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VD-06 Days In Lockdown and Counting
I make games occasionally...
Just a guy hustling for that lain follow.

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Get in, pussy, we’re going to wal-mart and we need a tailgunner.

You can’t make this shit up. WHO’s wrapped around china’s fucking finger.

@Terry @deadheat

> Thinking you have a week

@a7 Get yourself a man that can do it all!

Get a load of this w e a s e l:


@sjw @Ox More like this:

@Ricotta heh, nice. Honestly, I’d be happy working some soulless part-time job and working on my game engine on the side instead of going to uni. Only reason I am is because I got pressured into it by my dad before I knew going to uni for CS was a fucking pointless enveavour.

I’m over halfway through now so even if I could drop out without my dad chucking my ass out, I don’t know if I would. At least a CS degree, no matter how pointless isn’t literally throwing 30k in the bin. Got another year of this joke of a course and I’m done.

Really wanna make something of myself this summer. Getting tired of feeling like I’m not in control of my own life. Either I program some bullshit or I go postal, both work.