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Looking through some backups. I present, the dumbest garage door I have ever seen. (Used to be a printing press, was probably somewhat useful in a previous life)

Ready for the apocalypse. Bring it, #coronavirus

Playing with washyourlyrics.com

More #techtoys - Just received this somewhat cheap Android TV stick (that runs regular Android, not Android TV). If all goes well, it will allow me to stop thrashing my phone battery at work while I listen to music 8+ hours a day.

Worst. Holiday. Ever.

*spit take* as Vampire Killer spins up in my head


When you try to draw with your thumb, on your phone.

Came in the mail yesterday. Aw yiss. #hotsauce

#selfie, nec - Day 3 of a LAN Party, taken with laptop's up-nose camera.

Look at stock market, decide to listen to The End Of Evangelion - Komm Süsser Tod, top comment: 😭

How about you start using it correctly?

#mastomonday A random gif I found in my backups.