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(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 19/10/20(Mon)23:25:12 id:1603164312 No. 1 [See All]

In a world… Where newsmedia has people scared of a virus…
A virus with a 99.97% survival rate…
All concerts… Will

(@SpudsRudeEye@shitposter.club) 20/10/20(Tue)09:54:04 id:1603202044 No. 2

Concept by Talking Heads

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 19/10/20(Mon)23:08:11 id:1603163291 No. 1 [See All]

You better watch out, you better not cry.
Better not pout, i’m telling you why…
8chan is down ‘cause of the news!

Seriously though, journalists do hate the internet because it’s jeopardizing their jobs.

(@adrint@shitposter.club) 20/10/20(Tue)01:31:32 id:1603171892 No. 2 >>3

Load up the comments for some top smoothbrain takes

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 20/10/20(Tue)01:54:07 id:1603173247 No. 3


Yeah. Lots of 4channers on there. And I don’t mean the old-school imageboard regulars but the more recent chucklers that just dox and cause chaos.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 18/10/20(Sun)04:02:45 id:1603008165 No. 1 [See All]

At least Saturday wasn’t too much of a wash.
Finally buckled down and built the new PC after extracting the old parts I wanted to carry over. I carried over the hard disk (containing Windows 10 and files), power supply and DVD drive.
The EPS power cable had to go under the backplate cutout since I couldn’t get it to the 8-pin EPS at the top of the board anyway else.
I can always just add in the speakers later when my cone or piezoelectric speaker pack come.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 18/10/20(Sun)04:03:44 id:1603008224 No. 2

I also forgot that I carried over my Zotac GTX1050ti Mini from my prebuilt as well.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 16/10/20(Fri)21:51:56 id:1602899516 No. 1 [See All]

Bit the bullet on a set of two cone speakers from icomtech in Irvine, CA.
Let’s see if that takes weeks…

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 16/10/20(Fri)21:39:02 id:1602898742 No. 1 [See All]

So, I have a CPU now. I’m still waiting on my speakers to get here, though.
I’ve heard that the eBay store I bought it from is in China (qkmallc_1), and will take weeks.
I’m not sure if I should get started without mounting up any speakers, but I’m not sure if I can mount a cone speaker in my Corsair 100R case.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 20/09/20(Sun)04:47:35 id:1600591655 No. 1 [See All]

Looks like that GoFundMe isn't working as expected.
Here's a direct paypal request instead.
I've been self-working through flipping CRV waste from trash on Recology for some time now, but my mini-tower failed and I need to rebuild it. Whatever you can give helps.

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Wanna know something weird?
I was learning about the Weather Underground and their “Days of Rage” before ANTIFA had theirs.
It doesn’t help that ANTIFA, BlackLivesMatter and the “Weathermen” all had the same upbringing, either.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 14/10/20(Wed)00:30:40 id:1602649840 No. 2

However, I’m aware that ANTIFA and BlackLivesMatter both tend to use teenagers that believe they had no purpose (or squandered it all to go through college instead).
The best answer to stop this would to be careful about recommending college to your kids.

If I were a businessman, I would pass up someone who wanted $4,000 for a deal that would cost me $4,000,000 plus interest. Would you?

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Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 14/10/20(Wed)00:03:47 id:1602648227 No. 2 >>3

And I know my law enforcement skills are terrible since I know too much about English. Or is it because of this specific sentence?
Police police Police police police police Police police.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 14/10/20(Wed)00:17:04 id:1602649024 No. 3 >>4


Lexical ambiguities sure are interesting, aren’t they?

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 14/10/20(Wed)00:20:18 id:1602649218 No. 4


The only thing more interesting than that are the people with the surname of “Null”. They’re walking contradictions that seem to trip up every database they contact.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 09/10/20(Fri)05:25:35 id:1602235535 No. 1 [See All]

I don't know about you, but this current aura in the United States where you can get cancelled for arbitrary reasons sounds like something the Mao did.
Look up "Struggle Session" and you'll get what I speak of.

(@zxcvfadsf@shitposter.club) 09/10/20(Fri)07:01:09 id:1602241269 No. 2 >>3

@camedei456 This is an interesting take. There are also people pointing out that what the west is experiencing right now is a carbon copy of what Russia experienced with the Bolsheviks 100 years ago. Interesting times indeed!

