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(@Nonetrix@animeisgay.com) 17/10/20(Sat)21:30:34 id:1602984634 No. 1

I got it to work I should get one of those USB sticks that automate keyboard presses or something for base installs like this because it's basically the same everywhere and I do it a lot

(@verita84@rage.lol) 17/10/20(Sat)21:31:23 id:1602984683 No. 2 >>3

@Nonetrix Want my gentoo automation script? lol It’s a life saver

(@Nonetrix@animeisgay.com) 17/10/20(Sat)21:34:36 id:1602984876 No. 3 >>4


@verita84@rage.lol I probably could do something like that myself I don't want extra bloat since what's considered bloat is different to everyone

(@verita84@rage.lol) 17/10/20(Sat)21:36:02 id:1602984962 No. 4 >>5



No problem. After you select, your profile, how long does it take you to run

emerge —verbose —update —deep —newuse me like 2 hours just on that step alone. Then another 45 for the kernel….who knows how long for the rest of the sotware

(@Nonetrix@animeisgay.com) 17/10/20(Sat)21:45:02 id:1602985502 No. 5 >>6 >>9


@verita84@rage.lol I'll try that in a minute I'm on a fairly new ryzen chip so it's probably not that bad

(@verita84@rage.lol) 17/10/20(Sat)21:47:26 id:1602985646 No. 6 >>7



Probably because I am using the Plasma/SYstemd profile

(@Nonetrix@animeisgay.com) 17/10/20(Sat)21:50:09 id:1602985809 No. 7 >>8


@verita84@rage.lol I'm probably going to use systemD because I think the thingy that makes kernel updates not explode needs it

(@Nonetrix@animeisgay.com) 17/10/20(Sat)21:50:52 id:1602985852 No. 8


@verita84@rage.lol I think it's nvidia-dkms or something

(@verita84@rage.lol) 17/10/20(Sat)21:52:30 id:1602985950 No. 9 >>10



Yeah, you neverk now when you may need it in the future anyway. Also, services are much easier to configure and manage with systemd.

(@Nonetrix@animeisgay.com) 17/10/20(Sat)21:53:46 id:1602986026 No. 10 >>11


@verita84@rage.lol theirs not really a difference in boot times in my experience

(@verita84@rage.lol) 17/10/20(Sat)21:56:01 id:1602986161 No. 11 >>12


@Nonetrix What desktop will u use

(@Nonetrix@animeisgay.com) 17/10/20(Sat)21:58:42 id:1602986322 No. 12 >>13 >>14


@verita84@rage.lol xmonad most likely since I have configs for that maybe dwm if I feel adventurous

(@verita84@rage.lol) 17/10/20(Sat)21:59:37 id:1602986377 No. 13 >>15


@Nonetrix ah, no wonder it won’t take you as long as me lol KDE is yuge!

(@Nonetrix@animeisgay.com) 17/10/20(Sat)21:59:44 id:1602986384 No. 14


@verita84@rage.lol might end up leaving my PC on over night since it's starting to get a little late

(@Nonetrix@animeisgay.com) 17/10/20(Sat)22:01:07 id:1602986467 No. 15 >>16


@verita84@rage.lol kde is good but I must destroy all bloat because idk

(@verita84@rage.lol) 17/10/20(Sat)22:24:20 id:1602987860 No. 16 >>17


@Nonetrix lol I wish I knew they had a gentoo-kernel-bin

(@Nonetrix@animeisgay.com) 17/10/20(Sat)22:28:16 id:1602988096 No. 17 >>18 >>19


@verita84@rage.lol >>>>not messing with your kernel for fun

(@verita84@rage.lol) 17/10/20(Sat)22:35:34 id:1602988534 No. 18


@Nonetrix I will once I create a golden config. until then, genkernel takes too dam long and is bloated AF

(@verita84@rage.lol) 17/10/20(Sat)22:37:04 id:1602988624 No. 19 >>20



I recommending blacklisting clang and llvm because they add an hour each of compiling time.

(@Nonetrix@animeisgay.com) 17/10/20(Sat)22:53:07 id:1602989587 No. 20 >>21


@verita84@rage.lol you seem to be the gentoo expert is this good? Mostly

(@verita84@rage.lol) 18/10/20(Sun)02:01:47 id:1603000907 No. 21 >>22 >>24



I use -march=native. Did you select a profile with eselect?

(@Nonetrix@animeisgay.com) 18/10/20(Sun)02:02:42 id:1603000962 No. 22 >>23


@verita84@rage.lol no I got some shit off the gentoo wiki that's apparently best for zen based chips

(@verita84@rage.lol) 18/10/20(Sun)02:04:26 id:1603001066 No. 23



Ah ok. It is still taking me a long time to get setup even after changing from KDE To GnuStep….394 packages versus 940 lol. Curious how long it takes you to emerge world and then install all your stuff and how many packages it is.

(@Nonetrix@animeisgay.com) 18/10/20(Sun)02:50:52 id:1603003852 No. 24 >>25


@verita84@rage.lol I selected something something systemd that's all I know also what the fuck is a use flag

(@verita84@rage.lol) 18/10/20(Sun)02:54:01 id:1603004041 No. 25 >>26 >>27



oh no you have a lot to learn lol. Use flags allow you to control the features of the system. For example, the firefox has a couple use flags for hardware accelleration and what not.

eselect profile list shows you predefined use flags to make it easier.

