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(@skye@iscute.moe) 01/06/20(Mon)05:00:49 id:1591002049 No. 1 [See All]

Morning! I have a new profile picture!

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(@wolf480pl@mstdn.io) 01/06/20(Mon)05:36:27 id:1591004187 No. 8



(@hikari@be.cutewith.me) 01/06/20(Mon)05:18:03 id:1591003083 No. 9 >>10

*pats gently*

(@skye@iscute.moe) 01/06/20(Mon)05:54:50 id:1591005290 No. 10


(@skye@iscute.moe) 30/05/20(Sat)10:15:58 id:1590848158 No. 1 [See All]

I want a multi button mouse for ADB

(@michcio@om.nom.pl) 30/05/20(Sat)10:18:09 id:1590848289 No. 2 >>3

what's adb

(@skye@iscute.moe) 30/05/20(Sat)10:25:05 id:1590848705 No. 3

apple desktop bus. For old Macintosh computers from the 90s.

(@skye@iscute.moe) 20/05/20(Wed)21:01:45 id:1590022905 No. 1 [See All]

So uh how do I get a not terrible XLR microphone with a shock mount without spending all my savings...

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(@skye@iscute.moe) 20/05/20(Wed)21:42:08 id:1590025328 No. 12

well part of the noise was keyboard being noisy, which is not much I could do.

What was also there was the thudding of the desk as I hit the keys on the keyboard super hard which is why I am considering a shock mount.

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 20/05/20(Wed)21:43:16 id:1590025396 No. 13 >>14


@skye well, it depends on how the microphoene is positioned

most condensers have a cardioid shaped pickup pattern, so if the keyboard is within it’s pickup range then it’ll get your keyboard

(@skye@iscute.moe) 20/05/20(Wed)21:49:30 id:1590025770 No. 14

my old mic was positioned so that my face was in front of it, and my keyboard was behind it. It was on a smol tripod that broke.

(@skye@iscute.moe) 20/05/20(Wed)05:07:34 id:1589965654 No. 1 [See All]

So I got myself a cheap firewire audio interface on ebay.

It works. But it can BSOD my computer.

Oh, and if I set it to anything other than 44100Hz sample rate, I get no audio in or out.

Well... It's usable but its a bit of a pain.

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(@skye@iscute.moe) 20/05/20(Wed)05:47:04 id:1589968024 No. 5 >>6

it's some cheap PCI card that doesn't even fit properly in the slot. It uses a VIA chip.

I do suspect that it's the drivers, I had to install drivers for Windows 7 SP1.

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 20/05/20(Wed)05:54:55 id:1589968495 No. 6 >>7

i've seen some things regarding VIA chips around the net, with linux developers much preferring a TI chip over it

i can't remember how much bandwidth the m-audio interfaces use at whatever settings, but if your firewire controller has trouble pushing it then i could see the interface driver having a fit about it

(@skye@iscute.moe) 20/05/20(Wed)06:24:48 id:1589970288 No. 7

I don't know where to get a good interface from... Most firewire cards I can afford tend to be VIA.

(@skye@iscute.moe) 19/05/20(Tue)06:08:53 id:1589882933 No. 1 [See All]

Instances using whitelisting and blocking most instances by default is a pain when you're on a small instance run by a friend...
It makes me sad because it means I won't be able to interact with people, even when the people I'm following are interacting with them.

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(@skye@iscute.moe) 19/05/20(Tue)07:25:12 id:1589887512 No. 8 >>9

well by blocking they are already making it so I can't interact with them.

I can understand why people would want to isolate their instances, but it feels like the side effects end up causing some unintentional issues.

I wonder if there could be a more fine grained way of doing things that doesn't break too many things while still letting people feel safe...

(@fluffy@fedi.absturztau.be) 19/05/20(Tue)07:27:48 id:1589887668 No. 9 >>10

>well by blocking they are already making it so I can't interact with them.

not really, you are still spammed with their content. you just need to accept that they can't see your reply.

It's exceedingly obnoxious and antisocial. This is called shadow banning and it is highly controversial and disliked. In mastodon that is just par for the course.

Federation will never work unless there is quality leadership, and there will never be quality leadership without incentives, and the fediverse is opposed to incentives. So this will not improve.

(@skye@iscute.moe) 19/05/20(Tue)07:43:56 id:1589888636 No. 10

the situation I saw actually meant that I couldn't interact at all. Not even able to see the messages, just replies from a different instance.

I can see a few cases where it can make sense to do something like that, but it seems like the side effects end up affecting more than intended.

I think part of the problem is that people have entirely different ideas as to what the fediverse should be.

(@skye@iscute.moe) 15/05/20(Fri)06:55:21 id:1589540121 No. 1 [See All]

When you see people talking and you think of relevant things you could say but then realise one of the people has locked their account and has hidden their posts so it would be weird to join in...

(@skye@iscute.moe) 13/05/20(Wed)22:54:04 id:1589424844 No. 1 [See All]

(@skye@iscute.moe) 13/05/20(Wed)22:54:31 id:1589424871 No. 2 >>3

hey! :D

(@izaya@social.shadowkat.net) 13/05/20(Wed)23:22:47 id:1589426567 No. 3 >>4

pretty cursed but I approve

though, if you want to show off what neat stuff you've done, two suggestions:

a) Big font. I like to go with size 18.
b) 80x25 terminal.

