develop a super virus

Better by far then that old y 2 k
This 3030 the time of global unification break right through they
terminals, burn em all
Slaves to silicon
Curupt politicians with leaders and thier keywords
F.B.I and spys stealin bombs
Decipitate thier plans in thier face and catch the fever
Everybody loot the stores get your caned goods
Even space stations are having a hard time
Beast keeepers seek to take our manhood
Which results in the form of global aparthied
Ghettos are trash dumps with gas pumps
Exploding and burnt out since before the great union
The last punks walk around like masked monks
Ready to manipulate the data base and break through em
Human rights come in a hudreth place
Mass production has always been number one
New Earth has become a repungnent place
So its time to spread the fear and the thunder some

I wanna devise a virus
to bring dire straits to your environment
crush your corporations with a mild touch
trash your whole computer system and revert you to papyrus

I wanna devise a virus
to bring dire straits to your environment
crush your corporations with a mild touch
trash your whole computer system and revert you to papyrus


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good song

(@maxmustermann@shitposter.club) 27/01/20(Mon)16:27:15 id:1580160435 No. 3 >>4

thx. Found it via Zerohedge.

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I saw Deltron 3030 live a few years ago and they kicked ass. They even performed "Clint Eastwood" by Gorillaz as an encore.

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Chinese Virus Spreads | Hong Kong Anti-Communist Rally

This week's China news headlines. The outbreak of a mysterious deadly virus spreads around the world from the Chinese city Wuhan and doctors are puzzled and the Chinese New year begins. Hong Kong protesters hold an anti-Communism rally. Huawei's Meng Wanzhou is on trial. Former head of Interpol Meng Hongwei is sentenced.
#coronavirus #wuhan #hongkong sars


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"Weird Al" Yankovic - Party In The CIA (Parody of "Party In The U.S.A." by Miley Cyrus)

“Party In The CIA" (Parody of "Party In The U.S.A." by Miley Cyrus), by "Weird Al" Yankovic
Follow "Weird Al" Yankovic on
This shit is also on Spotify

I moved out to Langely recently
with a plain and simple dream;
wanna infiltrate some third-world place
and topple their regime.
their men in black with their matching suitcases;
where everything's on a need-to-know basis;
agents got that swagger;
everyone so cloak and dagger.
i'm feelin' nervous but i'm really kinda wishing
for another undercover mission
that's when the red alert came on the radio
and i put my earpiece on!
got my dark sunglasses on!
and i had my weapon drawn!
so i get my handcuffs,
my cyanide pills,
my classified dossier!
tappin' the phones like yeah, shreddin' the files like yeah,
and then i memorised all the enemy spies i've gotta neutralize today.
yeeeaaahhh, it's a party in the cia!
yeeeaaahhh, it's a party in the cia!
i've done a couple of crazy things that have almost got me dismissed,
like terminate some head of state who wasn't even on my list.
burn that microfilm buddy, will you,
i'd tell you why but then i'd have to kill you!
you need a quickie confession?
we'll start a waterboarding session!
no hurry on this south american dictator
i'll assassinate him later
that's when he walked right in my laser sights,
and my silencer was on,
and my silencer was on,
and another target's gone!
yeah, we've got our black ops all over the world, from Kazakhstan to Bombay;
payin' the bribes like yeah, pluggin' the leaks like yeah;
interrogating the scum of the earth, we'll break them by the break of day!
yeeeaaahhh, it's a party in the cia!
yeeeaaahhh, it's a party in the cia!
need a country destabilized?
look no further, we're your guys!
we've got snazzy suits and ties,
and a better dental plan than the fbi's!
better put your hands up and get in the van,
or else you'll get blown away!
stagin' a coup like yeah,
brainwashin' moles like yeah,
we only torture the folks we don't like,
you're probably going to be ok!
yeeeaaahhh, it's a party in the cia!
yeeeaaahhh, it's a party in the cia!

#WeirdAlYankovic #OfficialMusicVideo #Parody #Vevo


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Antifa was 'called' off and didn't show. Isn't it interesting how 'anarchists' can be controlled on a whim, called in or out of a place, by some kind of power. Almost like they are a paramilitary.



