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Khanapados, a kitchen run by refugee women from Afghanistan, Iraq, Congo and Somalia, in Delhi’s Khirki Extension. They serve a buffet every other Sunday morning for Rs 500 per person. The menu also changes.

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Extremely relatable dinghy

Look at my slack!

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I love the new Fedora Upgrade screen 😯 You get a nice, clean screen by default, but if you like to get more information on what's going on, just hit the ESC button :)

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@Gargron @tootapp @JPEG after getting notifications for all of this over the course of 2 minutes i’d really like any sort of support for notification batching where i can just not get a notification every second and instead i could get like a notification an hour from now saying “hey, [insert number here] of people liked and boosted your stuff! maybe check it out!”

i ofc know i’m incredibly clever and charismatic but i don’t need my phone blowing up every time i say something

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Linda Ronstadt
♫La barca de Guaymas♫
Canciones de mi padre


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You NEVER know WHAT you will hear next!

Vile, venomous, vacuous, extremely toxic. #SmitaPrakash #ANI #JNUFeeHike

50% the size, 200% the fun @OrtholinearKB
I'm talking about the keyboard...

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