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(@Koishi@udongein.xyz) 30/06/20(Tue)10:40:43 id:1593528043 No. 1

I wonder if you can get a barrel port to USB adapter or something

(@Koishi@udongein.xyz) 30/06/20(Tue)10:41:23 id:1593528083 No. 2

https://www.amazon.co.uk/Barrel-Jack-Adapter-USB-5-5mm/dp/B00LX8MULA yey

(@Jessica@fedi.absturztau.be) 30/06/20(Tue)10:42:06 id:1593528126 No. 3 >>4

pbp sells one for their laptops.
But i found one for my current laptop but too cheap to buy one atm

(@Koishi@udongein.xyz) 30/06/20(Tue)10:42:50 id:1593528170 No. 4 >>5

my problem actually is that the barrel charge shipped with my tablet is too long and doesn't quite fit

(@Jessica@fedi.absturztau.be) 30/06/20(Tue)10:43:48 id:1593528228 No. 5 >>6


(@Koishi@udongein.xyz) 30/06/20(Tue)10:44:54 id:1593528294 No. 6 >>7

sorry for boring stories aksjdakd

(@Jessica@fedi.absturztau.be) 30/06/20(Tue)10:45:24 id:1593528324 No. 7 >>8

nah its cool, I do long stories all the time on here lol

(@Koishi@udongein.xyz) 30/06/20(Tue)10:46:38 id:1593528398 No. 8

o-oh well

now I think of it I should boot the tablet to check for updates tho

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