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(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 26/05/20(Tue)17:14:50 id:1590527690 No. 1 [See All]

a lego city has fallen into the man in river!

(@Stellar@fedi.absturztau.be) 26/05/20(Tue)17:48:38 id:1590529718 No. 2


(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 26/05/20(Tue)16:39:20 id:1590525560 No. 1 [See All]

smol lizer spotted at mickey d's

(@solidsanek@outerheaven.club) 26/05/20(Tue)16:43:52 id:1590525832 No. 2


(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 26/05/20(Tue)16:21:10 id:1590524470 No. 1 [See All]

devfs stop 500ing plz

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 26/05/20(Tue)16:21:20 id:1590524480 No. 2

yes thank you

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 26/05/20(Tue)15:19:56 id:1590520796 No. 1 [See All]

lol the hand sanitizer in the lobby of my doctor's building smells like everclear

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 26/05/20(Tue)13:16:27 id:1590513387 No. 1 [See All]

my website on modern browsers: ah yes, very nice
my website on a psp:

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(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 26/05/20(Tue)13:48:25 id:1590515305 No. 7


@nik perfect!!! i was just wondering on how to do this

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 26/05/20(Tue)14:00:06 id:1590516006 No. 8

@cadence the psp had no idea what was going on with them tho :<

(@IzzyWithAnIzze@weirder.earth) 26/05/20(Tue)14:10:10 id:1590516610 No. 9


@null You *should* be able to use them by setting “display: block;” in CSS, since the default behavior for rendering unknown HTML elements is supposed to be “display: inline;”.

But yea divs and aria tags does the same thing.

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 26/05/20(Tue)11:56:49 id:1590508609 No. 1 [See All]

aw crap i forgot to do laundry >.<

(@cowanon@freespeechextremist.com) 26/05/20(Tue)12:11:16 id:1590509476 No. 2

@null You got a good natural odor anyway~

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 26/05/20(Tue)11:21:41 id:1590506501 No. 1 [See All]

trying not to say "dude" but it's really hard >.<

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(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 26/05/20(Tue)12:17:09 id:1590509829 No. 15

lol as a westerner y'all is a pretty natural part of my language as it is

my usage of it has only got stronger since moving to Texas too lol

(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 26/05/20(Tue)12:26:21 id:1590510381 No. 16

see also: G, blood, and cuz

(@mel@soc.hyena.network) 26/05/20(Tue)12:17:46 id:1590509866 No. 17

Sadly, yes. But I see it that way too. The alternatives rolled off my tongue easily so I adapted to using both

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 26/05/20(Tue)10:46:25 id:1590504385 No. 1 [See All]

there's a girl on the news who's last name is "mayo"

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 26/05/20(Tue)09:45:51 id:1590500751 No. 1 [See All]

smartphone on sleep mode: might last a couple of days
psp on sleep mode: will still have 60% charge a month later

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(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 26/05/20(Tue)09:51:05 id:1590501065 No. 3


@meow that is very true

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 26/05/20(Tue)09:51:53 id:1590501113 No. 4

nds on sleep mode: you’ll be lucky if it lasts until tomorrow

(@deltarae@enigmatic.observer) 26/05/20(Tue)09:58:01 id:1590501481 No. 5

purpose built devices are epic
i love my sansa fuze

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 26/05/20(Tue)09:18:08 id:1590499088 No. 1 [See All]

omg someone tried to log into my laptop with the username eugen

[283310.503387] audit: type=1100 audit(1590498239.221:5653): pid=158730 uid=0 auid=4294967295 ses=4294967295 msg='op=PAM:authentication grantors=? acct="eugen" exe="/usr/bin/sshd" hostname= addr= terminal=ssh res=failed'

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(@tomosaigon@fosstodon.org) 26/05/20(Tue)12:58:13 id:1590512293 No. 5 >>6


@null it's not at all uncommon

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 26/05/20(Tue)12:59:43 id:1590512383 No. 6 >>7


@tomosaigon oh not at all, just the account they were trying made me chuckle

(@tomosaigon@fosstodon.org) 26/05/20(Tue)13:02:42 id:1590512562 No. 7


@null that's weird if it's indeed the only username they're trying.. Altho variants of Eugen are a popular given name in Eastern Europe?

