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Is this native or flutter pwa? Your thoughts!!!

/all pics are 1000x1000
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Time to get fucking blackpilled

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How $1 Trillion looks like

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Athens Pruola, by Józat Blichauphs, 2136

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Normalement le CD, c'était une précommande alors j'ai pas compris pourquoi j'ai reçu ça maintenant.
En tout cas j'ai pris ce lot pour le puzzle moji19

J'ai de quoi m'occuper (mais rien pour l'encadrer encore)

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Huawei P40 Series: ecco dove seguire la presentazione in live streaming

👉 https://wp.me/p8pAaU-2EN 👈

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me showing my "permit" to be out in this apocalypse because i have to go to work

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怕不是psycho pass的节奏


まあこんなもんかのUV展開。Hexagonの必殺兵器UV Relaxを駆使しつつ形を整える。このあたりはBlenderではやってらんない。
大体モデリング30分UV展開30分で1時間ほど。ここから第一ひみつどうぐ「Hexagon」から第二ひみつどうぐ「Poser」にwavefront Objに書き出して戦場を移す

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Idyllwild1 Riverside located at 33.725632,-116.750679. Altitude: 1622m

Sophie loves our routine. She meowed at me until I headed for the desk for work cuddles.