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(@a7@pleroma.mouse.services) 21/01/20(Tue)01:09:06 id:1579586946 No. 1

people who care about smash characters are the real fall of westren civilization - not gays and nintendo - its you

(@shit@pl.smuglo.li) 21/01/20(Tue)01:10:30 id:1579587030 No. 2 >>4

no. shitposting is

(@histoire@neckbeard.xyz) 21/01/20(Tue)01:11:02 id:1579587062 No. 3 >>5

>I care about the Zelda in it cause she's a qt pa2ti

(@a7@pleroma.mouse.services) 21/01/20(Tue)01:11:41 id:1579587101 No. 4 >>7


@shit god damn homos shitposting on my timeline - they are pozing everything my timeline, nintendo, linux, all software, do you know what they did to gtk? ok not me really either, but i read a few articles and post on /g/ and let me tell you POZZEDDDD!!!

(@a7@pleroma.mouse.services) 21/01/20(Tue)01:11:52 id:1579587112 No. 5 >>6 >>8


@histoire link is cuter

(@histoire@neckbeard.xyz) 21/01/20(Tue)01:12:21 id:1579587141 No. 6


>I disagree with your opinion, but as a fellow man of culture, I respect it.

(@shit@pl.smuglo.li) 21/01/20(Tue)01:12:35 id:1579587155 No. 7

fucking nerd

(@orekix@anime.website) 21/01/20(Tue)01:13:18 id:1579587198 No. 8

this tbhfam

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