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● NEWS ● #techdirt #corporateMedia ☞ #Newsweek Publishes Facts Optional, Wronger Than Wrong, Piece About Section 230 https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20200521/14235044549/newsweek-publishes-facts-optional-wronger-than-wrong-piece-about-section-230.shtml

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#AZONE #アゾン #MDDはいいぞ
#うちのこかわいい #ドール #doll

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@uteki そうなんですか、よろしくおねがいします!

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● NEWS ● #counterpunch #russia #china #EndlessWars ☞ The New New Cold War is Pretty Much the Old New #ColdWar https://www.counterpunch.org/2020/05/22/the-new-new-cold-war-is-pretty-much-the-old-new-cold-war/

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why is this so amusing

(@domodak@miniwa.moe) 23/05/20(Sat)07:36:33 id:1590233793 No. 2


I guess it’s the “Naturally Fat Free” part.

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Men are trash but women have been canceling each other ever since future dropped 😈 who’s REALLY trash

(@Ox@dickkickextremist.xyz) 23/05/20(Sat)07:36:30 id:1590233790 No. 2 >>3

we are all rubbish

(@OrganicNectar96@mstdn.social) 23/05/20(Sat)07:39:01 id:1590233941 No. 3


@Ox see finally someone understands my aspect of duality 😌 we all just some trash needing to become not trash lol

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A 4-bit Random Number Generator

Randomness is a pursuit in a similar vein to metrology or time and frequency, in that inordinate quantities of effort can be expended in pursuit of its purest form. The Holy Grail is a source of completely unpredictable r… https://hackaday.com/2020/05/23/a-4-bit-random-number-generator/

Original tweet : https://twitter.com/hackaday/status/1264155717759569920

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Gott steht auf, seine Feinde zerstieben; / die ihn hassen, fliehen vor seinem Angesicht. Sie verfliegen, wie Rauch verfliegt; / wie Wachs am Feuer zerfließt, / so vergehen die Frevler vor Gottes Angesicht.

Psalm 68,1f

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(@absturztaube@fedi.absturztau.be) 23/05/20(Sat)10:30:52 id:1590244252 No. 31 >>32

warum wechselst du auf englisch?

(@rick@fedi.n0id.space) 23/05/20(Sat)10:32:55 id:1590244375 No. 32 >>33

weil ich Grad ne Stunde geschlafen habe + Gewohnheit ^^v

(@absturztaube@fedi.absturztau.be) 23/05/20(Sat)10:34:04 id:1590244444 No. 33

bin ehrlich gesagt dass du space engine nicht kennst

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I want to eat Yakitori!

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とりあえず作った https://nokotaro.github.io/

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● NEWS ● #techdirt #internet ☞ New Study Tries, Fails, To Claim Community #Broadband Is An Inevitable Boondoggle https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20200515/09354944508/new-study-tries-fails-to-claim-community-broadband-is-inevitable-boondoggle.shtml

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some Saturday Pron

(@Nikolai_Kingsley@dobbs.town) 23/05/20(Sat)07:35:09 id:1590233709 No. 2


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@Tina04VV 電気式だけど気動車だからなあれは

(@Tina04VV@mastodon.juggler.jp) 23/05/20(Sat)07:35:05 id:1590233705 No. 8


@rk 柊さんの奢りて

(@Tina04VV@mastodon.juggler.jp) 23/05/20(Sat)07:35:33 id:1590233733 No. 9


@rk 柊さんの奢りで四季島か瑞風乗れるってま???

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