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(@matrix@gameliberty.club) 26/03/20(Thu)08:51:24 id:1585227084 No. 1

Humans are sadly seen as expendable resources, but blaming it on money and capitalism is just your ideological hate boner.

(@ArdanianRight@freespeechextremist.com) 26/03/20(Thu)08:58:35 id:1585227515 No. 2 >>4

Everyone knows the Soviet Union/Maoist China never treated their citizens as disposable!

(@Mac_CZ@mastodon.macsnet.cz) 26/03/20(Thu)08:59:02 id:1585227542 No. 3 >>5

@matrix Well mostly socialists/communists see others as replaceable cogs.

(@matrix@gameliberty.club) 26/03/20(Thu)08:59:49 id:1585227589 No. 4


@ArdanianRight That wasn't real communism™️

(@matrix@gameliberty.club) 26/03/20(Thu)09:08:44 id:1585228124 No. 5 >>6


@Mac_CZ That's typical for collectivist ideologies, but I think it is just part of us as humans. We evolved in tribes so we simply cannot comprehend the massive scale of today's world.

(@Mac_CZ@mastodon.macsnet.cz) 26/03/20(Thu)09:09:59 id:1585228199 No. 6


@matrix I agree with that. We see bigger family, friends, co-workers and the others.

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