Dashboard FE Login

About Dashboard FE

Dashboard FE (#DashFE for short) is a third-party client or fronted for Pleroma and Mastodon servers, writen in PHP, which design inspires on the look and feel of the Tumblr user dashboard. This frontend puts special emphasis on displaying posts with attached media, being images, video or music.

Currently a work in progress, #DashFE is being developed by Daisuke and it's in a constant state of change, so features present may change or improve over time.

The source code of the project is currently being hosted at https://notabug.org/daisuke/DashboardFE

DashFE Key Features:

  • Emphasis on posts with media attachments
  • Ability to mark all posts by an user as NSFW

DashFE Project Policies:

  • Keep things as simple as possible
  • Keep dependencies on external libraries at a minimum
  • Allow access to nojs users
  • Keep the user in contol of their data
  • Empower the user to create a custom fediverse experience

Known issues:

  • If after entering your user@instance on the login page you are returned to the main page of DashFE witouth having being loged in, check if you are currently logged in into your Pleroma's MastoFE GUI. Try logging out and then logging in here again.