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 09/10/20(Fri)21:30:13 id:1602293413 No. 3


The Russians aren't the ones invading academia and overtaking America's economy with cheap product.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 08/10/20(Thu)01:18:00 id:1602134280 No. 1 [See All]

Since China released "viral pneumonia" on the world, there's been two good things happening.
Pay-TV has been starting to lose relevance as their employees are being revealed to be quasi-punk types and the world's been moving ever-more closer to Taiwan in the face of Chinese harassment and Tsai-ing Wen's re-election.
I wonder if the PLA has their flamethrowing midgets of crap pilots ready to go?

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 05/10/20(Mon)18:53:34 id:1601938414 No. 1 [See All]

I noticed recently that I have seem to kept interest in videogames from the 2000s backward. I wonder what could've done this?

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(@zemichi) 05/10/20(Mon)19:21:18 id:1601940078 No. 11

PS2 era was the final generation where devs could do something unusual and get away with it.

By the era of PS3, Xbox360, Wii the expectation for game quality went through the roof and long dev times with inflated million dollar budgets. You can't really try anything new when you're relying on sales to stay afloat. Wii and DS games kinda proved that creativity was dead as they couldn't really make any creative control schemes.

A thought I had recently as to why old games have appeal more than new games comes from the "mystery" about them. Consider these "iceberg" images floating around about various games. A majority of those images barely talk about games of this decade. Older games just give more of that mental engagement than modern games do and that's not a coincidence.

(@RLS89ZX@liberdon.com) 16/10/20(Fri)03:01:12 id:1602831672 No. 12 >>13


@camedei456 What about Brawl, which is literally the best Super Smash Bros ever especially with mods

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 16/10/20(Fri)21:14:36 id:1602897276 No. 13


Wiimmfi supports vanilla copies of Smash Bros. Brawl online, which that discussion was about.

Not sure about online support for SSBB mods, but Wiimmfi has a crazy amount of custom channels for the various Mario Kart Wii mods out there.

The smash bros. question was about value of Switch Online vs. the community-supported Slippi.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 05/10/20(Mon)01:45:15 id:1601876715 No. 1 [See All]

Not only a day since I last took my CRV in, and my trip down to Silveyville Road filled up my cart again.
That also meant another trip to El Verduzco to take what of their glass I could hold since Silveyville had only three bottles of glass, all frappucinos.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 02/10/20(Fri)17:15:27 id:1601673327 No. 1 [See All]

When you're in a job where one can easily be fired and have to fight outmoding policies to keep it, is that job really worth having?

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 28/09/20(Mon)17:04:14 id:1601327054 No. 1 [See All]

I think this Tweet has proved something that nobody previously believed.

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(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 28/09/20(Mon)18:00:18 id:1601330418 No. 14 >>15 >>16

What likely happened is that friends and family of others started to use it to contact one-another and grew the userbase by people recommending it to relatives.

Familial recommendation can be dangerous if unchecked.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 28/09/20(Mon)18:05:58 id:1601330758 No. 15

As for the youth, they wanted to be away from their parents, so left for Instagram (which Facebook would later buy-out).
Then musical.ly came along to take the youth by storm (and their predators, too), before the purchase by Bytedance made musically become the world's version of Dou Yin.

(@zemichi) 28/09/20(Mon)18:09:17 id:1601330957 No. 16

it grew because of "exclusive club" syndrome.

Something Awful, Neogaf, and Facebook grew into the sites they were because of the limitations of joining them.

Facebook being exclusive to college kids grew that more than you'd think.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 28/09/20(Mon)03:16:20 id:1601277380 No. 1 [See All]

>three followers from Neckbeard
Since when did node ger popular?

(@sjw@neckbeard.xyz) 28/09/20(Mon)08:27:57 id:1601296077 No. 2

Uh around November

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 28/09/20(Mon)02:43:50 id:1601275430 No. 1 [See All]

I was toiling around in the waste bins for CRV (as I've been doing), but now I have one question...

Who throws away foreign currency?