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 26/05/20(Tue)07:17:08 id:1590491828 No. 1 [See All]


am proud of this tbh, wrote it all by hand. most of it is just css lol

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(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 26/05/20(Tue)08:15:20 id:1590495320 No. 12

i have reduced the brightness of the bg by 50%, which does make everything a bit more readable

(@fluffy@social.handholding.io) 26/05/20(Tue)10:49:32 id:1590504572 No. 13 >>14


(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 26/05/20(Tue)10:52:39 id:1590504759 No. 14


(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 26/05/20(Tue)06:51:38 id:1590490298 No. 1 [See All]

finally getting around to working on my website

it’s not terrible, ig. it’s mostly working how i wanted it to

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 26/05/20(Tue)05:03:44 id:1590483824 No. 1 [See All]

found some smol bottles of orchata cinnamon cream rum that i decided to add to a dr. pepper in a glass

not bad, tbh

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 26/05/20(Tue)05:06:35 id:1590483995 No. 2

need to find out where i can get small bottles of kracken. that is REALLY good rum, but i cannot be trusted with a big bottle

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 26/05/20(Tue)04:41:56 id:1590482516 No. 1 [See All]

there’s a box on the table that’s been duct tape’d together with HAPPY BIRTHDAY written with blue sharpie on the top


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(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 26/05/20(Tue)04:49:13 id:1590482953 No. 4 >>5

lol, my bday was weeks ago

(@meow@kawen.space) 26/05/20(Tue)04:52:05 id:1590483125 No. 5 >>6

happy second birthday

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 26/05/20(Tue)04:53:52 id:1590483232 No. 6

birthday 2 electric boogaloo

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 26/05/20(Tue)02:13:19 id:1590473599 No. 1 [See All]

need to make a statement that is the polar opposite of "gamers rise up"

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 26/05/20(Tue)02:15:43 id:1590473743 No. 2 >>3

obv it's "X sink down" but what's the opposite of gamer?

(@wizard@tower.xyzzy.link) 26/05/20(Tue)04:26:28 id:1590481588 No. 3 >>4


(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 26/05/20(Tue)04:30:03 id:1590481803 No. 4


@wizard ahaha i got it


(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 26/05/20(Tue)01:51:22 id:1590472282 No. 1 [See All]

still need to make wiki.devfs.xyz

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(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 26/05/20(Tue)01:54:09 id:1590472449 No. 3 >>4


is there any specific wiki software i should use? i was thinking of just using mediawiki but someone recommended fossil to me, which sounds interesting

something easilly themeable would be nice, ig. gotta have muh dark mode

(@izaya@social.shadowkat.net) 26/05/20(Tue)01:54:48 id:1590472488 No. 4 >>5

dokuwiki is both comfy and cursed, doesn't use a database

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 26/05/20(Tue)01:57:09 id:1590472629 No. 5


@izaya damn i kinda like the looks of this, yeah

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 25/05/20(Mon)23:30:54 id:1590463854 No. 1 [See All]


(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 25/05/20(Mon)23:38:32 id:1590464312 No. 2

had a really interesting dream involving telling off my stepmother to my father and him and my grandpa taking my side on it

wouldn't that be a nice change of pace

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 25/05/20(Mon)14:09:12 id:1590430152 No. 1 [See All]

(@solidsanek@outerheaven.club) 25/05/20(Mon)14:10:39 id:1590430239 No. 2

*shuts down*

(@wizard@tower.xyzzy.link) 25/05/20(Mon)14:15:27 id:1590430527 No. 3

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 25/05/20(Mon)13:48:18 id:1590428898 No. 1 [See All]

wait i can just

□ ○

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(@Stellar@fedi.absturztau.be) 25/05/20(Mon)13:56:36 id:1590429396 No. 6

i failed

(@nonetrix@neckbeard.xyz) 25/05/20(Mon)14:00:35 id:1590429635 No. 7 >>8

stop talking in controller you fucking weebs

(@Stellar@fedi.absturztau.be) 25/05/20(Mon)14:04:10 id:1590429850 No. 8

weebs don't do that weebs goes: b-baka nonetrix-chan! nyanpasu komenasai~~ wanna okaido windawashu with me?? uwu ~~

