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(@Demonsthenes13@goblin.camp) 23/05/20(Sat)06:39:15 id:1590230355 No. 1

tfw you eat a peach but don't end up in some weird masqerade ball held in a giant bubble

(@Nikolai_Kingsley@dobbs.town) 23/05/20(Sat)07:25:09 id:1590233109 No. 2 >>3


i'd like to eat a peach

i don't dare

(@micrackbiron@mastodon.social) 23/05/20(Sat)07:29:44 id:1590233384 No. 3 >>4


@Nikolai_Kingsley do you dare to wear white flannel trousers and walk upon the beach?

(@Nikolai_Kingsley@dobbs.town) 23/05/20(Sat)07:31:35 id:1590233495 No. 4 >>5




"though possibly a bit of a dandy..."

(@micrackbiron@mastodon.social) 23/05/20(Sat)07:34:34 id:1590233674 No. 5 >>6


@Nikolai_Kingsley love the song!

(@Nikolai_Kingsley@dobbs.town) 23/05/20(Sat)07:37:05 id:1590233825 No. 6 >>7



TISM were vastly underappreciated. made up mostly of high school teachers, they wore balaclavas on stage. they would probably be arrested as terrorists today.

(@micrackbiron@mastodon.social) 23/05/20(Sat)07:38:35 id:1590233915 No. 7 >>8


@Nikolai_Kingsley wow, that's so sad. I had made the point recently when someone asked if the dark web should be illegal, that "some criminals use ski masks, should those be illegal too?"

(@Nikolai_Kingsley@dobbs.town) 23/05/20(Sat)07:40:34 id:1590234034 No. 8 >>9



TISM also wrote a song about Eva Braun pooping on Hitler's face.


(@micrackbiron@mastodon.social) 23/05/20(Sat)07:41:19 id:1590234079 No. 9 >>10


@Nikolai_Kingsley ohhhh wow - such trolls were they - funny, I was watching some clips of Come and See yesterday

(@micrackbiron@mastodon.social) 23/05/20(Sat)07:50:24 id:1590234624 No. 10 >>11


@Nikolai_Kingsley which is *not* funny at all, come to think of it 🤯

(@Nikolai_Kingsley@dobbs.town) 23/05/20(Sat)10:29:06 id:1590244146 No. 11



just been listening to some old TISM albums, and i think The Apology of the Thai Drug Runner, from "www.tism.wanker.com" is one of the best.

You say you've got a Ph.D
Well good for you, my son
How smart d'you fucking need to be
To work out that drugs are fun?


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