(@Nonetrix@animeisgay.com) 18/10/20(Sun)02:57:47 id:1603004267 No. 26


@verita84@rage.lol wtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtf

(@Nonetrix@animeisgay.com) 18/10/20(Sun)02:59:09 id:1603004349 No. 27 >>28 >>29


@verita84@rage.lol can you just tell me what I have to do to fix this shit I want to turn off my PC pls

(@verita84@rage.lol) 18/10/20(Sun)03:00:02 id:1603004402 No. 28


@Nonetrix etc


(@verita84@rage.lol) 18/10/20(Sun)03:00:15 id:1603004415 No. 29 >>30



Try: etc-update —automode -5

(@Nonetrix@animeisgay.com) 18/10/20(Sun)03:02:28 id:1603004548 No. 30 >>31 >>32


@verita84@rage.lol wat

(@Nonetrix@animeisgay.com) 18/10/20(Sun)03:03:16 id:1603004596 No. 31


@verita84@rage.lol oh

(@verita84@rage.lol) 18/10/20(Sun)03:03:35 id:1603004615 No. 32 >>33



Remove emerge , try :
etc-update —automode -5


emerge —verbose —update —deep —newuse

(@Nonetrix@animeisgay.com) 18/10/20(Sun)03:07:31 id:1603004851 No. 33 >>34


@verita84@rage.lol I think I am the most dumb gentoo user

(@verita84@rage.lol) 18/10/20(Sun)03:08:37 id:1603004917 No. 34 >>35 >>36 >>38



maybe you forgot emerge —verbose —update —deep —newuse

(@Nonetrix@animeisgay.com) 18/10/20(Sun)03:10:05 id:1603005005 No. 35


@verita84@rage.lol that's the same thing

(@Nonetrix@animeisgay.com) 18/10/20(Sun)03:10:40 id:1603005040 No. 36 >>37


@verita84@rage.lol it doesn't work just lists how to use it ;_;

(@verita84@rage.lol) 18/10/20(Sun)03:11:42 id:1603005102 No. 37


@Nonetrix HMmm the image is cut off. I don’t see That is the proper command, I tested it.

(@Nonetrix@animeisgay.com) 18/10/20(Sun)03:11:50 id:1603005110 No. 38 >>39


@verita84@rage.lol oh wait sorry I was confused it added rage.lol at the end

(@verita84@rage.lol) 18/10/20(Sun)03:12:00 id:1603005120 No. 39 >>40


@Nonetrix Pleroma =)

(@Nonetrix@animeisgay.com) 18/10/20(Sun)03:13:18 id:1603005198 No. 40 >>41


@verita84@rage.lol seems to be doing something now at least

(@verita84@rage.lol) 18/10/20(Sun)03:13:52 id:1603005232 No. 41 >>42 >>43



That will compile the base system based on the use flags set. When it is done, you need to install the packages you want.

(@Nonetrix@animeisgay.com) 18/10/20(Sun)03:21:11 id:1603005671 No. 42


@verita84@rage.lol guess I just need to install grub and a few extra things and xmonad of course and I'll be good

(@Nonetrix@animeisgay.com) 18/10/20(Sun)03:44:40 id:1603007080 No. 43 >>44 >>47



(@verita84@rage.lol) 18/10/20(Sun)03:45:40 id:1603007140 No. 44 >>45 >>46


@Nonetrix did you mount boot in the chroot? Set the partition type as vfat or fat 32 and format it with mkfs.vfat?

(@Nonetrix@animeisgay.com) 18/10/20(Sun)04:03:33 id:1603008213 No. 45


@verita84@rage.lol idk what the hecc I did its 3AM I'll mess with it tomorrow

(@Nonetrix@animeisgay.com) 18/10/20(Sun)04:09:02 id:1603008542 No. 46


@verita84@rage.lol luckily I'm at the point where I can chroot so I can turn off my PC lol

(@verita84@rage.lol) 18/10/20(Sun)10:28:57 id:1603031337 No. 47 >>48



Any luck today?

(@Nonetrix@animeisgay.com) 18/10/20(Sun)15:21:40 id:1603048900 No. 48 >>49


@verita84@rage.lol haven't done anything with it today just got up really tbh

(@verita84@rage.lol) 18/10/20(Sun)15:24:50 id:1603049090 No. 49 >>50


Ah. GCC is ruining my day with its long compile times lol. This is very time consuming

(@Nonetrix@animeisgay.com) 18/10/20(Sun)15:26:27 id:1603049187 No. 50 >>51


@verita84@rage.lol you should wait for the new ryzen chips and get a used older ryzen

(@verita84@rage.lol) 18/10/20(Sun)15:28:11 id:1603049291 No. 51 >>52


I seriously doubt that the CPU will make a big difference with gentoo. I have a brand new Intel i5 10th Gen quad core.

(@Nonetrix@animeisgay.com) 18/10/20(Sun)15:41:45 id:1603050105 No. 52 >>53


@verita84@rage.lol oh didn't know what CPU you had tbh have you tried editing make.conf on the gentoo wiki they have optimized settings for my CPU at least just look for something like make.conf for sandy bridge or whatever

(@verita84@rage.lol) 18/10/20(Sun)16:20:05 id:1603052405 No. 53 >>54


Yeah, but big things like kernel,kde, gcc just take a long time nno matter what

(@Nonetrix@animeisgay.com) 18/10/20(Sun)16:55:07 id:1603054507 No. 54


@verita84@rage.lol >>using kde and not a WM

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