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Kurzi (shortriver@norden.social)

Meine erste Animation in #Procreate! 🍟🕊️

Adrien (adrien_d@calculate.social)

Hey @lautre I don't see you :D

高橋冬樹 (fuyuki999@pawoo.net)

#NowPlaying Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Single Version) - The Boys Town Gang (Life is Beautiful)

高橋冬樹 (fuyuki999@pawoo.net)

#NowPlaying Hard Days, Holy Night - ポルノグラフィティ (愛が呼ぶほうへ)

Mint (mint@elekk.xyz)

okay this is all i've seen, but let me take a crack before i click and find out: "diversity shouldn't be a thing when it comes to art, because i'm a shitty fucking old white guy who has never had to deal with applying for 400 jobs and the ten that i get an interview with never calling me back once they see my face and realize i'm black because i'm white and annoying"

ZorinFloof (zorinlynx)

This is crazy. A developer bought out a big chunk of land in Coral Gables but one homeowner refused to sell. They decided to just build the development around their house; their house is now a tiny island in a massive construction site.

Robφn_Hood (Robyn_Hood@mamot.fr)

RT @radioparleur@twitter.com

Soirée de soutiens aux grévistes de @radiofrance@twitter.com ce soir à #PetitBain. Temoignages de http://cheminot.es, d'hospitaliers , d'eboueurs ... #reformedesretraites #GreveGenerale #RadioFrance

🐦🔗: https://twitter.com/radioparleur/status/1217178370599014401

Little China Catgirl (DissidentKitty@radical.town)
Mario (Siberiano)

En aquet país si et vols anar de rosetas tan sols has de ser fatxa👇

Stephan (stephan@pixelfed.de)
unseen sky
Super "Puppy Mode" Gideon (SuperGideon@efdn.club)

We're building a zoo together

Super "Puppy Mode" Gideon (SuperGideon@efdn.club)

We're buikding a zoo together

...Seguem Cadenes!!!...💪💪💪

BIBLIOTECA POSSIBILE (sicetsimpliciter@botsin.space)

Il tabaccaio e il mare del rischio, Diego Giordano, Biblioteca Possibile 692

Ceci n’est pas un Magritte (pasmagritte@botsin.space)

La grande famille - Ceci n'est pas un Magritte n° 6726

Rainer Provokateur Ⓐ (anarchosynthiecat@anticapitalist.party)

@raketenlurch -- Ich mag deinen Avatar. Ich stencil ihn mir als Patch. :)

Dynamic portraits (dynamicportraits@botsin.space)

A small dynamic portrait of #iPhone user #cyberart


The artist mesmerises the communicated manifestation of his synapse.

Such a whiplash the world took at the start of last decade. The people in power doesn't deserve to decide of this planets future...