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Opensource user, dabbles in photography, cooking and other fleeting interests. SRE by profession.

This is a freaking hilarious thread 🤣🤣🤣

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I have come across a series of interpretations of famous figures as they would look today.
Here’s Julius Caesar looking like he enjoys a flat white and works as a senior manager in Google

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This octopus was caught changing colors while “dreaming” 🐙

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The reason Google’s new search design can claim to “boldy” label ads while making them difficult to distinguish has to do with something called pre-attentiveness.

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Me: [drops AirPods]

My AirPods:

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I LOVE THIS SONG!!! ‘No one knows’ by @qotsa@twitter.com. I had so much fun rocking out! #davegrohl #joshhomme #queensofthestoneage #qotsa @LudwigDrumsHQ@twitter.com @ZildjianCompany@twitter.com @vicfirth@twitter.com #ludwig #zildjian #vicfirth

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This got me...

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Syrian Christian women wearing kuppayam (full sleeve jacket). Photo from the book 'Christianity in Travancore' by G T Mackenzie, printed in 1901 from the Travancore Government Press.

This cloth (Kuppayam) led to a full scale riot in Travancore during 19th century. (1/n)

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In the good old days, when you bought a game with money, you owned a copy of the game forever.

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Love this

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😱 It took me several plays to understand what was happening! That is some seriously flexible thumb flicking that would give CT issues in a minute!

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I went looking for some tips to faster dumpling making after folding a couple hundred today and came across this speed wonton wrapping technique and now I feel deeply inadequate???

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This is not a bookmark.

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voting in 2016 vs. voting in 2020

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The latest Google search UI redesign sneakily tries to hack that behaviour by subverting how we quickly scan to see if something is an ad or a genuine result.

Where once only adverts had an icon to differentiate them, now there are favicons in the same slot on all other results

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“Your face will become your boarding pass”

That is not exciting! That is terrifying!

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Very exciting to see #DigiYatra national digital traveler system beginning to take shape at @BLRAirport@twitter.com Your face will become your boarding pass and it will be rolled out across India soon @AAI_Official@twitter.com @DelhiAirport@twitter.com Privacy protection is built in through GDPR compliance

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This is the greatest 5 minutes of storytelling of all time. 10 years later and I still get inspired by it.

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This is hilarious. A Norwegian TV programme pitted some professional stock-pickers against an astrologist, some beauty bloggers and - i kid you not - cows shitting in a field. (short thread).

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Turkish photographer Uğur Gallenkuş portrays two different worlds within a single image. Combining pics one of the Western world and the other of the Rest, he highlights how , despite living on the same planet , these places couldn’t be more different. Stunningly Brillian

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I wouldn't characterize it as switching though. It shuts down current workspace and loads the other. So existing shell sessions are killed. That means switching back and forth is painful if you use the shell window.

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Today's @code@twitter.com keybinding: Open recent

View a list of recently opened workspaces and quickly switch to them

default keybinding: ctrl R


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“ The agents are threatening to disclose my debt to all my contacts, info they have because I had given access to my contacts to the app” (paraphrasing slightly )

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@tam_arund@twitter.com Payday loan providers masquerading as fintech startups in India... 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️🙁

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How H4EAD is being killed without actually killing it. Just like the rest of legal immigration.

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:) You: I am about to lose my #H4EAD job, extension is pending!
USCIS: "Maine aapko Jawab De diya hai"

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This is an #Australian magpie. This little bird has seen so much emergency recently that it has started to mimic the sound of an emergency fire vehicle siren. Since deadly wildfires are effecting a large part of Australian continent. Courtesy in video.

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This is a pretty novel argument against the Citizens United case, which is probably the worst SC judicial decision to have happened in US this century.

"Seattle Takes On Citizens United" https://nyti.ms/2t4DSgF

How the Health Insurance Industry (and I) Invented the ‘Choice’ Talking Point https://nyti.ms/2FQ8wgl

Ouch. Sick burn.

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The guy having breakfast is a salaried professional in India right now

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