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(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 01/06/20(Mon)07:26:28 id:1591010788 No. 1 [See All]

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(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 01/06/20(Mon)07:29:07 id:1591010947 No. 4 >>5

well, there's two circles in boop, I guess

(@rune@mastodon.nzoss.nz) 01/06/20(Mon)07:30:09 id:1591011009 No. 5


@Dee Petition to update nextcloud's logo to the new and improved version with 100% more boop

(@papush@niu.moe) 01/06/20(Mon)07:36:33 id:1591011393 No. 6

@Dee hello

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 31/05/20(Sun)17:02:21 id:1590958941 No. 1 [See All]

Sending an anonymous tip to the us federal government that the leader of antifa is hiding out on the surface of the sun

(@sylveon@blob.cat) 31/05/20(Sun)19:49:05 id:1590968945 No. 2

it's true I'm the leader of antifa and I'm there

(@shebang@pleroma.freespeech.host) 31/05/20(Sun)19:50:41 id:1590969041 No. 3

@Dee Sounds like a job for SPACE FORCE!!

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 31/05/20(Sun)14:34:00 id:1590950040 No. 1 [See All]

Referring to handholding as the Androgynous Peripheral Attach System

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 31/05/20(Sun)07:26:21 id:1590924381 No. 1 [See All]

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 30/05/20(Sat)21:17:11 id:1590887831 No. 1 [See All]

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 30/05/20(Sat)18:57:12 id:1590879432 No. 1 [See All]

A mastodon for every top level domain!

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(@zalasur@mastodon.technology) 30/05/20(Sat)20:34:19 id:1590885259 No. 19


@trickster aw darn never mind. It's only $9.99 the first year. After that it goes up to $49.99

Might be worth it still. "Find hot mastodons in your area"

(@karina@pounced-on.me) 31/05/20(Sun)07:32:25 id:1590924745 No. 20 >>21

@Dee mastodon.va

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 31/05/20(Sun)07:33:46 id:1590924826 No. 21


@ThePope@mastodon.va hey wtf

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 30/05/20(Sat)17:03:58 id:1590872638 No. 1 [See All]

it would be good if things that are bad were good instead

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 30/05/20(Sat)15:53:30 id:1590868410 No. 1 [See All]


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(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 30/05/20(Sat)16:08:03 id:1590869283 No. 5 >>6 >>7

Mark Shuttleworth, the guy who started Canonical, has been to space as a space tourist. Both him and Elon Musk were born in South Africa.

(@papush@niu.moe) 30/05/20(Sat)16:08:26 id:1590869306 No. 6


@Dee oh ^^
cute AND knowledgeable

(@rune@mastodon.nzoss.nz) 30/05/20(Sat)16:27:58 id:1590870478 No. 7


@Dee "more times" 😂

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 30/05/20(Sat)13:17:58 id:1590859078 No. 1 [See All]

The Dragon 2 and SpaceX spacesuit design makes me wonder if SpaceX is engineers going "okay here's our design, it's very efficient, safe, and versatile" and Elon Musk going "hmm yes but can you make it look more scifi?"

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 30/05/20(Sat)08:06:42 id:1590840402 No. 1 [See All]

If you're a witch, you can totally witch outside of the witching hour. Who's gonna stop you? You're a witch.

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 30/05/20(Sat)08:09:37 id:1590840577 No. 2

I'm not a witch expert (or a witch), but I believe in you and offer my encouragement.

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 30/05/20(Sat)07:18:58 id:1590837538 No. 1 [See All]

(@absturztaube@fedi.absturztau.be) 30/05/20(Sat)07:19:23 id:1590837563 No. 2

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 30/05/20(Sat)07:26:31 id:1590837991 No. 3

@Dee boop

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 29/05/20(Fri)18:56:27 id:1590792987 No. 1 [See All]

I do hope that I didn’t just fav a post like five times because the UI was being glitchy

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 29/05/20(Fri)18:58:05 id:1590793085 No. 2 >>3

i see what ur doing there

(@BadAtNames@mastodon.technology) 29/05/20(Fri)19:03:12 id:1590793392 No. 3


@Dee I gave up 3 faves in

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 29/05/20(Fri)18:50:02 id:1590792602 No. 1 [See All]

Searched for a term in a github project’s pull request list, got one result, opened it, ctrl-f’d for the search term, got no results 🤔

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 29/05/20(Fri)18:51:46 id:1590792706 No. 2 >>3

also, it actually is relevant, it's just that the term isn't mentioned in the comments... or in the commit message... or in the diffs

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 29/05/20(Fri)18:54:56 id:1590792896 No. 3

oh I'm silly there was a > there

(@papush@niu.moe) 29/05/20(Fri)19:02:20 id:1590793340 No. 4

@Dee my favourite is when there’s a result but you can’t see it highlighted anywhere it just doesn’t exist

