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🍿Bilma (bilma@mastodon.art)
Clayton Shonkwiler (shonk@mathstodon.xyz)

Vanishing Point

Conformal image of the square grid in the infinite strip \(\{z \in \mathbb{C} : 1 \leq \operatorname{Re}(z) \leq 2\}\) under the map \(z \mapsto \frac{-4i}{z}\).

Source code: https://community.wolfram.com/groups/-/m/t/1909621

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clongclongmoo (clongclongmoo@social.bau-ha.us)
Endremia (Endremia)


365 pieces of abstract art! I'm so happy that I pushed through a couple of times where I wanted to quit. I still really enjoy working on these, and will likely continue with them 😊✨ Are you working on any daily pieces?


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Artist born in Gdansk in 1957, studies at the State College of Fine Arts in Gdańsk at the Faculty of Painting and Graphic Arts.
In 2014, conferring the postdoctoral degree in the field of fine arts.

In his artworks he wants to find a sense of unity, reconciliation and merging these contrasting elements into a harmonious composition.

SEE MORE: https://artinhouse.pl/en/artist/zbigniew-blekiewicz/1206

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