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 25/05/20(Mon)13:46:25 id:1590428785 No. 1 [See All]

i just got out of bed to make a shitpost reply

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(@Talloran@cybre.club) 25/05/20(Mon)13:47:57 id:1590428877 No. 3

that is one valid reason in my book

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 25/05/20(Mon)13:50:57 id:1590429057 No. 4 >>5

I'll admit to having done this before, too

more than once

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 25/05/20(Mon)13:51:18 id:1590429078 No. 5


@Dee me too

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 25/05/20(Mon)11:46:36 id:1590421596 No. 1 [See All]


(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 25/05/20(Mon)09:10:32 id:1590412232 No. 1 [See All]

prettied up the instance a little bit

still need to figure out how to serve fonts so i can get that going tho

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 25/05/20(Mon)09:14:32 id:1590412472 No. 2 >>3

I'm glad you still have that background

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 25/05/20(Mon)09:15:58 id:1590412558 No. 3 >>4


@Dee this bg ain’t going anywhere :3

although hopefully someday i’ll be able to use the cell version and tile it instead of having to use a version pre-tiled to 1080p

(@Dee@fedi.underscore.world) 25/05/20(Mon)09:18:15 id:1590412695 No. 4

at least it compresses really well

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 25/05/20(Mon)06:59:43 id:1590404383 No. 1 [See All]

hungery x.x

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 25/05/20(Mon)06:12:32 id:1590401552 No. 1 [See All]

nftables is greattttt

(@mia@nazrin.moe) 25/05/20(Mon)06:17:00 id:1590401820 No. 2 >>3

@null i’m still using firehol because nothing comes close (it doesn’t support nftables yet, but in practice that doesn’t really matter)

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 25/05/20(Mon)06:53:07 id:1590403987 No. 3


@mia nftables is super simple to use, even by itself. arch ships a really basic config that didn’t take me much time at all to learn how to use and is very secure from the get-go, only allowing ssh and blocking everything else. from there it’s just adding in more stuff to get the firewall working how i want it to.
arch also ships with a systemd service that flushes the works out and loads in the config, so making changes is just editing the config and restarting the service

iptables has always been black magic and super intimidating to me, but i simultaneously feel like i understand it a bit more maybe and also like i don’t need to anymore because nftables just does it better in every way.

i could see wanting a frontend just to make editing the config file and reloading it a little easier to do, but i really wouldn’t need it i don’t think, it’d just be a convenience thing

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 25/05/20(Mon)08:17:17 id:1590409037 No. 4

nftables works like this:

at the top, you have tables. tables can be for whatever address family, you can have as many as you like, and you can name them whatever. tables only work for one address family at a time. the most common is the inet table, which works on ipv4 and v6 at the same time.

inside tables are chains. chains hold rules. you can have as many as you like inside a table, and you can name them whatever. they also have a type, a hook and a priority usually. they can only have one type, one hook and one priority level.

filter type chains are the most common, and hooks control if it’s a chain for inbound, outbound or forwarding stuff. priority marks what order all your chains of the same hook everywhere (even in other tables) get processed in.

rules are where the magic happens. they say what gets in and what doesn’t, and what stuff gets routed around if need be. you can have as many rules in a chain as you like

all these come together to make your ruleset. the ruleset is all your tables, chains, and rules that you’re currently using. the ruleset exists in the ether, and is cleared on reboot or when you flush it out. if your ruleset is empty, then nothing happens. when you use nft, you mess with your ruleset in some way or another, either directly on the command line or from loading a file.

if you can understand this, congratulations! you now understand nftables!
the rest is semantics you can pick up as you go along.

