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Big thunderstorm about to hit Licata with strong southerly gusts and lots of rain.

Hope the waves in the harbour don't get too big this time!

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Had another look at my broken Filco Majestouch 2, as typing on a laptop was literally giving me pain in the neck.

At first it seemed the problem was a faulty diode. The switches are stuck through a metal plate and soldered, accessing diodes would've meant unsoldering 101 keyswitches and I wasn't up for that.

But further tracing showed the real problem was just a broken PCB trace. Also on the inaccessible side, but I just soldered a patch on the back. Fixed! 👌⌨️ 😀

#keyboard #mechanicalkeyboard


Laundry day!

Yes, our washing machine is that old. Made in Belgium in the 1980s. We found it abandoned by the trash bins two years ago. And yes, it makes us as happy as that lady.

Needed another round of maintenance - the drum bearings are worn down to the point where the gearwheel driving the drum was slipping, but after some contemplating the fix was easy - shim the bearings so the drum rides a bit higher again.

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YouTube harassment getting really annoying.

Give us your data or we'll bother you to death!

The next step is probably log in or no service - just like Instagram did.

The commercial side of the internet is getting really quite useless.

#youtube #harassment #annoying


Back in our winter berth.

This season started late and ended early, but we were worried about getting locked out after Italy returns to school on the 21st.

Lots of Covid related paperwork to fill out, online forms to submit and we're required to wear masks in public and keep a daily log of body temperatures, both of which we were doing anyways.

Still, at least we did get to cruise and explore some new places. We'll see what the next season brings.

#cruisinglife #liveaboard #Coronavirus


We'd like to go another 65 miles west, but weather says no.

Oh swell!

Perhaps Sunday, starting at the crack of dawn. Unless the forecast changes again, which still seems to be rather wobbly due to the massive storm that's now moved to molest western Greece.

#weather #sailing #cruisinglife


Short clip from our passage through the edge of the building storm Cassilda yesterday.

#medicane #cassilda #storm #weather #sailing #cruisinglife


Medicane Cassilda is now building strength and heading towards Greece. If you're in the area, get your foul weather gear out, find a safe anchorage and drop your sprayhoods.

Source: https://medicanecentre.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

If you're wondering why there isn't a more official source, that's because it's a relatively new weather phenomena in the Med.

#storm #medicane #weather #greece #ionian #sicily #cyclone


Made it! It was quite a bit rougher and windier than forecast on Monday when we left. What was a simple 1012 hP depression then, is now officially Medicane Cassilda and we just sailed through the edge of it 😮

Knackered, hungry and covered in salt, so will eat, shower and then pass out 😴

#sailing #cruisinglife


Off we go! Everything stowed and prepared. 286 miles to go. 🌬️⛵

That's Erikoussa, our first and last stop in Greece this year. Bit blurry, phone cam has focus problems (and a bloated battery).

#sailing #cruisinglife


The new Windy weather route planning tool is pretty neat.

Great way to view weather at a moving point over time. XyGrib and OpenCPN can do this too, but this is visually better and Windy has ECMWF wind data, which isn't available in XyGrib.

Now we just the forecasts to be right 😆

#windy #weather #sailing #navigation


Boatcat Viwitt illustrates how I'm feeling today. Didn't sleep well. Scared myself googling ear infection + swollen face at 4am, then struggled to sleep.

Seems the swelling is going down a bit today? Pain is reduced too.

Went for an afternoon sail to dump the Trump* and then back to our old anchorage, which is slightly windy.

* Modern sailing lingo for emptying the holding tank (letting the collected 💩 drain out of the boat).

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Minor surgery time! 💉 ✋ Had to operate a splinter out of my finger, with help from Doctor @vaviurka. Not aided by the boat rolling from the wakes of others returning home for the night.

And my ear infection (otitis externa) came back with a vengeance too. Right cheek swollen this morning, seems to be going back slightly now. Was getting a bit worried. Maybe I need to dive with earplugs or something. At least we stocked up on painkillers in town the other day.

#cruisinglife #health #grumpy


One last trip down Rio Lidl (own name - no idea what it's proper name is) with the dinghy packed full with food, toilet paper, engine oil, milk, etc.

One more trip today to fill some fuel cans and take the garbage ashore, then we can chill a bit and start looking for a good weather window for a non-stop passage to Sicily.

Oh, and I gotta do some engine checks, the alternator belt may need tensioning or even replacing.

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We often have to go around these fish farms, but this was the first time we met a mobile one. The floating cage was being pushed around by a workboat.

We had to wait for it to get out of the way, as it seemed quite difficult to maneuvre around and was moving in a barely controlled slalom.

#fishfarm #greece


Pita pizza! 🍕

No oven required.

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Crema e gusto. Classico.

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The evening was a bit rolly at anchor, so we took the dinghy ashore for a wonderful meal.

Had hoped the swell would die down later as it had done the previous night. It didn't, so not much sleep was to be had and by 5am we decided it was enough and only going to get worse, so we raised anchor in the dark and moved 10 miles to a better anchorage, arriving by sunrise.

And a long nap!

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Three high speed passenger ferries sleeping in the boatyard, hoping to be needed again some day.

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Things you can get in Greece but not in Sicily (where we will hopefully return to in a while): Proper fucking bread!

So we enjoy while we're here.

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I find this way of talking delightful. Might just be me?

Everyday conversation is so repetitive I sometimes do it myself.

#xkcd #thesaurus

Source: https://xkcd.com/2352/


Sailing just for fun! We rarely do that, because we usually have places to go and want to get there before dark, or jump in to cool down, or get somewhere before the weather turns, etc.

But sometimes we do sail just for fun. And this one was very relaxing. Even though the wind was light, the sea was flat to match, which makes it very pleasant to silently glide through the water.

#sailing #cruisinglife #greece


Small upgrade to our watermaker - a transparent filter housing, so we can see when the pre-filter needs changing, rather than having to guess.

As filter lifespan depends on seawater turbidity, simply counting hours doesn't work. Some places you get really clean water, others it's what we call "turtle soup" (because sea turtles are living in it, and they seem to prefer murkier waters for some reason).

#watermaker #desalinator #cruisinglife #boatmaintenance #plumbing


We're anchored below mount Pantokrator (lit. "ruler of all" or simply "almighty"). The tallest mountain of Kerkyra (Corfu) at 906m elevation.

There were some thunderstorms creeping around in the area yesterday, so we hid near a cliff (always good to have something taller than your mast nearby in that weather). Didn't come near us this time though. It's a nice spot, and some wind funnels through, providing welcome ventilation in the afternoon heat.

#greece #cruisinglife #clouds #sunset


Corfu - Igomenitsa Roro ferry. The front didn't fall off this one (yet).

Recorded their AIS tracks last night and then plotted a route slightly north of theirs, so we wouldn't have to spend the entire morning dodging them as we were going parallel.

Managed some provisioning and a fuel trip in Kerkyra (Corfu) city, but like last time had to skip the second round as the place was getting choppy.

Back for more! Must fill all the Diesel stores before Sicily.

#cruisinglife #ferry #greece


One last shot of the forest of a thousand masts at Aktio (Preveza).

Yesterday we finally escaped the Kolpos Amvrakikos glue to sail northwards. Need to get fuel and do some serious provisioning as we're starting to see the bottom of the food storage boxes.

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