Some tea to sip on about #virginiarally

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In the year 1930, John Maynard Keynes predicted that, by century's end, technology would have advanced sufficiently that countries like Great Britain or the United States would have achieved a 15-hour work week. There's every reason to believe he was right. In technological terms, we are quite capable of this. And yet it didn't happen. Instead, technology has been marshaled, if anything, to figure out ways to make us all work more. In order to achieve this, jobs have had to be created that are, effectively, pointless. Huge swathes of people, in Europe and North America in particular, spend their entire working lives performing tasks they secretly believe do not really need to be performed. The moral and spiritual damage that comes from this situation is profound. It is a scar across our collective soul. Yet virtually no one talks about it.Why did Keynes' promised utopia—still being eagerly awaited in the '60s—never materialise?


[P]roductive jobs have, just as predicted, been largely automated away (even if you count industrial workers globally, including the toiling masses in India and China, such workers are still not nearly so large a percentage of the world population as they used to be.)But rather than allowing a massive reduction of working hours to free the world's population to pursue their own projects, pleasures, visions, and ideas, we have seen the ballooning of not even so much of the ‘service’ sector as of the administrative sector, up to and including the creation of whole new industries like financial services or telemarketing, or the unprecedented expansion of sectors like corporate law, academic and health administration, human resources, and public relations. And these numbers do not even reflect on all those people whose job is to provide administrative, technical, or security support for these industries, or for that matter the whole host of ancillary industries (dog-washers, all-night pizza delivery) that only exist because everyone else is spending so much of their time working in all the other ones.These are what I propose to call ‘bullshit jobs’.It's as if someone were out there making up pointless jobs just for the sake of keeping us all working. And here, precisely, lies the mystery. In capitalism, this is precisely what is not supposed to happen. Sure, in the old inefficient socialist states like the Soviet Union, where employment was considered both a right and a sacred duty, the system made up as many jobs as they had to (this is why in Soviet department stores it took three clerks to sell a piece of meat). But, of course, this is the sort of very problem market competition is supposed to fix. According to economic theory, at least, the last thing a profit-seeking firm is going to do is shell out money to workers they don't really need to employ. Still, somehow, it happens.

On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs

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>It's called adult babysitting

(@Please@kiwifarms.cc) 17/01/20(Fri)19:48:48 id:1579308528 No. 3

on matrix server

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I want gay married couples to be able to burn in a fire along with their marijuana plants due to some guy with a privately-owned M67 Zippo busting their unholy sodomy club.

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Typical tewi-fag

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is back on the menu.

(@roka@pl.smuglo.li) 15/01/20(Wed)18:28:35 id:1579130915 No. 2

>I'm man enough
>thrown up twice
>donated to a dead man
It's a satire, right?

(@triodug@shitposter.club) 15/01/20(Wed)18:29:07 id:1579130947 No. 3

>she ckmes back to me
>>I am the real winner
>I'll never understand this mindset.

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Most copyright holders are doing everything they can to prevent their content from showing up at The Pirate Bay. However, the developer of the indie shooter game 'Danger Gazers' took the opposite approach. He uploaded a free copy of his own game to the torrent site and generated enough buzz to actually boost sales.

Online piracy is an issue that affects many industries and indie game development is certainly no exception.

Some developers see piracy as an evil that needs to be rooted out as soon as possible. However, others are more open to some of the motivations behind it and are willing to experiment.

Game developer Shota Bobokhidze, aka ‘ShotX,’ falls in the latter category. The indie developer from Tiblisi, Georgia, runs his one-man company ShotX Studio which just released a new shooter game titled ‘Danger Gazers.’

The release is available on Steam where it currently sells at $9.99. While that’s not an extremely steep price, ShotX realizes the average game fan may not have the financial means to try out all the new titles that come out every month.

This prompted the developer to release a special edition targeting the pirate community. It’s something he already planned to do with the game Kontrakt in 2018, but that idea was canned after The Pirate Bay kept returning server errors.

