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(@theblessing@kiwifarms.cc) 26/03/20(Thu)07:20:24 id:1585221624 No. 1

good morning, kiwi fam~💙
>these past two weeks have felt so strange.. like i’ve been holding my breath waiting for something to happen. and then every day that it doesn’t, i end up feeling frustrated and resentful. so i don’t know. it’s probably best to just ignore corona-chan (impossible) and do my job as normally as possible, because she hasn’t got anything for me..
>i don’t know. i’m glad the week is winding down. i feel so exhausted all the time.
>hope your day is going well. we can do it.. we’ll get through it.. ☕️

(@cantinto@outerheaven.club) 26/03/20(Thu)07:33:41 id:1585222421 No. 2 >>3

the paranoid part of you keeps waiting for the part in the movies where everything falls apart
>Problem is in the movies all the crazy stuff started happening when things were spreading way faster
>I think things might not, quite, 'fall apart' but
>This sure makes us all recognize how fragile and interconnected we all are doesn't it?
>What if, when this is all over- and even I think this is on the outside odds- we all decided to be, well, less connected? I'm not just talking putting your phone done now.
>It wouldn't all happen at once. Slow changes, little redirects in infrastructure, making them more robust, able to work better with a more local and less globalised production and distribution. Maybe the government starts incentivizing rural living with subsidies and shit, I'unno. Maybe we start slowly decommissioning the 747s, and maybe when we do we don't make replacements. Maybe we accept that travel between distantly separated places is going to be slower and more expensive than it has been in quite a while, at least as living memory goes. Maybe the whole world starts slowing down a bit. Maybe life starts moving a little slower.
>I doubt it- but you can see it too, right?

(@theblessing@kiwifarms.cc) 26/03/20(Thu)08:02:55 id:1585224175 No. 3

it would be really nice. i’d like to see it make people slightly more independent, like you said. it was a wake up call for me, too, realizing how much we depend on other humans for almost every single aspect of our lives.

(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 26/03/20(Thu)08:36:31 id:1585226191 No. 4 >>5

>good morning!
>i know exactly what you mean and you put it really well, i was trying to explain to a friend the other day the general mood everyone had and you put it together clearly lol
>because im now in 'lockdown' i would probably describe feeling similar, moreso like im waiting for a package to arrive, but it isnt and i dont know what the package is
>i'm glad corona chan hasnt got anything for you so far, lets hope she sticks to writing letters to you instead of paying you a visit
>hope you can have a calmer day today and the mexican ladies stop tormenting you with their sexy bodies 👀

(@theblessing@kiwifarms.cc) 26/03/20(Thu)08:49:40 id:1585226980 No. 5 >>6

thank you, here’s to hoping for a calm and uneventful day..
>at this point i’d almost welcome a visit, because as immature and petty as it is, it’s so frustrating have to work overtime while it seems like the whole world is on a mandated staycation. xD i’m just feeling sorry for myself.

(@Lumeinshin@neckbeard.xyz) 26/03/20(Thu)08:57:30 id:1585227450 No. 6 >>7


>yeah i imagine thats pretty annoying
>i hope at least your good deeds at up to some good luck for you soon, or you can get a break
>>at this point i'd almost welcome a visit
>dont read that out of context 👀

(@theblessing@kiwifarms.cc) 26/03/20(Thu)08:59:14 id:1585227554 No. 7

yeah, good point.. probably shouldn’t holler that around. 😶
>i’m trying to push for a little more balance in my life. we’ll see what happens. 😓

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