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Toromino QueerCatHeart_MaleHomosexual (it's taking more than 15s)
Free software enthusiast. Instance admin. Interested in computer science, functional programming, cooking and philosophy. Gentoo and OpenBSD user.

@laggard@doesnt.undo.it blobfoxheart

XMPP: foxhkron@cybre.club

en, eo, ger, jp (a bit)
That's unfortunate. At least I'm already running elogind, as it is a requirement for GNOME.
That feeling when
Early Computer Memory blobfox3c
#np Luxury Elite: World Class

Relaxing album blobfox
Opel Kadett 1.8 GSI, 1984

WARNING: The Gayness level rises to 125%

A Resonance Cascade is imminent!
Everyone, I have an urgent question:
I'm so creative
Are ya winning, Dad?
When Towomino cooks Pasta
"Global warming is fake"
Oldsmobile Inca Concept from 1986

You know how much I like Gull-wing doors! :3

That would have been a cool watch (1981 edition)