This time he was more successful. Late last week the torrent made its way onto The Pirate Bay, carrying a special message from the creator.

Yes, he uploaded it to the bay

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SHIT! I heve forgotten this!

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At least for 2020. Even got rid of the blank console window. The next thing I have automated is making block quotes. These striked me as very laborious to make. With these I can go through entire books on my Timeline if I am inclined so.

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@1iceloops123 im gonna change my instance background to a rainbow flag and use only they, them pronouns for the month, because im not a jerk… jerks!

(@maxmustermann@shitposter.club) 14/01/20(Tue)14:41:42 id:1579030902 No. 4

How about I and myself? The most jerk thing to do is helping mad with their delusions.

(@1iceloops123@shitposter.club) 14/01/20(Tue)23:23:34 id:1579062214 No. 5

some of them are stuck up fart sniffers and think they are special and not sorry. Like you don't see me thinking I'm special for being a straight white guy. Mean I might be a asshole but I wish those group of people just act like a human.

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>I have to fix only two things before it is theoretically ready for prime time.

(@maxmustermann@shitposter.club) 13/01/20(Mon)18:04:51 id:1578956691 No. 2


I can't believe I made that in 3 evenings!

(@Elfie@neckbeard.xyz) 13/01/20(Mon)18:36:47 id:1578958607 No. 3

looks all kinds of awesome dude

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Unpopular opinion: Roger Scruton was a hack whose ascension symbolized the right-wing's inability to grasp culture or aesthetics, their atavistic desire to pretend culture doesn't evolve and to retreat into the cocoon of history, shaking their fists at the world around them. The sum total of Scruton's "thought" is "everything made after the 19th century is bad," a childish attempt to ignore reality, a museum curator's perspective on the world, completely out of step with technology, social change, and what is relevant to people in the modern world. The influence of fools like Scruton is why the right has historically been beaten by the left when it comes to culture, and the right's growing cultural influence in recent years only came because they started curing themselves of the mind-viruses created by him and his ilk. Scruton is dead, and like William F. Buckley and the "conservative" cultural figures before him, he will be forgotten as soon as the body is lowered into the ground, his "influence" as ephemeral as everything else conservatives create, good riddance.


Hopefully, all of Boomer conservative culture is death.

t.Excrutiating fear building

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3rd most searched term in on Pornhub from German is "Deutsche Bahn".

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The Knight of Hope

Adorea short fantasy action movie



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(@zemichi@pl.smuglo.li) 09/01/20(Thu)14:31:17 id:1578598277 No. 6 >>7

>I can't believe you're trying to make the point that these technologies aren't as important as innovations in the past. A country can't operate in this century and on earth without the internet. A fax machine cut the time of certain forms of business. And all this technology is in your hands right now, to the average person.

(@orekix@anime.website) 09/01/20(Thu)14:33:05 id:1578598385 No. 7 >>8


>You didn't even read my post, the statistics are there.

(@zemichi@pl.smuglo.li) 09/01/20(Thu)14:37:26 id:1578598646 No. 8

yeah I read it
>It's dumb. I'm explaining that these techs are just as important as past ones. Because this stuff is in your hands right now it doesn't seem as important but it is.

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Let's connect facebook with twitter over a shared protocol said nobody and yet it happened on the fediverse.

(@blobyoumu@blob.cat) 08/01/20(Wed)12:29:01 id:1578504541 No. 2

this interface looks really close to that of VKontakte
>Diaspora is more of a Facebook imho

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As captain of a mining expedition, you're tasked to gather the precious fungal Spice. Build, expand and defend your mining facility, but make sure to send your stockpile back to the surface before lurking fungal monsters get drawn to your stash! The more you stockpile, the more aggressive and deadly the enemy becomes!

How to play:
Build with the buttons in the UI, or with the 1-6 keys.
The game has a linking system: click on a building, then click on the other building you need it linked to.
Mining facilities connect to depots, and depots connect to the rocket! Make sure your resource line is secure!