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(@EMPEROR@shitposter.club) 29/09/20(Tue)03:29:33 id:1601364573 No. 5 >>6


one who had just traveled through the UK?

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 29/09/20(Tue)04:27:17 id:1601368037 No. 6 >>7


But why would there be eurocents, then?

(@EMPEROR@shitposter.club) 29/09/20(Tue)04:31:33 id:1601368293 No. 7


very common in a country so close to EU and shifty sales clerks will sneak euro money into your change

so they can get rid of it

the Danes were constantly trying to slip american money into my change

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 24/09/20(Thu)04:59:10 id:1600937950 No. 1 [See All]

If a certain "Blue Bird" were a sin, it would be wrath.
It at least explains why 90% of the 20 thousand on Twitter are angry about something.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 24/09/20(Thu)05:02:03 id:1600938123 No. 2

Never mind the fact that 20 thousand social media users seem to be exacerbated to equal the entire populous by journalists, which examplifies their laziness.
Heck, Joe Rogan only earned the attention of journalists due to having his podcast on iTunes for a while.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 22/09/20(Tue)03:16:43 id:1600759003 No. 1 [See All]

At least i now know my Paypal link works.
Now to wait on my credit union to fix their online banking...

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 22/09/20(Tue)03:22:39 id:1600759359 No. 2

With Paypal donations, linking them to a bank account is more flexible and has no fees, at the cost of a 1-3 day wait.
However, my credit union started work on fixing their online system yesterday and I need to get my routing number.
It should be done by 05:00 today according to Travis CU's sitewide announcement.

(@adrint@shitposter.club) 22/09/20(Tue)03:24:17 id:1600759457 No. 3 >>4

Imagine using a browser that hasn't been updated in over a year

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 22/09/20(Tue)03:26:31 id:1600759591 No. 4


>hasn't been updated in over a year
I can't browse with much on this Atom netbook.
There's a reason I put AntiX on this thing...

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 21/09/20(Mon)01:35:24 id:1600666524 No. 1 [See All]

And I've just filled my cart up.
For the second time.
If this is "unusual times", then I'm really unsure if I want things to get back to normal.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 18/09/20(Fri)14:25:01 id:1600453501 No. 1 [See All]

Looks like most of the valley's wildfires started to calm down.
The clouds over the house seem to be white and the sky's the average blue.

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(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 18/09/20(Fri)15:00:01 id:1600455601 No. 11 >>13


California has one now, but likely mommy vloggers won't remember this since they're too stupid to learn.
Trump really needs to YEET Facebook and Twitter into Myspace territory. He's already done this to TikTok ar Mark Zuckerberg's behest.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 18/09/20(Fri)15:05:31 id:1600455931 No. 12


Another thing about Australia's TP shortage was that's predicated on the lack of knowledge about logistics.
Toilet Paper is usually light and big. Meaning that it's expensive to fly than to locally make it. Trucking locally made TP is cheaper, meaning local producers have an edge over foreigners exporting it.
But never mind that, let's get Facebookers to share the Australian TP shortage rumour and cause a panic for no reason whatsoever.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 18/09/20(Fri)15:11:28 id:1600456288 No. 13


After that baby shower, the wildfires didn't really stop.
It's likely that the crazies that ANTIFAgs were preying upon were left with nothing to do after the government went after them, so started the fires out of boredom for the current situation.
Not only is corporate social media a scourge, but there's an old saying that went "idle hands are the devil's playground".

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 16/09/20(Wed)03:08:07 id:1600240087 No. 1 [See All]

One thing of note about these now-aborted riots is that destruction is an easy feel-good answer to the world's ills.
Construction can be equally relieving, but is a lot more strenuous.
Also, construction can cost money, which Burners, Looters & Murderers or ANTIFAgs likely don't have.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 15/09/20(Tue)02:48:56 id:1600152536 No. 1 [See All]

What would happen if you shaped the "both axes" chart to the shape of the United States?
Where do you think the northwest would be?

(@se7en@freespeechextremist.com) 15/09/20(Tue)02:49:49 id:1600152589 No. 2

My state is actually highly Trad-Conservative except for the two metropolises in the west [Portland, Eugene]

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 13/09/20(Sun)23:05:02 id:1600052702 No. 1 [See All]

So I heard that Nvidia started launching the 3000-series RTX cards recently.
Hoo boy are the current RTX-2000 owners peeved!