(@izaya@social.shadowkat.net) 13/05/20(Wed)23:24:51 id:1589426691 No. 4

just makes it easier to see

(@skye@iscute.moe) 11/05/20(Mon)05:47:25 id:1589190445 No. 1 [See All]


(@wolf480pl@mstdn.io) 11/05/20(Mon)05:51:17 id:1589190677 No. 2

@skye noon!

(@skye@iscute.moe) 08/05/20(Fri)16:37:39 id:1588970259 No. 1 [See All]

Aaaaaaaaaaa I tried to get something on ebay but was outbid in the last 3 seconds...

(@skye@iscute.moe) 06/05/20(Wed)06:27:06 id:1588760826 No. 1 [See All]

I wish I had more weird hardware... I have Windows NT 3.51 and NT 4 install disks, I wish I had something not x86 to install them on...

(@michcio@om.nom.pl) 06/05/20(Wed)06:34:57 id:1588761297 No. 2 >>3

it would work on non-x86?

(@skye@iscute.moe) 06/05/20(Wed)06:49:38 id:1588762178 No. 3

NT 3.51 and NT 4 work on x86, Alpha, and PowerPC

(@skye@iscute.moe) 05/05/20(Tue)06:36:05 id:1588674965 No. 1 [See All]

Why is halfway decent audio stuff so expensive?

My current microphone/recorder thing kinda broke and I'd like to replace with something a bit less... Likely to break. But uh... Whew... I am probably gonna be saving up for a while, huh.

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(@skye@iscute.moe) 05/05/20(Tue)09:22:30 id:1588684950 No. 5 >>6

my current microphone is a USB thing, which uh... The USB port kinda half broke and the tripod mount broke, and the tripod itself also broke.

(@null@pl.devfs.xyz) 05/05/20(Tue)09:31:56 id:1588685516 No. 6 >>7


@skye oh my, that sounds really janky x.x

a friend of mine recommended a shure mic, but it’s an XLR so it needs a good interface in order to use it :s
also i can’t remember what it was lol

(@skye@iscute.moe) 05/05/20(Tue)09:47:40 id:1588686460 No. 7

oh yeah everything I do is super duper janky... My bed is held together with zip ties and my computer has duck tape inside to keep it working.

(@skye@iscute.moe) 04/05/20(Mon)06:20:51 id:1588587651 No. 1 [See All]

I wish I could go on a train...

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(@skye@iscute.moe) 02/05/20(Sat)14:05:07 id:1588442707 No. 1 [See All]

Why is my headache so bad

(@skye@iscute.moe) 02/05/20(Sat)14:05:51 id:1588442751 No. 2 >>3

I got paracetamol it didn't help aaaaaaaaaaa

(@wolf480pl@mstdn.io) 02/05/20(Sat)14:09:15 id:1588442955 No. 3 >>4


When did you last eat?

(@skye@iscute.moe) 02/05/20(Sat)16:48:59 id:1588452539 No. 4

like 1pm?

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(@skye@iscute.moe) 30/04/20(Thu)11:03:13 id:1588258993 No. 1 [See All]

I decided to test some video editing, what do people think?

(@skye@iscute.moe) 30/04/20(Thu)12:16:07 id:1588263367 No. 2

More editing...

(@skye@iscute.moe) 28/04/20(Tue)09:45:59 id:1588081559 No. 1 [See All]

I wish there was a client would show threads in a more readable way.

(@skye@iscute.moe) 26/04/20(Sun)19:18:14 id:1587943094 No. 1 [See All]

I feel useless

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(@b0undarybreaker@sleeping.town) 26/04/20(Sun)20:00:53 id:1587945653 No. 24 >>25


@skye *offers a hug*

(@skye@iscute.moe) 26/04/20(Sun)20:01:07 id:1587945667 No. 25


@b0undarybreaker accepts the hug

(@skye@iscute.moe) 26/04/20(Sun)20:02:26 id:1587945746 No. 26

I'm gonna brush my teeth and head to bed...

(@skye@iscute.moe) 26/04/20(Sun)18:59:25 id:1587941965 No. 1 [See All]

why is my brain so broken

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(@steph@iscute.moe) 26/04/20(Sun)18:54:38 id:1587941678 No. 2 >>3

can you not...

(@skye@iscute.moe) 26/04/20(Sun)18:55:45 id:1587941745 No. 3

sorry... I put it behind a CW because I didn't want it to spam timelines but I felt like screaming

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(@skye@iscute.moe) 23/04/20(Thu)19:05:41 id:1587683141 No. 1 [See All]

I made a thing!

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(@skye@iscute.moe) 11/03/20(Wed)08:07:14 id:1583928434 No. 1 [See All]

The lights turned off... Underground...

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(@skye@iscute.moe) 07/03/20(Sat)04:33:17 id:1583573597 No. 1 [See All]

Aaaaaaaaaaa I pressed the wrong button I hate touch screens aaaaaaaaaaa

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(@skye@iscute.moe) 27/02/20(Thu)20:19:53 id:1582852793 No. 1 [See All]

Sleep is difficult

(@skye@iscute.moe) 27/02/20(Thu)20:19:50 id:1582852790 No. 1 [See All]

I should sleep

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(@mary@nulled.red) 27/02/20(Thu)20:02:52 id:1582851772 No. 2

@skye nini Skye ^^

(@skye@iscute.moe) 26/02/20(Wed)19:33:22 id:1582763602 No. 1 [See All]


(@ivesen@miniwa.moe) 26/02/20(Wed)19:41:55 id:1582764115 No. 2

sleep tight

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