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 25/05/20(Mon)05:28:48 id:1590398928 No. 1 [See All]

it's raining again :ooo

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 25/05/20(Mon)02:36:51 id:1590388611 No. 1 [See All]

BRB restarting server for upd8s

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(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 25/05/20(Mon)02:58:10 id:1590389890 No. 5 >>6


@laggard säschu!!!! hiiiii

(@laggard@doesnt.undo.it) 25/05/20(Mon)02:59:13 id:1590389953 No. 6 >>7

hi there ^_^

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 25/05/20(Mon)03:02:22 id:1590390142 No. 7


@laggard haven’t seen u in a few days!

have you been doing apprenticeship stuffs?

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 25/05/20(Mon)01:38:12 id:1590385092 No. 1 [See All]

i need to clean up devfs emojos a bit and then make a pack for them

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 25/05/20(Mon)01:36:26 id:1590384986 No. 1 [See All]

also added: and

(@absturztaube@fedi.absturztau.be) 25/05/20(Mon)01:37:35 id:1590385055 No. 2

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 25/05/20(Mon)01:14:53 id:1590383693 No. 1 [See All]

oh damn just thought of a simple ass robo emojo

how the heck

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 25/05/20(Mon)01:17:10 id:1590383830 No. 2 >>3

how did i never think of this before

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 25/05/20(Mon)01:24:27 id:1590384267 No. 3


(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 24/05/20(Sun)21:06:14 id:1590368774 No. 1 [See All]


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(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 24/05/20(Sun)21:13:38 id:1590369218 No. 3

we're currently in a low pressure system trapped between two high pressure systems and it's causing it to pick up a crapton of moisture from the gulf

(@leip4Ier@mas.to) 24/05/20(Sun)21:22:45 id:1590369765 No. 4 >>5


@null lucky you!

(@leip4Ier@mas.to) 24/05/20(Sun)21:24:07 id:1590369847 No. 5


@null seems like i too am, chance of rain 60% in an hour!

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 24/05/20(Sun)20:31:02 id:1590366662 No. 1 [See All]


(@Ilian_Amarin@weirder.earth) 24/05/20(Sun)21:13:49 id:1590369229 No. 2 >>3

@null good mornyan

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 24/05/20(Sun)21:16:55 id:1590369415 No. 3


(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 24/05/20(Sun)10:15:51 id:1590329751 No. 1 [See All]

devfs stop fetching posts 10 minutes late challenge 2020

hopefully next time my madre is off and she can throw in the ssd steph got me

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 24/05/20(Sun)09:54:37 id:1590328477 No. 1 [See All]

there’s a FEETS sticking out from the covers

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 24/05/20(Sun)09:53:49 id:1590328429 No. 1 [See All]

nearly 9am, time for

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 24/05/20(Sun)09:39:36 id:1590327576 No. 1 [See All]

there is ONE artist on pixiv that i follow that draws a TON of porn but they’re also the one who drew the gynoid in my pfp so i cannot simply unfollow them just yet x.x


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(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 24/05/20(Sun)09:43:10 id:1590327790 No. 3 >>4


@mia there is simply too much great material for me to do that, especially with all the hassle i had to go through making the account in the first place x.x

i’ll just mute some tags for now since i figured that out lul

(@mia@nazrin.moe) 24/05/20(Sun)09:44:34 id:1590327874 No. 4 >>5


@null pixiv just randomly terminated my account for no reason so i stopped using it altogether

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 24/05/20(Sun)09:46:07 id:1590327967 No. 5


@mia wow rude

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 24/05/20(Sun)08:49:58 id:1590324598 No. 1 [See All]


(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 24/05/20(Sun)08:47:14 id:1590324434 No. 1 [See All]

pixiv is catching on really quickly as to what i like lol, i love it

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 24/05/20(Sun)08:54:26 id:1590324866 No. 2

yessssss, give me more robotssss

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 24/05/20(Sun)08:29:52 id:1590323392 No. 1 [See All]

i FUCKING hate hangnails

(@steph@iscute.moe) 24/05/20(Sun)08:30:34 id:1590323434 No. 2 >>3

the singular advantage of obsessively biting your nails i guess

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 24/05/20(Sun)08:33:11 id:1590323591 No. 3


@steph wait wut

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 24/05/20(Sun)08:23:02 id:1590322982 No. 1 [See All]

my gf is a precious bean and must be protected

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