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(@RUSHIFA@kiwifarms.cc) 16/09/20(Wed)10:58:45 id:1600268325 No. 1

Humans were a mistake

(@Jack@kiwifarms.cc) 16/09/20(Wed)11:00:21 id:1600268421 No. 2 >>3

Obviously we don't have fluffy tails or fluffy ears.

(@RUSHIFA@kiwifarms.cc) 16/09/20(Wed)11:01:05 id:1600268465 No. 3 >>4

start over, the experiment didn't work

(@Jack@kiwifarms.cc) 16/09/20(Wed)11:04:00 id:1600268640 No. 4 >>5 >>6


I'll clean the slate the only way I know how... WITH FIRE!

(@RUSHIFA@kiwifarms.cc) 16/09/20(Wed)11:04:34 id:1600268674 No. 5

well I mean it was shown to be effective

(@zemichi) 16/09/20(Wed)11:06:43 id:1600268803 No. 6 >>7 >>8

congrats on your baby boy

(@RUSHIFA@kiwifarms.cc) 16/09/20(Wed)11:07:16 id:1600268836 No. 7

thanks, it was an abortion, gonna make some nice scrambled eggs

(@Jack@kiwifarms.cc) 16/09/20(Wed)11:08:58 id:1600268938 No. 8


Thanks I'm still trying to work out a name though.

(@mystik@434.earth) 16/09/20(Wed)11:08:47 id:1600268927 No. 9 >>10

mysanthropy was a mistake

Humanity is Cosmic Royalty.

(@RUSHIFA@kiwifarms.cc) 16/09/20(Wed)11:12:16 id:1600269136 No. 10 >>11

touche. I wish I could share your optimism. I think the individual has the potential to embody what you describe, but not any given group.

(@mystik@434.earth) 16/09/20(Wed)11:13:04 id:1600269184 No. 11 >>12

Let's make it possible, even if it takes few hundred years, it doesn't matter. Let's do it. Starting by ourselves.

(@RUSHIFA@kiwifarms.cc) 16/09/20(Wed)11:16:55 id:1600269415 No. 12

Working on it. Incremental steps.

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