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oppai foams

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the face one makes when they open a thread with nsfw material

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catgirl that noms all your snacks and code

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and goes mew mew and gets mad at you for not using only FOSS

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*quickly reboots on debian*

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President Trump told me you’ve been a HUGE supporter since DAY ONE, so I was surprised to see you missed this opportunity to help us WIN BIG. Your support is vital to our movement, which is why I’ve been authorized to EXTEND your 600%-MATCH.

For 1 HOUR ONLY, your gift will be 600%-MATCHED!

Please contribute ANY AMOUNT in the NEXT HOUR and your gift will automatically be 600%-MATCHED. >>

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Libro.fm is an amazing alternative to Amazon's Audible: an independent audiobook platform that sells books from every major publisher at the same price as Audible - but without DRM, and with a share of every sale going to an indie bookseller of your choosing.

Virtually every audiobook title is available through Libro.fm - except for those titles that Audible demands be sold as "Audible exclusives."


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@pluralistic Thanks for the tip! I have yet to listen to an audiobook – my full listening time (doing chores, etc.) goes to podcasts, but if one day I decide to go with audiobooks, I will definitely keep in mind to buy them from libro.fm!

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#lingerie #lenceria #sexylingerie #heels #highheels #medias #stockings #pantyhose #nylons #hosiery #sexy #ladies #stunning #gorgeous #glamour #boobs #bigboobs #booty #bigbooty #legs #pussy #ass


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@Lingerie #MelissaMendiny

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It's very hypocritical to look at tiktok as bad because of the data it collects and all the data google or facebook collects is fine. Seems more like people just want to have the china bad narrative blarring while ignoring any similarities between china and the usa. "oh no state sponsored spying program who would do such a thing :c" oh i guess the NSA leaks never happened. #tiktok

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As you love the old tracker tunes... check out that Youtube video-capture of a fresh Amiga ECS/OCS music disk... some nice oldskool flavored tracks inside :)


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>masks don't work
>masks are mandatory
>anti-vaccine protesters are helping spread the virus with their gatherings
>BLM protesters actually slowed the virus down by attending demos
>the real pandemic is racism

how the fuck is any sane person supposed to make sense of any of this

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if you say so

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if you want that sort of opinion, i dislike the "racial exceptionalism" that seems to place certain peoples' suffering above others' because "identity", think it's both counterproductive to the "in" group and actively hurting the "out" group

not at all a fan of the extreme/unnecessary police violence stuff either, though

(@Moon@shitposter.club) 02/08/20(Sun)07:56:55 id:1596369415 No. 18

it's at best a back-handed "compliment" to BLM riots if (and I do mean if) the only reason there was a net less covid cases is because it heavily dissuaded normal people from doing normal things that happen to spread the virus more.

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I’ve been involved in many races over the years and never before have I witnessed a President who is as dedicated to serving this Nation and its people as President Trump.

I took some time to review our vital End-of-Month results, and while we hit our $25,000,000 goal, I noticed that your name was MISSING from the list of donors.

SUPPORTER: Alexa Linder

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Sauce: pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_i...

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Thanks for Follow and Boost

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@MySexyGirlsPics #Prinzzess

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And speaking of trans stuff, here is Blaire White on the topic of Trump and the Trans community.

Which sounds the title of a alternative universe harry potter book.


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why do young people today store eggs in their knee caps

(@Moon@shitposter.club) 01/08/20(Sat)16:09:31 id:1596312571 No. 4

it is the fashion of the day

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no fun allowed in murica?

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#lingerie #lenceria #sexylingerie #heels #highheels #medias #stockings #pantyhose #nylons #hosiery #sexy #ladies #stunning #gorgeous #glamour #boobs #bigboobs #booty #bigbooty #legs #pussy #ass

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@Lingerie #AshHollywood

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