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(@polishlad@yggdrasil.social) 30/09/20(Wed)21:07:30 id:1601514450 No. 2

white guy telling a black woman about racism. The irony

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And Sora yori mo Tooi Basho rewatch ends

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alright, let's watch those two finale eps of Antarctica Girls so that I can be ready for the podcast in a few hours

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Who fact check the fact checkers?

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Politicians not having a constant opinion is quite a usual thing here it's almost like looking at a 8-ball or fortune wheel.

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Biden is rather all over the place with his accusations right now. He and his party shat on the restrictions early on, he's the one currently wanting more lock downs, and he is the one complaining about the poor state of the economy right now (Also to consider, democratic cities still imposing lockdowns for too long are actually the cause as far as I'm aware)

But, yeah pretty much, it's the usual modus operandi I suppose, but this time I actually paid attention ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(@ArdanianRight@freespeechextremist.com) 30/09/20(Wed)19:10:19 id:1601507419 No. 29

Say whatever you want and count on the media to lie to cover your tracks.

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(@RehnSturm256) 30/09/20(Wed)17:19:25 id:1601500765 No. 5

quit making cute waifus and MAYBE I WILL!

(@okabe_rintarou@shitposter.club) 30/09/20(Wed)17:38:17 id:1601501897 No. 6

Jokes aside, try to walk around 2.5 miles (3km) or just for half an hour a day. It will do you good, trust me.

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if that thing's out there, I'd rather stay inside

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…did she shove the keyblade up his arse?

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Join the real civilized JRPG fandom

(@Loki@neckbeard.xyz) 30/09/20(Wed)17:12:11 id:1601500331 No. 2

best rpg fandom is the indie rpg fandom

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Sony are absolute retards at publicity, it's a wonder how they're even #1. If the devs left them like how they leave the other 2 on any perceived instability, they wouldn't even be in business today

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What kinda fucking bundle is that lol

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(@coolboymew@shitposter.club) 30/09/20(Wed)16:25:42 id:1601497542 No. 12

nah, Indiegala has a LSL bundle like every fucking month

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Since when is Leisure Suit Larry "indie"?

(@coolboymew@shitposter.club) 30/09/20(Wed)16:31:23 id:1601497883 No. 14

these sites morphed a lot in the years. Doesn't just sell indie games anymore. It's a legit store. They also carry 18+ games now, steam or no steam

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What if

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(@ivesen@miniwa.moe) 30/09/20(Wed)15:14:16 id:1601493256 No. 9 >>10

not even among us? D:

(@Jessica@fedi.absturztau.be) 30/09/20(Wed)15:15:24 id:1601493324 No. 10

I haven't played it, but it seems alright, not my type of game but its cool concept

(@Jessica@fedi.absturztau.be) 30/09/20(Wed)15:22:57 id:1601493777 No. 11

the game I play most often is osu because muh adhd

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I, too, love to go abduct prostitutes in the woods friday night.

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This really rustle my jimmies

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Re:Zero Season 2 ends! Second best anime of the season, making this the final ranking:

1- Deca-Dence
2- Re:Zero S2
3- Maou Gakuin

Fantastic season with, at least, most of the elements of what you loved about the season, the absolute despair, nutty episodes and crazy reveals

I'm deducting a bit of points because it feels less like the adventure S1 was. But then again, S1 was 26 episodes. This season Subaru is mostly stuck at the same place thorough the entire season and it's getting just a tad long, but was fantastic nonetheless

I've heard that things will go to shit in S3, but let's hope that's not true

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>French Canadian National Television regurgitating the "Trump didn't disavow white supremacist" bullshit


(@ArdanianRight@freespeechextremist.com) 30/09/20(Wed)12:30:13 id:1601483413 No. 2 >>3

He's disavowed them plenty of times, he just refused to play along with the bullshit line that they're involved in the Antifa/BLM riots.

(@coolboymew@shitposter.club) 30/09/20(Wed)12:31:46 id:1601483506 No. 3

yet Joe Biden didn't, at all, and he's allowed that from the media

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(@coolboymew@shitposter.club) 30/09/20(Wed)12:07:10 id:1601482030 No. 7

yes, but at least it's not scat

(@chuculate@anime.website) 30/09/20(Wed)12:30:11 id:1601483411 No. 8

Touching story ♒

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Ohohoh, new character. Second girl is American?

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