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 29/05/20(Fri)18:23:52 id:1590791032 No. 1 [See All]

You wouldn’t stuck a home

(@eject@lgbtq.cool) 29/05/20(Fri)18:24:16 id:1590791056 No. 2

@Dee i would

and you cannot stop me

(@sylveon@blob.cat) 29/05/20(Fri)18:25:47 id:1590791147 No. 3

read this as suck a home

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 29/05/20(Fri)18:13:22 id:1590790402 No. 1 [See All]

Kinda want to try installing Windows Me again, but the last time I did I spent several hours trying to get it to partition an LVM logical volume mounted as a drive in Qemu and it refused to work so

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 29/05/20(Fri)18:07:53 id:1590790073 No. 1 [See All]

Days since I replied to a deleted post: 2 (rounded up) 0

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 29/05/20(Fri)18:06:43 id:1590790003 No. 1 [See All]


(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 29/05/20(Fri)18:06:35 id:1590789995 No. 1 [See All]

I unstraightened it myself!

(@BadAtNames@mastodon.technology) 29/05/20(Fri)18:07:21 id:1590790041 No. 2


(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 29/05/20(Fri)17:59:28 id:1590789568 No. 1 [See All]

bigots are just mad because all the straight pride flags suck

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(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 29/05/20(Fri)18:03:01 id:1590789781 No. 3 >>4

Well, this one doesn't suck, but it's also not a straight pride flag, regardless of what that one lady in that one facebook screenshot thought

(@BadAtNames@mastodon.technology) 29/05/20(Fri)18:03:55 id:1590789835 No. 4 >>5


@Dee but it's not wavy. It's straight

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 29/05/20(Fri)18:05:44 id:1590789944 No. 5

...gosh darn it

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 29/05/20(Fri)17:05:12 id:1590786312 No. 1 [See All]

In Europe, when they boost something, they don't say LB—they say KG instead.

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(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 29/05/20(Fri)17:14:59 id:1590786899 No. 3

no worries, lb is universally spelled lowercase, so it might be difficult to make the connection

(@Tak@glitch.taks.garden) 30/05/20(Sat)01:08:01 id:1590815281 No. 4 >>5

@Dee I spent way too long trying to come up with an expansion of KG in some euro language that would approximate "last boost"

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 30/05/20(Sat)07:19:46 id:1590837586 No. 5

my apologies

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 29/05/20(Fri)16:51:14 id:1590785474 No. 1 [See All]

I feel like three dimensions is too much, can I have a one dimensional physical chassis instead?

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 29/05/20(Fri)15:29:40 id:1590780580 No. 1 [See All]

worldwide cobweb

(@ghost_bird@mythago.space) 29/05/20(Fri)15:30:59 id:1590780659 No. 2

@Dee whole earth ‘lectronic link

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 29/05/20(Fri)13:15:03 id:1590772503 No. 1 [See All]

Marketplace of ideas? Is there a blockchain involved?

(@xerz@fedi.xerz.one) 29/05/20(Fri)13:16:01 id:1590772561 No. 2 >>3

if ideas are memes then yes https://kekcoin.io/memechain/

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 29/05/20(Fri)13:18:34 id:1590772714 No. 3 >>4

That page is so cursed I could not read more than two sentences on it.

(@xerz@fedi.xerz.one) 29/05/20(Fri)13:19:35 id:1590772775 No. 4


(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 29/05/20(Fri)09:26:22 id:1590758782 No. 1 [See All]

History is just one long bruh moment

(@debugninja@banana.dog) 29/05/20(Fri)09:26:43 id:1590758803 No. 2

@Dee bruh

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 29/05/20(Fri)07:52:35 id:1590753155 No. 1 [See All]

if there were two guys on the moon and they were just chilling and nothing bad happened would that be cool or what

(@finn@surfin.dog) 29/05/20(Fri)07:54:12 id:1590753252 No. 2

@Dee sounds neat imo

(@Merv@mastodon.social) 29/05/20(Fri)08:01:46 id:1590753706 No. 3

@Dee it would either be below freezing or hot enough to boil water

(@papush@niu.moe) 29/05/20(Fri)08:21:32 id:1590754892 No. 4

@Dee the apollo program but it’s a cute boys slice of life anime

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 29/05/20(Fri)07:26:28 id:1590751588 No. 1 [See All]


(@Natsura@fedi.absturztau.be) 29/05/20(Fri)07:27:52 id:1590751672 No. 2


(@spud@octodon.social) 29/05/20(Fri)07:35:30 id:1590752130 No. 3

@Dee boop indeed

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 28/05/20(Thu)19:32:47 id:1590708767 No. 1 [See All]

