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Opensource user, dabbles in photography, cooking and other fleeting interests. SRE by profession.

The most frustrating video that you can ever watch 🤬

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Jag blir skit irriterad

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Damn son, I almost got phished. @1Password@twitter.com just saved my bacon.

That was close. Even though I was suspicious, I still almost got fooled.

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replace the entire British curriculum with this TikTok

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The internet is undefeated...🤣🤣

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My all time favourite TikTok

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Did… Ubuntu just put an ad in my Linux login message

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This article about how Schwarzenegger got his legal motorcycle decades after actually driving it everywhere is pretty wild. And the rest of the article (cough, cough) is pretty wild too.

It is important to accept that our foremost institutions and authoritative sources are flawed, but still better than the alternatives in this new age of widespread misinformation.

But damn, do they keep making it more and more difficult every day to keep the faith.

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Possibly relevant: https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2020/05/29/865324310/cdc-quickly-changed-its-guidance-on-limiting-choirs-at-religious-services

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Ngl, I've spent all day mesmerised by how well this works

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@RexChapman@twitter.com Emily also had this follow-up video testing oxygen rate while moving with a mask on.

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Public Service Announcement:

The more you know — about masks...

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Important mathematical research

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Wow! What an incredible view.


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Thought I would look for a nice lightweight note taking app with cloud sync. I found this nice one - Boost Note, which claims to be opensource as well.

But it is an Electron app. Lightweight? Turns out not so much.

This follow up to my last tweet is just an unfortunate coincidence. I am seeing inspiration everywhere. 🤷‍♂️

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I’m definitely noticing this more and more... #CalvinAndHobbes

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Wow. That is really interesting!

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Googlemaps GPS is not accurate over china and does not work. All locations over china on google maps are offset by 100s of metres, and you gotta buy a proprietary "GPS shift" algorithm from the chinese govt for your mapping app to work.

Again - big asymmetry. 5/6

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This VFX work is absolutely incredible, and it becomes even more amazing when I tell you that it’s made in Blender (which is free and open-source) and the work of a SINGLE PERSON (@mrdodobird@twitter.com, who you should follow)

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Oh no.

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Wizards fighting in Bed Stuy. #bedstuy #brooklyn #nycfireworks

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Dashrath Manjhi, a penniless Laborer in India, lost his wife to an accident on a treacherous mountain path. Dashrath single handedly spent 22 years carving a safe road through that same mountain with a hammer and chisel, daily tauntings from villagers steeling his resolve. 1/2

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“It really does feel like the U.S. has given up.” -European scientist.


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This is apt.

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Day 2 and I still can’t voice tweet

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3. Over half of patients who were classified as asymptomatic based on the lack of any experienced symptoms showed abnormalities based on lung CT scans, indicating possible damage even in these patients.

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1. Out today, an important study about the characteristics of 37 asymptomatic COVID-19 infections from Wuhan. Patients were identified by screening close contacts of the cases; the authors made every attempt to exclude mildly symptomatic infections. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41591-020-0965-6

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With all the common amenities in our apartments out of bounds for the residents, ducks have commandeered all the water bodies in the area. We are overrun!

I mean, @twitter@twitter.com, what is the point of the version history section of your app?

Slice of New York. Still great pizza, and seems to be taking pretty good precautions for serving their customers.

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Estimate for 5-days in COVID isolation ward at Apollo

Bed charges: ₹ 79,500 (15,900 per day)
Investigation: ₹ 35,000
Consultation: ₹ 16,000
Pharmacy: ₹ 1 lac
Ward Consumables: ₹ 33,750
Medical Services: ₹ 25,000
Others: ₹ 10,000

Base estimate is therefore ~ ₹3 lacs. 3/n

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