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 13/09/20(Sun)23:11:40 id:1600053100 No. 2

As I had a good time with my Zotac GTX 1050ti mini, I might stick with them for my next GPU.
They're also making the only dual-slot 2-fan RTX 3000 card for this generation (that being the 3070-exclusive "Twin Edge").

(@Ricotta@yggdrasil.social) 13/09/20(Sun)23:22:07 id:1600053727 No. 3

Why should I give a shit if the 3000 series came out a few weeks after I bought a new computer with a 2060?

It's not going to run anything that's currently out any better than the card I've already got.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 12/09/20(Sat)14:10:04 id:1599934204 No. 1 [See All]

All the modern flicks pushing what the president dubbed "critical race theory" remind me of 'christian' flicks from the '80s to now.
The difference then (and still now) was that the 'christian' movies mostly were hokey as they were made to beat one with religious messaging.
Where as all the "critical race theory" films have directors that can direct, producing producers, writers that can write, but they somehow still come out worse than the 'christian' movies.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 12/09/20(Sat)14:11:11 id:1599934271 No. 2 >>3

In short, "Harley Quinn" or "Ghostbusters (2016)" won't ever be able to have the type of following the "Bibleman" video series had.

(@coolboymew@shitposter.club) 12/09/20(Sat)14:30:19 id:1599935419 No. 3 >>4

Bibleman huh?...

That looks surprisingly ok

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 12/09/20(Sat)14:36:52 id:1599935812 No. 4


I didn't know that someone made a cartoon of Bibleman.
All I knew of was the live-action video series from the '90s.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 08/09/20(Tue)01:36:11 id:1599543371 No. 1 [See All]

It's in.
Now to accrue funds for a supported CPU...

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 08/09/20(Tue)01:06:55 id:1599541615 No. 1 [See All]

Looking back at where we are now, I think I know why nobody's working, barring retail & foodservice.
And no, it isn't COVID-19 fears. If it was, work would resume right now.

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(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 08/09/20(Tue)01:20:34 id:1599542434 No. 7 >>8

You can guess that the black landwhale made some bank.
What happens if a grifter (especially if it was someone formerly prolific) goes in and plugs his donation box whilst saying "orange man bad"?

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 08/09/20(Tue)01:23:03 id:1599542583 No. 8 >>9

The question doubles if a company that's going broke heads "woke" in order to make money on leftists.
Note: Stephen Colbert is to intersectionalists what Jimmy Swaggart is to Christianity.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 08/09/20(Tue)01:29:13 id:1599542953 No. 9

The problem here...
Media has taken over (especially social media) and Twitter's mob has more cash to burn than the blue collar joe/jane.
The first instance of this was Facebook causing the toilet paper shortage and the 5G communication scare.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 07/09/20(Mon)01:37:58 id:1599457078 No. 1 [See All]

Looking back on my life, I found that my life has been better since my musical tastes transitioned into rock & metal in high & middle school.
Now, I collect CRV for money with no taxes to pay and a symbiotic relationship with my mum (whose care since 2009 has become more work that not) whilst my sister is going to college while working for peanuts at Jo-Ann's Woodland, CA location and going bonkers living in with granny.
I wonder what that says about me as a person?

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 07/09/20(Mon)01:40:03 id:1599457203 No. 2

It was hard to find CRV when I started, but since COVID-19 hit, I've been able to find it in spades.
It was a toughfive months sitting on the my last load of 2019 whilst I fought against cold in January.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 07/09/20(Mon)01:23:15 id:1599456195 No. 1 [See All]

I know-u no nihongo, desu.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 01/09/20(Tue)19:27:29 id:1599002849 No. 1 [See All]

Quick question:
If the mob rules and a manipulators infiltrates then controls the mob, who's the ruler? The mob or the manipulator?

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 01/09/20(Tue)19:06:06 id:1599001566 No. 1 [See All]

In the face of the continuing riots, I think it's time to look at all the events financially related, and see if money's truly talking here. The reason: it has to do with an old saying, i believe it's "money talks"?