I always appreciate when my desktop environment freezes entirely because its thrashing in swap because I opened two electron apps or something, but mpd just keeps going anyway so at last I have music while I wait 10 minutes for it to become responsive again

(@flussence@nulled.red) 28/05/20(Thu)19:34:40 id:1590708880 No. 2

@Dee the best feeling is when the graphics card just decides to be like, nah, and everything keeps running fine except the screen stops working until you blindtype some voodoo

(@SigmaOne@toot.party) 28/05/20(Thu)19:54:48 id:1590710088 No. 3 >>4

@Dee Remember when a chat client used less than 100 MiB of RAM? Those were good times

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 28/05/20(Thu)19:56:03 id:1590710163 No. 4

hey, my gajim uses just 124MB of RAM...

Granted, yes, it pegs the CPU at 100% when the main window is open for some reason, but yes

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 28/05/20(Thu)19:21:36 id:1590708096 No. 1 [See All]

Don't cry wolf? Uh, excuse me, it's called "awoo".

(@sylveon@blob.cat) 28/05/20(Thu)19:31:06 id:1590708666 No. 2

don't cry wolf. it's okay. things are going to get better

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 28/05/20(Thu)19:18:54 id:1590707934 No. 1 [See All]


(@papush@niu.moe) 29/05/20(Fri)05:08:59 id:1590743339 No. 2

@Dee aka Microsoft ClosedGL™

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 28/05/20(Thu)18:25:02 id:1590704702 No. 1 [See All]

In which Dee gets distracted by a Wordpress plugin for ten minutes instead of looking at what they originally intended to look at.

(@papush@niu.moe) 28/05/20(Thu)18:25:49 id:1590704749 No. 2 >>3

in which i look at

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 28/05/20(Thu)18:35:45 id:1590705345 No. 3


(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 28/05/20(Thu)18:14:03 id:1590704043 No. 1 [See All]

I like it websites show me an "adblocker not detected, consider using an adblocker" message because, uh, thanks, actually, I have this installed already.

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(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 28/05/20(Thu)18:15:16 id:1590704116 No. 3

I actually enabled javascript and got this "adblocker not detected" message, but they didn't tell me to disable js again 🤔

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 28/05/20(Thu)18:17:20 id:1590704240 No. 4 >>5

hoo boy the detect-missing-adblocker wordpress plugin has an svn repository

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 28/05/20(Thu)18:24:02 id:1590704642 No. 5


Anyway, here’s the Wordpress plugin

As far as I can tell, it works by creating an invisible div with javascript, and then testing for the existence of the invisible div, and displaying a warning if it exists.

Which… I mean, yes, I just enabled js on your website, so of course you can do that.

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 28/05/20(Thu)16:53:19 id:1590699199 No. 1 [See All]

Everything is terrible (except those things that are not terrible)

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 28/05/20(Thu)17:08:27 id:1590700107 No. 2

thank you

you are also of the things that are not terrible

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 28/05/20(Thu)16:37:17 id:1590698237 No. 1 [See All]

you wouldn't toot a toot

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 28/05/20(Thu)16:41:11 id:1590698471 No. 2

you rascal

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 28/05/20(Thu)15:51:39 id:1590695499 No. 1 [See All]

I'm pan, that's why I panic

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 28/05/20(Thu)14:38:46 id:1590691126 No. 1 [See All]

Flat sun theory

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 28/05/20(Thu)14:39:26 id:1590691166 No. 2

The sun is just a sprite that's always facing Earth

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 28/05/20(Thu)13:24:23 id:1590686663 No. 1 [See All]

We bake cookies in your browser for a better experience.

Excuse me my browser is not rated for use as an oven

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 28/05/20(Thu)13:26:18 id:1590686778 No. 2

I assume they were just trying to be cute with saying they use cookies...

(@bootie_fringe@queer.party) 28/05/20(Thu)13:27:27 id:1590686847 No. 3

@Dee I sometimes fantasize about telling the authors of such garbage that existing near me means they consent to being punched.

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 28/05/20(Thu)10:58:30 id:1590677910 No. 1 [See All]

gender gendem gendim

(@halcy@icosahedron.website) 28/05/20(Thu)11:15:20 id:1590678920 No. 2

@Dee if u have illegal gender in quebec they calll the gendermerie

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 28/05/20(Thu)08:32:55 id:1590669175 No. 1 [See All]

web designers be like "hmmm the thinnest available font weight? perfect for body text!"

(@papush@niu.moe) 28/05/20(Thu)08:33:20 id:1590669200 No. 2

web designer: werks on my Retina Display™

(@Feuerfuchs@fedi.vulpes.one) 28/05/20(Thu)08:37:34 id:1590669454 No. 3

[these designers]

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