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(@pganssle@qoto.org) 16/09/20(Wed)10:16:52 id:1600265812 No. 1

Tip: On Cinnamon (and probably other Window managers and OSes), Alt + ~ is the same as Alt + Tab, but restricted to the currently active application (e.g. tab between Firefox windows).

Learned this from last year and I've probably used it every day.

(@ted@social.gould.cx) 16/09/20(Wed)10:58:56 id:1600268336 No. 2

@pganssle cool to see they adopted this, I believe it was a feature first on Unity as we adopted per-application switcher grouping.

Not sure about others, but on Unity we looked at the keyboard map and it is actually "the key above tab" which may not be ` for some folks.

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