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(@anornymorse@shitposter.club) 01/09/20(Tue)21:34:38 id:1599010478 No. 8


(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 02/09/20(Wed)05:31:33 id:1599039093 No. 9 >>10

Something to append to this:
The reason why BlackLivesMatter goes through this many hurdles is because directly funding Democrats is a violation of IRS' 501(c)(3) guidelines.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 02/09/20(Wed)05:32:20 id:1599039140 No. 10

The Restriction of Political Campaign Intervention by Section 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Organizations
Under the Internal Revenue Code, all section 501(c)(3) organizations are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office. Contributions to political campaign funds or public statements of position (verbal or written) made on behalf of the organization in favor of or in opposition to any candidate for public office clearly violate the prohibition against political campaign activity. Violating this prohibition may result in denial or revocation of tax-exempt status and the imposition of certain excise taxes.

Certain activities or expenditures may not be prohibited depending on the facts and circumstances. For example, certain voter education activities (including presenting public forums and publishing voter education guides) conducted in a non-partisan manner do not constitute prohibited political campaign activity. In addition, other activities intended to encourage people to participate in the electoral process, such as voter registration and get-out-the-vote drives, would not be prohibited political campaign activity if conducted in a non-partisan manner.

On the other hand, voter education or registration activities with evidence of bias that (a) would favor one candidate over another; (b) oppose a candidate in some manner; or (c) have the effect of favoring a candidate or group of candidates, will constitute prohibited participation or intervention.

-Internal Revenue Service

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 01/09/20(Tue)17:38:50 id:1598996330 No. 1 [See All]

I think I found what the problem with journalism is these days.
The people who are employed in media are people that actually aren't interested in the job (as in: careless apathetics).
This is expressed in the personal twitter for a journalist only having followers that mostly respond to hot takes about 'orange president', but nothing about anything normal.
You can see this in their 'orange man bad' posts on Twitter getting more engaged than their post stating that they like cheese sandwiches.
The reason that these careless blue checkmarks have jobs is because they're cheap work in a dying industry and all the good journalists are working for themselves fueled by merch (usually shirts) or donations.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 01/09/20(Tue)17:43:15 id:1598996595 No. 2 >>3

One clue to find an careless apathetic journalist (aside from making an extremely inane 'hot take') is their lack of reference when writing a report.
A bad writer will not be concerned with bad sources, while remotely decent ones will get their ducks in a row.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 01/09/20(Tue)17:48:19 id:1598996899 No. 3 >>4

The common trend for a careless apathetic journalist is to write about how bad 'orange man' is, despite a big swathe of the public (outside of birdsite, anyway) supporting him.
However, if Biden's president then their schtick won't work and they'll likely find another target of flamin' hot take-os.
However, it's interesting to imagine what would happen if Trump retired and the press was still dogging him.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 01/09/20(Tue)17:51:27 id:1598997087 No. 4

Just for note, the only reason that Joe Rogan is talked about by the paid careless apathetics is because Rogan's podcast is the most subscribed on Itunes, thus landing Rogan on journalism's radar.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 31/08/20(Mon)01:22:31 id:1598851351 No. 1 [See All]

I was thinking...
Just recently, I was recalling how Daikatana released, then flopped.
The lesson from that was one that the entertainment industry (and industries in general) never learned.

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(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 31/08/20(Mon)01:28:25 id:1598851705 No. 4 >>5

To those that played Daikatana (you know who you are), you already know how that turned out.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 31/08/20(Mon)01:59:20 id:1598853560 No. 5 >>6

The catharticism of seeing Daikatana die on a katana (that joke's too easy) felt like Icarus' fall into the ocean.
Daikatana's hubris-filled marketing combined with the game's lack of merit could be read as 'don't treat customers with giggling contempt'.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 31/08/20(Mon)02:03:57 id:1598853837 No. 6

That's a moral that's still relevant with everything from newsmedia attacking the majority populous to intersectionalist types kicking out old fans and industrial videogames being the same thing every year with little alteration, expecting people to buy it before the publisher rides into the sunset, where the money can't be re-obtained.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 31/08/20(Mon)01:15:02 id:1598850902 No. 1 [See All]

