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(@11112011@freespeechextremist.com) 26/03/20(Thu)08:56:21 id:1585227381 No. 1

i guess you cant stop crying about the chongs crematoriums

(@Squirrel@freespeechextremist.com) 26/03/20(Thu)08:59:02 id:1585227542 No. 2 >>3

There never was a pandemic

(@11112011@freespeechextremist.com) 26/03/20(Thu)09:00:04 id:1585227604 No. 3 >>7 >>12

theres a disease,if its what they say i dont know

(@theblessing@kiwifarms.cc) 26/03/20(Thu)09:00:28 id:1585227628 No. 4 >>5 >>10

...are they storing the bodies of dead patients or DYING patients? 😨

(@11112011@freespeechextremist.com) 26/03/20(Thu)09:01:00 id:1585227660 No. 5 >>6

good question

(@11112011@freespeechextremist.com) 26/03/20(Thu)09:01:48 id:1585227708 No. 6 >>8 >>11

also they sending fema refrigerators trucks everywhere

(@Squirrel@freespeechextremist.com) 26/03/20(Thu)09:03:49 id:1585227829 No. 7

Ordo ab Chao

(@theblessing@kiwifarms.cc) 26/03/20(Thu)09:04:20 id:1585227860 No. 8 >>9

they tried to send us one too, but we’re in the north so we told them no thanks; we’ve just been throwing them out back with the compost

(@11112011@freespeechextremist.com) 26/03/20(Thu)09:05:10 id:1585227910 No. 9

i know its acurate that dude is from the fed

(@mombi@husk.site) 26/03/20(Thu)09:04:48 id:1585227888 No. 10


(@Squirrel@freespeechextremist.com) 26/03/20(Thu)09:07:44 id:1585228064 No. 11 >>13


(@Squirrel@freespeechextremist.com) 26/03/20(Thu)09:09:52 id:1585228192 No. 12


(@djsumdog@hitchhiker.social) 26/03/20(Thu)09:17:01 id:1585228621 No. 13 >>14 >>16 >>19 >>28 >>32


@Squirrel Four days ago, there were 110 reported COVID19 deaths in America, three days ago we lost 140, two days ago 149 and yesterday we lost 236 people. Italy's numbers are finally going down, but they're at >5k and still lose ~700/day in a population of 60m. US is 330m (but less dense).

My opinion has changed quite a bit. Unless seasonality does affect SARS-cov2 (which there is evidence/research for), it seems to be as bad as modeled.

(@feld@bikeshed.party) 26/03/20(Thu)09:20:37 id:1585228837 No. 14 >>15 >>17

Spain is like "hold my corona"

(@djsumdog@hitchhiker.social) 26/03/20(Thu)09:27:38 id:1585229258 No. 15



> Approximately 14 percent of infections are among health workers

One of the thing about this virus is the dosage matters. More exposure makes it worse. Other viruses are like this too, but none to this scale.

The saddest thing is the people who couldn't get O2. It's one thing to die with every measure to save someone being available. It's quite another to die the way people are now.

(@Squirrel@freespeechextremist.com) 26/03/20(Thu)09:24:39 id:1585229079 No. 16 >>18

No one ever died from a virus. (Complications from a virus.. yes. Especially with previous conditions and old age)
>Viruses are not airborne.
>They are counting dead bodies as dead from a pandemic that never existed. And they give pics of coffins to the media.

(@Squirrel@freespeechextremist.com) 26/03/20(Thu)09:28:22 id:1585229302 No. 17 >>20

Fear.. scary words and pictures to get the entire planet to submit.
>Brilliant plan.. because it worked!

(@djsumdog@hitchhiker.social) 26/03/20(Thu)09:33:03 id:1585229583 No. 18 >>21


@Squirrel That's just pedantic. You don't die from HIV, you die because it crashes your immune system (AIDS). So in this case, people don't die from SARS-cov2, but from COVID19. Doesn't really matter. The numbers are real though. Even if you don't believe China is being truthful, I don't see any reason to doubt the Italian numbers and accounts. The time series data adds up:


(@hardmous@mastodon.sdf.org) 26/03/20(Thu)09:35:22 id:1585229722 No. 19


@djsumdog fake

(@djsumdog@hitchhiker.social) 26/03/20(Thu)09:35:31 id:1585229731 No. 20 >>23


@Squirrel I understand the need not to panic, I get that I truly do. But this is not a time to hold some unwavering religious opinion. You need to adjust daily. I'm trying not to watch the news but just look at the raw numbers. Will we hit the projections of 350k ~ 1.3m dead in the US? I don't know. I hope not. But we are certainly on that trend right now. That's not scare mongering, that's what we see in the numbers.

(@roka@pl.smuglo.li) 26/03/20(Thu)09:42:00 id:1585230120 No. 21 >>22

>python arithmetic
>what is dc(1) or even shell builtins?

(@djsumdog@hitchhiker.social) 26/03/20(Thu)09:43:05 id:1585230185 No. 22


@roka I use to use bc, but now I just start up python as my calculator. In this case I've got another ipython shell where I'm building out the graphs, so that's kinda the reason it's open in this screenshot.

(@Squirrel@freespeechextremist.com) 26/03/20(Thu)09:42:27 id:1585230147 No. 23

What? Religions opinion?
>Hey believe what you want, live in fear, and obedience and watch tel-e-vision and wait for instructions from daddy goverment, who knows best, and mommy government will take care of you.

(@Squirrel@freespeechextremist.com) 26/03/20(Thu)09:45:05 id:1585230305 No. 24

Lol. Next customer 😆

(@roka@pl.smuglo.li) 26/03/20(Thu)09:48:26 id:1585230506 No. 25 >>26

if the guns are so violent, why are you not sending them to therapy for anger management issues?

(@Squirrel@freespeechextremist.com) 26/03/20(Thu)09:52:23 id:1585230743 No. 26


(@Squirrel@freespeechextremist.com) 26/03/20(Thu)09:50:45 id:1585230645 No. 27

Ouuu.. triggered and obviously incapable of independent thought or research.

(@hardmous@mastodon.sdf.org) 26/03/20(Thu)09:53:11 id:1585230791 No. 28 >>30


@djsumdog CORONA VIRUS

(@hardmous@mastodon.sdf.org) 26/03/20(Thu)09:53:33 id:1585230813 No. 29

@11112011 CORONA VIRUS

(@Squirrel@freespeechextremist.com) 26/03/20(Thu)09:55:28 id:1585230928 No. 30

We have a cold every year. That is why it is numbered.

(@theblessing@kiwifarms.cc) 26/03/20(Thu)10:02:21 id:1585231341 No. 31

>😰 bro, don’t panic

(@Ricotta@yggdrasil.social) 26/03/20(Thu)10:03:22 id:1585231402 No. 32 >>33 >>34

I don't see her being a seasonal thing considering that it's currently the beginning of fall in Brazil and Australia.

(@djsumdog@hitchhiker.social) 26/03/20(Thu)10:10:08 id:1585231808 No. 33


@Ricotta I can't find the papers now, but there was some recently released stuff suggesting SARS-cov2 doesn't survive as long in warmer weather. It does match some of the numbers. Italy toll is declining. Australia/NZ was very low but is now growing. We won't really know until June, but let's up there is seasonality because that would at least provide some relief from this.

(@Squirrel@freespeechextremist.com) 26/03/20(Thu)10:06:34 id:1585231594 No. 34

Well the fall is the plan. Problem, reaction, solution.
> A brilliant yet very effective one. No one takes the blame or responsibility for an invisible and non existent enemy.

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