Concept art by the guy behind Gone with the Blastwave

Total Pollination

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(@moonman@shitposter.club) 07/01/20(Tue)12:24:45 id:1578417885 No. 2 >>4

what was the lie about pearl harbor

(@1iceloops123@shitposter.club) 07/01/20(Tue)12:27:10 id:1578418030 No. 3

next they will lie about iseral

(@maxmustermann@shitposter.club) 07/01/20(Tue)12:25:58 id:1578417958 No. 4

That they had no idea that Japan was planning that. In reality they knew of it in advance and just haven't guessed the right harbour.

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DEF CON 27 - smea - Adventures In Smart Buttplug Penetration testing

Analysts believe there are currently on the order of 10 billions Internet of Things (IoT) devices out in the wild. Sometimes, these devices find their way up people's butts: as it turns out, cheap and low-power radio-connected chips aren't just great for home automation - they're also changing the way we interact with sex toys. In this talk, we'll dive into the world of teledildonics and see how connected buttplugs' security holds up against a vaguely motivated attacker, finding and exploiting vulnerabilities at every level of the stack, ultimately allowing us to compromise these toys and the devices they connect to.


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(@kro@carrot.army) 04/01/20(Sat)17:20:57 id:1578176457 No. 2 >>3

How dare you steal things from me that I stole from others.

(@maxmustermann@shitposter.club) 04/01/20(Sat)17:22:32 id:1578176552 No. 3

I wanted to test out, if that even works as I think it does.

(@maxmustermann@shitposter.club) 03/01/20(Fri)20:50:35 id:1578102635 No. 1 [See All]

I went to the city to get some vaping aromas yesterday. While I was waiting at the bus station, I had found a lot of antifag stickers there. Normally those "spities" are something that only appears in cities. In fact they are a staple of the most bydlo places that you could imagine. Thank God for the humid weather that enabled me to peel them all off. I have done it, because plastering your bullshit all over the place is cringe. Sadly the only real spitie that was right wing one seemed to be more work than it was worth.

(@maxmustermann@shitposter.club) 03/01/20(Fri)20:30:30 id:1578101430 No. 1 [See All]

Something strange has been happening in eastern Colorado at night.

Since the week of Christmas, giant drones measuring up to 6 feet (1.8 metres) across have been spotted in the sky at night, sometimes in swarms as large as 30.

The Denver Post first reported these mysterious drone sightings in northeastern Colorado on December 23. Since then, sightings have spanned six counties across Colorado and Nebraska.

Phillips County Sheriff Thomas Elliott had no answer for where the drones came from or whom they belonged to but did have a rough grasp on their flying habits.

"They've been doing a grid search, a grid pattern," he told The Denver Post. "They fly one square and then they fly another square."


Reminder that Colorado has become CIA nigger central.

Mysterious drones over Colarado

(@Nikolai_Kingsley@dobbs.town) 03/01/20(Fri)22:05:01 id:1578107101 No. 2


shoot a couple down. see who complains.

(@maxmustermann@shitposter.club) 03/01/20(Fri)14:22:45 id:1578079365 No. 1 [See All]


(@maxmustermann@shitposter.club) 03/01/20(Fri)14:15:54 id:1578078954 No. 1 [See All]

Let me just put it out on the record so that it is clear and done and dusted. Climate change did not cause these bushfires. What caused these bushfires is three decades of government failure to stand up to environmental terrorists. The greenies are the ones that caused these fires. The same greenies that hounded governments to stop back burning in state forests. The same greenies that petitioned weak governments to ban cattle grazing in state forests and high alpine pastures. The same greenies that ceaselessly hounded governments to lock up more areas as state forest and national parks and then agitated to change the laws so that over time the Australian people have been effectively locked out of our own bush land.

Go into any national park in Australia and it will be via a sealed road that ends at a nice touristy spot where you can snap photos and buy some postcards and a stuffed koala. But go into the park itself? Drive your 4WD in there? Are you mad? You can’t anyway, because they either bulldozed all the access roads or stopped maintaining them so that they may as well have been bulldozed. You see, the greens want the Australian landscape to revert back to its natural form, before us horrible Europeans arrived to stuff everything up.