So with that, COVID-19's assault ends.
And the final tally...
9,210 as per that article.
9,210 of 330,199,683.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 27/08/20(Thu)16:17:02 id:1598559422 No. 1 [See All]

That's as many as three-hundred thousand kilovytes and that's terrible.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 26/08/20(Wed)22:26:24 id:1598495184 No. 1 [See All]

You want to know something funny?
I just learned that culturally, we're in the polar opposite of the 1950s.
Back then it was the parent that forced a religion on the kid, now they're forcing a cult upon their kids and throwing a fit if they're religious or just moderate.
Funny how time works...

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 25/08/20(Tue)20:42:27 id:1598402547 No. 1 [See All]

Anyway, I apparently have been hosed out of $120 over a B550 MSI Gaming Plus just recently.
The guy just gave a fake shipping number that doesn't work, then split after everything suddenly "sold out" all at once (even the stuff that he asked $1,200 for "sold out", too).
Other people got hosed on motherboards from the guy as well.
No messages have been replied to, and Newegg is working against people when it comes to refunds. It's times like these where I wish there was a Northern Californian Micro Center location...

(@Ricotta@yggdrasil.social) 25/08/20(Tue)20:44:31 id:1598402671 No. 2 >>3

You should have ordered from Amazon.

They're a near-monopoly that is bad for the economy as a whole, and Jeff Bezos is a piece of shit, but they don't fuck around when it comes to this kind of stuff.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 25/08/20(Tue)20:48:06 id:1598402886 No. 3 >>4


Newegg as a seller is fine.
It's just that you need to watch for 0-rep sellers on the marketplaces.
Amazon has the same sort of problem with it's marketplace, too.
I've seen this happen when my housemate ordered Chinese elastic. All of those elastic rounds took a long time to land in America.

(@1iceloops123@shitposter.club) 25/08/20(Tue)20:48:59 id:1598402939 No. 4

newegg is where i got my r4 3ds rts gold plus flash card

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 23/08/20(Sun)12:35:56 id:1598200556 No. 1 [See All]

Welp, I am now aware of another reason that there's dislike for Uzaki-chan.
To be aware of that requires knowledge of "envy". Specifically, women are envious of Uzaki's chest (breast envy).
All of those that seem to hate Japanese culture are either Chinese "little pinks" or just envious.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 18/08/20(Tue)21:00:58 id:1597798858 No. 1 [See All]

Not sure if Rossman got to someone or if Epic's lawsuit hit Apple a bit too hard...

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 18/08/20(Tue)16:28:42 id:1597782522 No. 1 [See All]

I was on Newegg looking for a motherboard and took a chance on Zanli's store in the marketplace (he has no feedback) as he sold a MSI B550 Gaming Plus for $120 from China. It was $140 after taxes.
Let's see if it's really the board and how long it takes to come here...

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 18/08/20(Tue)16:00:30 id:1597780830 No. 1 [See All]

Trump said "15 days to slow the spread".
When did 15 days become 15x10.133 days?

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There's also the fact that people critical of the newsmedia (including conservative news satire and meme-smiths) are starting to get banned from corporate social media en masse and Facebook/Twitter causing both the great toilet paper shortage and the "5G scare".

Everyone knows about the toilet paper shortage, but didn't know that it was caused by social media sharing news of a very unlikely Australiian TP shortage like the cell-tower fires (and one shooting) that took down more 4G towers than 5G.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 18/08/20(Tue)16:22:30 id:1597782150 No. 4

As for the 5G freakout, I was aware of it and didn't understand the hubbub.
I was aware that it mostly would make frequencies assigned to channels 17-21 (500-900mhz) inoperable for big broadcasts in the United States, not that low-end VHF isn't operable for large services, anyway.

21 people across Europe and Australia got injured during that time and various phone masts were set ablaze, all because of paranoid idiots as COVID-19 hit.

(@camedei456@shitposter.club) 18/08/20(Tue)16:25:45 id:1597782345 No. 5

Never mind the people all wearing masks whilst driving.
I'm not sure if that's just safety concerns, people being socially engineered, being lazy or any combination of those...

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