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(@alex@gleasonator.com) 29/06/20(Mon)22:34:49 id:1593484489 No. 1

As a result of the /r/gendercritical ban, Spinster grew by 1,500 users today and still growing. Pretty crazy.

(@mewmew@blob.cat) 29/06/20(Mon)22:35:28 id:1593484528 No. 2

oh boy...

(@ipslfn@twingyeo.kr) 29/06/20(Mon)22:35:54 id:1593484554 No. 3

@alex whenever things happen like when tumblr banned porn, or twitter has a controversial rule change, instances get a big amount of growth, but i don't think many end up sticking around

(@Fullycaffeinated@spinster.xyz) 29/06/20(Mon)22:36:48 id:1593484608 No. 4

And just like in the first few days when the numbers grew very quickly, a lot of women showed up angry yelling "MEN ARE NOT WOMEN!!!!!" or words to that effect. It's beautiful 😀

(@moth@husk.site) 29/06/20(Mon)22:39:10 id:1593484750 No. 5

congrats on the growth, seems like you and couldn't have better timing.

(@boob@shitposter.club) 29/06/20(Mon)22:35:28 id:1593484528 No. 6 >>7

That's pretty cool.

(@alex@gleasonator.com) 29/06/20(Mon)22:41:10 id:1593484870 No. 7

Hi Steven. It took me a second. 😆

(@ipslfn@twingyeo.kr) 29/06/20(Mon)22:42:25 id:1593484945 No. 8

@alex that being said, i think this reddit shit is gonna rub a lot of people the wrong way. particularly if this feminist subreddit is gettin lumped in with the donald and chapo trap house which they probably don't appreciated one bit.

(@judgedread@freespeechextremist.com) 29/06/20(Mon)22:44:34 id:1593485074 No. 9 >>10

I stopped READING Twitter when it became clear they didn't want my contributions.

Strange how few think of that.

(@MaceDindu@freespeechextremist.com) 30/06/20(Tue)01:49:35 id:1593496175 No. 10

I pretty much did as well, but not solely on an ideological basis, but simply because it's too much trouble to look up accounts I'd care to follow. Happily, the platform itself has been torpedoed by its own incompetence, and, as far as I can tell, rarely works as intended (maybe Torba was a pioneer?).

(@igel@jaeger.website) 30/06/20(Tue)10:41:03 id:1593528063 No. 11 >>12

like all explosive growth on fedi so far, most of them prob wont stay

(@alex@gleasonator.com) 30/06/20(Tue)10:42:25 id:1593528145 No. 12 >>13

But a good portion of them will, and having some semi-famous people makes a big difference.

(@reg@fediverse.bbad.com) 30/06/20(Tue)10:56:08 id:1593528968 No. 13 >>14

I'm behind. What did you do that resulted in this spike?

(@alex@gleasonator.com) 30/06/20(Tue)11:03:42 id:1593529422 No. 14 >>15

Nothing at all. A subreddit got banned and the users started swarming in.

(@Ox@dickkickextremist.xyz) 30/06/20(Tue)11:04:38 id:1593529478 No. 15 >>16

not just one, even gcdebatesqt got banned. an intensely moderated debate subreddit.

(@alex@gleasonator.com) 30/06/20(Tue)11:05:31 id:1593529531 No. 16

That's ridiculous. They don't even want civil dialogue.

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