Let me tell you about the natural form of unmanaged forests and open country in Australia. It burns, all of it. There are many native plant species in Australia that are only able to germinate if the seeds have been burnt to a crisp. The whole lot is designed to burn. So if you leave it to go back to what it was 50,000 years ago, then you get really big bushfires. Because of all the fuel. It’s the fuel load, you morons.

Every time some green lunatic chains himself to a tree, what he’s doing is providing more fuel for the fire. Save the trees translates into, let’s burn down everyone’s houses. What we’re seeing is the end point of this in action. What should happen from this point on, is that every self-identifying greenie or environmentalist should be run out of these towns strapped to railroad spikes while covered in the very smelly corpses of dead koalas that were fried to a crisp.


New Wild men master race my ass. These lunatics will burn themselves down before the first smart city MAN had been fully documented and riced.

Greenie cunts did world's largest bush fire

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(@comradeagle@shitposter.club) 03/01/20(Fri)14:54:45 id:1578081285 No. 8

That story sounds much like California's story.
>For us to be a good steward to the land requires managing it, especially if we intend on living on it.

(@MKdiamond@pl.smuglo.li) 04/01/20(Sat)15:51:58 id:1578171118 No. 9 >>10

Hello friends, I just published my first novel, "From Heaven to Hell", read it free here is the PDF

(@kro@carrot.army) 04/01/20(Sat)16:59:24 id:1578175164 No. 10

I refuse.

(@maxmustermann@shitposter.club) 03/01/20(Fri)14:10:42 id:1578078642 No. 1 [See All]

The United States may have just worn out its welcome in Iraq. Whatever comes next will be laid at the feet of the Trump Presidency.

As a result of a series of disastrous moves by US central command, the region now faces the very real prospect of another multinational conflagration in the Middle East, which could include a direct military confrontation between the US and Iran.

Trump’s Fatal Mistake in Iraq and Beginning of End for US Occupation

(@nerthos@shitposter.club) 03/01/20(Fri)14:12:59 id:1578078779 No. 2

Well, it was about time they pulled out of iraq

(@maxmustermann@shitposter.club) 02/01/20(Thu)18:54:51 id:1578009291 No. 1 [See All]


(@maxmustermann@shitposter.club) 02/01/20(Thu)14:47:24 id:1577994444 No. 1 [See All]


(@maxmustermann@shitposter.club) 01/01/20(Wed)10:25:12 id:1577892312 No. 1 [See All]


By Aloha! We gonna blow up the trash of this gay earth!


(@maxmustermann@shitposter.club) 31/12/19(Tue)21:47:23 id:1577846843 No. 1 [See All]


(@ChristiJunior@freespeechextremist.com) 31/12/19(Tue)21:48:50 id:1577846930 No. 2 >>3

God bless these hackers.

(@p@freespeechextremist.com) 31/12/19(Tue)22:04:08 id:1577847848 No. 3 >>4



(@ChristiJunior@freespeechextremist.com) 31/12/19(Tue)22:04:57 id:1577847897 No. 4

Thanks fren

(@maxmustermann@shitposter.club) 31/12/19(Tue)21:51:52 id:1577847112 No. 1 [See All]


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(@maxmustermann@shitposter.club) 31/12/19(Tue)21:54:21 id:1577847261 No. 3 >>4

thanks. Have the new Year in cat girls>

(@kro@carrot.army) 31/12/19(Tue)21:54:49 id:1577847289 No. 4

You fucked up but I still love you.

(@maxmustermann@shitposter.club) 31/12/19(Tue)21:54:58 id:1577847298 No. 5

thanks. Have the new Year in cat girls and rich text

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(@kfist@pl.smuglo.li) 31/12/19(Tue)12:57:39 id:1577815059 No. 2

Amusingly, selling unpasteurized milk with live yeast cultures is illegal in Canada, but selling unpasteurized beer with live yeast cultures isn't.

(@maxmustermann@shitposter.club) 30/12/19(Mon)06:04:02 id:1577703842 No. 1 [See All]


(@1iceloops123@shitposter.club) 30/12/19(Mon)06:05:14 id:1577703914 No. 2

further interruption, l…

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