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(@fluffy@social.handholding.io) 30/06/20(Tue)10:30:36 id:1593527436 No. 1

black on orange?
white? gray?

I'm not really happy with any of these... designers pls help

(@crockwave@social.handholding.io) 30/06/20(Tue)10:35:30 id:1593527730 No. 2 >>3

Of the 3 options, I like black on orange best, but I'm not a designer

(@fluffy@social.handholding.io) 30/06/20(Tue)10:36:03 id:1593527763 No. 3 >>4

There is still the fourth option, which is white font but black border on the icon. You liked that one as well

(@crockwave@social.handholding.io) 30/06/20(Tue)10:38:01 id:1593527881 No. 4

Yes, that is the one that I am referring to as best

(@hakui@tuusin.misono-ya.info) 30/06/20(Tue)10:49:43 id:1593528583 No. 5


(@RUSHIFA@kiwifarms.cc) 30/06/20(Tue)11:00:53 id:1593529253 No. 6

I think the white on orange is pleasing.

(@kk@letsalllovela.in) 30/06/20(Tue)11:04:40 id:1593529480 No. 7

grey logo and white text is pretty good

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